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A dream about eyes shows the way you perceive the world. It also means that something new may come into your life. Eyes are the window of the soul, thus it is worth analyzing the dream in which your eyes or someone else’s eyes appear, from this angle as well.

Dreambook eyes

Large, beautiful eyes

A dream about large, beautiful eyes is a warning that you should not attach importance only to appearance. True beauty is in the heart, thus do not get carried away by superficial beauty.
The dream can mean delusion, seeing things superficially.


Unusual eyes

Unusual eyes in a dream are a prediction of favorable changes in your life. Maybe you were waiting for them, or maybe you were striving for them and trying to change something in your life. Now there will be a change for the better.

Your own eyes

Seeing your own eyes in a dream is associated with knowledge, understanding, and a state of intellectual alertness. Your mind becomes more and more open to the opinions of others, but also to your own thoughts.

This dream can also be a warning for you to take a little more careful look at yourself and start taking self-focused actions.

The dream signifies a strong emotional connection to a person. You feel a strong attachment to each other. You understand each other and know that you can always count on each other.

To blink your eyes

Eyes that blink frequently or constantly in a dream herald a betrayal of someone you trust. Why not take a better look at the actions of a friend, partner, or colleague at work?

To be blindfolded

Dreaming that you are blindfolded heralds success. Believe that you will achieve your goals quite easily and fast. Don’t doubt yourself. The dream is a harbinger that your inspirations will lead you to success.


Chiseled eyes

Chiseled eyes in a dream are a signal to take better care of your health.

Another dream meaning hints at focusing more on yourself and not on others. Avoid gossip and don’t believe what third parties say.

Widen eyes

This dream is a sign that you are entering into some new relationship with someone, it could be a new friendship or a new love. The dream foreshadows a successful relationship. The person will become close to you fast.

Distracted eyes

You do not pay attention to the details of various matters and situations in your life. Be more accurate and observant. It may be time to analyze what is most important to you now, what you are striving for.

Beaten up eyes

The dream may symbolize your dedication and the difficulties you are facing. You are having a hard time, but the Dreambook assures you that you will soon reap the results of your efforts.

Sad eyes

When someone comes to you in a dream with sad eyes it is a sign that your personal charm will make a great impression on someone. You will have the power to seduce and attract someone’s attention to you.

Weeping eyes (eyes and tears).

If you saw eyes full of tears in your dream it is a warning to free yourself from uncertainty and instability, and your life will change. Better times are coming, but you need to mature them and seize the opportunity to change your fortunes.

Sick or baggy eyes

Dreambook warns: beware of betrayal, someone may try to harm you. Be more careful. The dream may also warn against a lack of money or doing imprudent things.


Strabismus (cross-eyed)

The dream may signal your problems with your appearance or your oversensitivity about it. Dreambook advises you not to worry about other people’s criticism, but also not to judge others by their appearance.

Eye surgery

Avoid spending on what is superfluous, otherwise, you may have many financial problems. Eye surgery in a dream shows that you spend money without thinking. You should become more careful and foresighted. Make a shopping list.

To lose your sight (lose your eyes)

The meaning of the dream makes you realize that you do not want to see the truth about a situation. Dreambook explains that dreaming about losing your eyes makes you aware of your feelings of hurt, trauma, and pain that you can’t cope with. Don’t you think you need help to overcome these emotions?

If you hurt your eyes in a dream, beware of betrayal.

Gouged-out eyes

The dream means that you will have difficulty seeing what is around you. Clear situations are now a bit fuzzy in your mind, so you are quite susceptible to suggestions from others. You must regain your concentration and try to analyze situations on your own.

Sewn-up eyes

Dreambook warns you that if you have such a dream it may be a sign that you are being cheated or betrayed. This can happen in different spheres of your life, be vigilant.

To be blind

This dream refers to something you are experiencing, which will soon have negative consequences. You are in a situation where people are warning you that something is going to go wrong, and you still want to do everything your way. Think carefully about this situation. Sometimes it’s worth listening to others.

Closed eyes

Dreambook advises you to think about what may be important to you and what is unimportant. Are you overlooking what you should be thinking about? Or maybe you don’t want to let in some painful information? The truth may hurt, but it’s still better than living a lie.


The eyes of a child

Dreambook encourages you to take a look at things from another side, without prejudice, without complications and guesses, like a child. It also recommends staying calm, relaxing, and devoting more time to entertainment.

Eyes of the dead

The dream reminds you of something you promised someone and did not complete. Perhaps you are forgetting something or someone. It could also be a call to take care of things you’ve been putting off, or to revisit something long overdue but not fully dealt with or clarified.

Eyes of a cat

According to Dreambook, such a dream is related to the fact that you can find the right path, even in the least favorable circumstances and bad conditions. This is a good sign because you are able to cope with any adversity.

Eyes of a dog

The dream may foreshadow the betrayal of a friend or a person close to you. It can also mean that someone will commit an act against you or cause you distress.

Eyes of the wolf

Think about your actions. The dream warns that you are getting yourself into trouble.

Other meanings of the dream may symbolize a sense of loneliness or disturbing secrets. Perhaps it is worth talking to someone?

