Evening dream dictionary


Evening dream dictionary

Evening – Dream Symbol Interpretation

The picture of the evening mostly appears at the beginning of a dream, either dreamscape or mood situation. It is an ambiguous dream symbol whose meaning one recognises mostly only from the accompanying circumstances. It means that one will approach in the dream his subconsciousness. He can stand On behalf for twilight and the borders of the deliberate mind. Maybe there are in your surroundings phenomena which you are able to see first if you deal with your unconscious. Basically evening something deals with rest, rest, declining physical and spiritual forces (colloquially also old age). With it can be pointed out to raised need for relaxation and be warned about chronic excessive demand. If one lays the hands in the lap against it comfortably in the evening, he is to be understood in terms of end of work, – one has well fulfilled his duties and duties and now may / should allow itself some rest. If a time going to the bending means with older people often the old age, with younger ones. At the dreamt evening hour confidential mental wishes sometimes express themselves. Their former worries come to a happy end.


The evening symbolises age and many years of experience.




  • generally symbol for age and experience.

(European ones).:

  • in every connection reductions of spiritual and physical forces,
  • in general quiet and more nicely: the worries will come to a happy end, – the later life will be quiet and peaceful,
  • more broken: if mean unfulfilled hopes and unhappy speculations,
  • with luminous stars: the momentary grief which, nevertheless, a beaming future follows.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Evening

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