Embroidery dream dictionary


Embroidery dream dictionary

Embroidery – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Embroidering (embroidery) can request to patience and skill (often in dealing with other). Sometimes it admonishes not to be too proudly on own achievements.


If one follows this peaceful employment which does good the nerves, also in the dream, this allows the end that one is occupied in the everyday life with works which do not strain too much the nerves. Who watches other with the embroidering, can calculate on the fact that he will have to do a tiresome work. In some dreams this picture with the Sticheleien which ‘dear’ people for us hold ready can be translated.




  • have before himself: laborious works must explain,
  • shop: you expect one dear hour,
  • carry: you will have envious person and enemies.

(European ones).:

  • embroiderers (in) see: one will have good income or prove skill,
  • see embroidery: sends a reminder in a certain thing to the restraint,
  • make or carry: by too strong pushing to the front in a matter one will cause unpleasant sensation,
  • or embroider: if brings though honour, but also a lot of hostility,
  • golden embroidery: promises disappointments.
  • to A lover promises this one wise and sparing husband.
  • Seeing a married man an embroidery, a new member is announced in his family.
  • Dreaming a woman of the embroidering, it is admired for the tact and the ability to master everything masterfully.


  • is not too proud, also others are able to do something,
  • see embroidery: you strive for wrong shine,
  • embroider: you will attain domestic luck,
  • carry, in the dress: Honour and advantage.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Embroidery

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