Embrace dream dictionary


Embrace dream dictionary

Embrace – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – affectionate protection, – recognition. Question: – Which part of me needs more attention?

In general:

The dream symbol embracing always points to physical nearness, to tenderness and to security. One would like to be held same. Embrace can also warn about guile, care is right.



Freud interpreted them as a wish for sexual union. We should pay attention to whom we embrace, – it is somebody whom we love or from which the other dream course reports than about a charming person, we may safely appear to luck in the love. If it is, however, a person whom we find in the dream not very likeable, we should make in the awake life around wrong friends a wide curve.



  • in general: informal Zwistigkeiten and human division are in the house, – at the same time a warning to handle with his people less hard, as well as to protect itself from flatteries,
  • want to embrace the whole world: one should take before defamation of character in eight,
  • somebody of the same gender: do not trust friendliness, they are not always real,
  • somebody of other gender: one will get to know somebody,
  • lovers to itself: Longing for love,


  • No good tip: In the dream to embrace somebody to be embraced or be a witness of an embrace to informal discord and human division prophesies. They should handle less hard with people whom you respect or are dependent on you. At the same time you should pay attention to fall not so easily for flatterer and do not give to any disingenuous compliment to faith. (Man


(European ones).:

  • warning dream before a potential danger by deception in dear affairs and business things,
  • see: sends a reminder to the care before wrong friends and flattering friends,
  • of two lovers see: awake from own dear needs,
  • are embraced: a person wants to take completely ‘in possession’ or also reverse,
  • embrace themselves somebody: one will get to know a new person,
  • embraced a woman a man, she gets involved in dubious advances of men.
  • embraced a married woman foreign men, her good call is in danger because she can like the attention of other men.


  • the parents: you will be astonished at any thing,
  • you will enjoy dear luck.

do alterations Association: – form the house anew. Question: – Which part of me needs more space or renewal? How would like I to stand there before the world?



  • you plans big plans.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Embrace

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