East dream dictionary


East dream dictionary

East – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – eastern wisdom, – slyness. Question: – Where in my life wisdom may develop?

In general:

For most people the oriental or eastern life-style is a little bit very much an exotic. If a dream of her acts, the dreaming maybe receives access to the part of his life which is suppressed by the demands of the everyday life.



The eastern life-style seems to be gentler and to be maybe intuitive than the western one. In the dream the person is able to get in contact with the side of itself which has access to wisdom and clarity. This is ostensible rather a female coping strategy, because this dream symbol appears in the dream often oriental woman.


At the spiritual level East stands in the dream for transcendental wisdom.


(European ones).:

  • Being an omen of romantic luck that, however, will not be long-lasting. If one completely gets involved in it, one will experience a big disappointment.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : East

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