Exhaustion dream dictionary


Exhaustion dream dictionary

Exhaustion – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Wasted energy, – depression, – weakness. Question: – For which feelings want I to go from the way? What do I rather not think about?


If a dream trades of the fact that the dreaming feels tired, then this can be a tip to the fact that he should look after health problems or that he uses his energy wrong. If other people than the dreaming appear even in his dream tired, he must recognise that he claims people generally probably too strongly.



At this level exhaustion can stand for spiritual sluggishness.



  • This dream sign prophesies breaking a nice and peaceful time and reminds the dreaming to use them and to enjoy: He has performed a lot, now he may be glad in it and come to new forces.

(European ones).:

  • a bad sign, provided that one recovers not completely.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Exhaustion

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