Demon’s eyes

The dream symbolizes your inner conflicts, feelings of guilt, and fighting something that interferes with your daily functioning. It is a sign that you perceive a problem, don’t be afraid to take up the fight against it.

Eye colors

Blue eyes

Blue color is a symbol of tranquility and peace. Now it is up to you to appreciate it and use it appropriately. If you are the one with blue eyes in your dream, which naturally does not have this color, it may mean that you will need more sympathy from others.


Green eyes

A dream about green eyes speaks of your financial success and success in business and is a sign of luck. This could be the perfect time to invest in something new or start new projects at work.

Gray eyes

Gray eyes indicate the arrival of times of solitude and reflection. Don’t trust people who constantly praise you. They will want to gain something for themselves.

Brown eyes

Brown eyes seen in a dream are a sign of great seduction power, enhanced intuition, and the development of your sensitivity. It is possible that you are not aware of this. It is associated with the power of intuition, and this means that you can notice details that are not always visible to everyone.

Black eyes

Black eyes speak of ardent love.

Another dream meaning warns you of danger. Don’t take any chances.

Red eyes

If in a dream your eyes or the eyes of someone else were red, take advantage of good ideas and you will be successful.

Another dream meaning suggests that you are going through a period of imbalance, and this can harm your professional and personal affairs. It is important now to find peace and harmony.

Summary : dream meaning of eyes

  • Large, beautiful eyes – do not judge others by their appearance
  • Unusual eyes – beneficial changes in your life are coming
  • Your own eyes – you are becoming more open to the opinions of others, and your own thoughts
  • To look into someone’s eyes – you feel very comfortable with someone
  • To blink your eyes – you will be betrayed by someone you trust
  • To be blindfolded – do not doubt yourself, you will achieve success
  • Eyes gouged out – take care of your health, focus on your needs
  • Widen eyes – you are entering a new relationship with someone
  • Distracted eyes – be more accurate and observant
  • Beaten up eyes – you are struggling with difficulties
  • Sad eyes – your personal charm will impress someone greatly
  • Weeping eyes (eyes and tears) – reject uncertainty and your life will change
  • Sick or baggy eyes – think before you do something
  • Strabismus (squinty eyes) – don’t worry about the criticism of others, and don’t judge others by their appearance
  • Eye surgery – you spend money without thinking about it
  • To lose sight (lose eyes) – you don’t want to see the truth
  • Gouged-out eyes – you are susceptible to the suggestions of others
  • Sewn up eyes – you will be deceived or betrayed
  • To be blind – sometimes you should listen to others
  • Closed eyes – you should think about something
  • Eyes of a child – take a look at things from another side
  • The eyes of a dead person – you forgot something, you did not do something
  • Eyes of a cat – you are able to cope with any adversity
  • Eyes of a dog – someone close to you may make you disappointed
  • Eyes of a wolf – you get yourself into trouble
  • Eyes of a demon – you see a problem, fight against it
  • Blue eyes – a time of harmony and peace in your life is coming
  • Green eyes – it’s time to invest in something new
  • Gray eyes – do not trust people who constantly praise you
  • Brown eyes – you have the power of seduction and plenty of intuition
  • Black eyes – do not take risks
  • Red eyes – you lack balance

Dream about eyes

In general, this symbol can mean that you are experiencing internal anxiety for some reason, and your subconscious is giving you a sign that you should not downplay it, but take care of yourself in some way.


Mystic Dreambook : eyes

Dream meaning of eyes in the mystic dreambook

  • Blue eyes are a sign that you will soon experience or are already experiencing great love.
  • Brown eyes are a sign from your subconscious that in your close environment, there are people who are not honest.
  • Gray eyes are a signal from your subconscious to tell you not to trust people who give you flattery because they definitely want to gain something for themselves from it.
  • Black eyes are a sign that you need to be on guard, as you may be threatened by some unidentified danger.
  • Sore eyes are a signal from your subconscious to be on guard and not to commit some foolishness in waking life, because you may later regret it very much.
  • Sick, squinting eyes foreshadow financial troubles for you.
  • Dewy eyes are a sign that you need to pay more attention to your health, even if nothing currently ails you.
  • Blind eyes are a sign that you will soon receive a message that will put you in a cheerful mood for a long time.
  • Beautiful eyes are a sign that you will be satisfied with your life or you already are.
  • Flaming eyes are a harbinger of love awaiting you.
  • If you dream that you put make up on your eyes, it is a signal that in waking life you are unable to engage in a serious relationship because you are afraid to open up to another person.
  • When you dream that you have injured your eye, it foretells you a deterioration in the conditions of your life.
  • Losing your eyes foretells suffering in your emotional life for you.
  • When you see a person with one eye in your dream, it is a sign that you need to be more careful in the professional sphere, because you may get into some trouble.
  • If in a dream you look into someone’s eyes, it foretells that you will soon make some unusual acquaintance.
  • When a woman dreams that she is blindfolded, it means that some trouble awaits her, or her behavior in some matter will become a cause of disappointment to those associated with her.

Eyes dream dictionary

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