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A dream about an elephant signifies happiness, success, abundance, and loyalty. A dream about elephants indicates that you are going through moments of change in your life, and some of them may be quite radical. The dream also foretells good profits in business, if you rely on your intuition. It can represent love and affection in the family, a sense of responsibility to the people who need it most.

For women, a dream about an elephant is a good sign, because it can mean the beginning of a new relationship, a rich man who will be affectionate and devoted to the family.


Dreambook elephant

Herd of elephants

A dream about many elephants is a very positive sign. Since the elephant is a symbol of abundance and wisdom, the meaning of the dream about a herd of elephants foretells a period of wealth and prosperity. Dreambook recommends: always carefully planning what you do. You can count on the support of friends and family.

Small elephant

The dream is a symbol of happiness, manifested primarily in something new, such as a new job. It can also herald the arrival of a new person in the family.

To feed an elephant

The dream is a harbinger of social success. You will make new friends and win over people. If you feed water to an elephant in your dream, it means that you will receive something you have been waiting for, such as compensation, and payment.

Elephant drinking water

The meaning of the dream suggests that the future will bring you great benefits in your professional life, perhaps a promotion or a salary increase. Prepare for these changes to take advantage of upcoming opportunities to showcase your skills to the fullest.

Elephant in the water

A floating elephant in a dream can foreshadow future problems, especially at work, which will require plenty of attention and dedication. The dream also shows that you need to react to the situation naturally and rationally, without getting carried away by emotions or despondency. This will be a problem that will not take much time to solve, thus approach everything calmly.

Bath of an elephant (bathing elephant)

The dream indicates that you will get close to a person who will become very important to you. Thanks to her you can achieve a lot in different spheres of your life.


To ride an elephant

Driving an elephant in a dream is primarily a prediction of good luck in business. A dream about an elephant carrying people means that no matter what goals you have in mind, they will be achieved thanks to your efforts and dedication. You will have people around you who will depend on you, but will also give you all the support you need.

Elephant in the circus

If you saw an elephant performing in a circus, the meaning of the dream suggests that your aspirations are too excessive. It’s time to take a realistic look at your capabilities and situation. You may want to seek advice from someone you trust.

Flying elephant

The dream may indicate business journeys, leading to gaining more space in your professional life and making new contacts that will bring a lot of profit, especially from people and companies from abroad.

To hunt elephants (to kill an elephant).

Dreambook advises: beware of losses and minor accidents.

Another dream meaning suggests that you are longing for the past, reminiscing. Such a mood is not conducive to your actions and fulfillment of daily obligations. It’s time to cut yourself off from what’s behind the past.

Elephant attack

Dreambook warns that you will encounter obstacles in your professional life, so you should pay attention to everything that happens around you and with the people you work with. Obstacles will be overcome fast, as long as you keep a cool head and act rationally.

Dead elephant

A dream about a dead elephant indicates that something will hinder your plans or that you will lose the chance to achieve your goals. Even if something happens that causes you discouragement, keep going. If something didn’t work the first time, try again, and use your experience.

Elephant colors

White elephant

A dream about a white elephant indicates the purchase of something important, such as real estate or large financial investments. The dream may also signal finding answers to all your questions.


Black elephant

A dream about a black elephant is a sign that your financial status will improve. You can expect lucrative professional offers or extra cash.

Gray elephant

A dream about a gray elephant is a harbinger of moments of peace and happiness in family life, great joy, and abundance. The meaning of the dream also indicates that you are achieving the freedom you were looking for.

Dream meaning: elephant

  • Herd of elephants – you can count on the support of friends and family
  • Small elephant – someone new will appear in the family
  • To feed elephants – you will make new acquaintances
  • Elephant drinking water – favorable changes in professional life are coming
  • Elephant in water – don’t get carried away by emotions
  • Bath of an elephant (bathing elephant) – you will get closer to someone who will become very important to you
  • To ride an elephant – good luck in business is coming
  • Elephant in a circus – your aspirations are too high
  • Flying elephant – business journeys will bring you a lot of profit
  • To hunt elephants (kill an elephant) – it’s time to take a break from what’s gone by
  • Elephant attack – you can overcome obstacles fast
  • Dead elephant – something will hinder your plans, but don’t give up
  • White elephant – you will find answers to all your questions
  • Black elephant – your financial status will improve
  • Gray elephant – moments of peace and happiness in the family are ahead of you

Meaning of the dream elephant

Elephants are the largest mammals on the ground and often appear in our dreams. Since there are many different associations associated with these animals, elephants in dreams can mean many different things.

Power: the elephant is often a symbol of your power and strength. Elephants are large and beautiful creatures, often seen as majestic and powerful. The sight of an elephant in a dream can remind you of patience and strength in a difficult situation.

Problems: being frightened by an elephant or seeing an elephant blocking your path in a dream symbolizes a problem or obstacle in your life.

Family and relationships: elephants are known for their highly developed family relationships, so a dream about an elephant may mean that there is a problem in your family that needs attention.

Maternal instincts: in elephant families, the woman rules! The sight of an elephant in a dream may be a sign to pay attention to your feminine qualities or the role of a mother in your waking life.

Running away from an elephant: the dream shows that you have fears that prevent you from feeling in control of your life. You may feel that something is more powerful than you and you have no chance to resist it.


Riding an elephant: you feel that you have power and control over everything or you think that others should notice that you are powerful.

Additional meanings of the elephant symbol in dreams

Past memories:

Elephants are known to recognize and recall things even after many years. Often the sight of an elephant in your dreams can symbolize that you are holding on to memories that you need to move on from.

Elephants as a spirit animal:

Many people believe that elephants appear to us as a message from the spirit. An elephant is often chosen as a power animal to help someone overcome major obstacles in life. As a spirit animal, the elephant reminds us to be gentle and to always stand our ground.

Tips for interpreting an elephant dream

  • Describe the elephant using 5 words. Could you use the same words to describe yourself or someone you know? Does the elephant remind you of any situation in your life?
  • What is important in your life right now? Elephants often symbolize important things. You may have big problems or great success. What feelings did you have in your dream? Were you afraid of the elephant, or did you feel powerful?

Mystic Dreambook – elephant

This symbol signals that you have a great advantage over other people in many ways.

Dreambook will help you understand the meaning of the dream about an elephant. Remember that one symbol can have several different meanings. It all depends on the circumstances and other symbols present in your dream.

  • If you see an elephant in your dream, it is a sign that in waking life you have admirers that you will have a hard time staying out of your surroundings.
  • When you see a herd of elephants, it heralds great wealth for you.
  • When you dream that you see elephants in captivity, it means that in waking life you are unable to put your plans into practice, because you do not have the necessary means to do so.
  • If you dream that you are eating an elephant, it heralds happiness for you in a relationship.
  • When you see an elephant in a circus, it signals that in waking life you are trying very hard to please others, but this only causes you to slowly become the laughingstock of your surroundings.
  • When you feed an elephant, it means that in waking life you relate very well to other people, hoping for reciprocity.
  • If you dream that you are washing an elephant, it heralds happiness and love in the family circle for you.
  • An elephant with young appearing in your dream foretells that you will lead a modest but happy life with your family.
  • A sick elephant foretells that someone will help you deal with financial troubles.

Elephant dream dictionary

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