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Dream about eggs

A dream about eggs signifies happiness and prosperity. It represents health and the announcement of positive news in your life which will significantly affect your future.

This kind of dream signifies the announcement of a favorable change and pleasant surprises.


The dream can also foretell the expansion of your family, as well as professional growth and financial gains. According to the Dreambook, it is also a warning to always behave impeccably and have unwavering morals.

Egg dreambook

To see eggs

Dreaming that you see eggs is a very good sign, especially for couples who intend to have or adopt children. An egg is one of the symbols representing life, family, children, procreation, and birth.

Do you remember how many eggs you saw in your dream? This indicates how many children are about to appear in your family.

To see a lot of eggs

The dream about many eggs symbolizes wealth, abundance, and prosperity. The yolk in this dream symbolizes gold (profit, wealth). The more eggs you saw in your dream, the more wealth you will gain.

Chicken egg

A dream about chicken eggs is associated with the possibility of profitable transactions, unexpected profit, and the chance of inheritance. The dream also symbolizes honesty and diligence.

If you are under constant stress Dreambook advises you to be more optimistic and have a positive attitude to life.


Eggs in a nest

Finding a nest with eggs, according to the Dreambook, means wealth, happiness in marriage, and many children. Domestic tranquility and joy will settle into your family.

If you dream that new life emerges from these eggs, it means that your projects will come out perfectly. Still, if the opposite is true, the egg that breaks is empty or spoiled, the dream may be a warning not to have too many illusions about the success of your project or efforts.

To collect eggs

This is a prediction of unexpected profits. The dreambook says that your professional choice will bring you a good position and, consequently, a sizeable sum of money and a lot of admiration and recognition from others.

Regardless of your profession, remain yourself, no matter how the situation develops.

To have eggs

Dreaming that you have eggs means health and longevity. Those who are sick may take comfort in that the cure for their illness will come soon, or its effects will be apparent.

For people who feel fully healthy, a dream about having eggs is a confirmation that vigor and well-being will not leave them.

The dream’s meaning should also be read as an encouragement to take care of oneself.

Hen on eggs

The dream shows that your family is very close to you, and nothing will separate them or break the strong ties that bind them together. If you are a mother, perhaps the dream characterizes you. Either you are a protected person or determined to protect your children.


Chicks hatching from eggs.

A dream about chicks is a very good sign that foretells happiness and satisfaction, suffering and sacrifices end, and everything makes sense. You will see a way out of a difficult situation.

Another dream meaning is the announcement of the realization of an idea you have had for a long time. Even if it did not meet with the support of others, now you can start implementing it.

Finding eggs

Dreaming that you find eggs is a great sign, especially if you found them in a lovely place. They are a symbol of life, and they also represent health and nutrition. Therefore, the dream’s meaning can be read as an auspicious omen or an encouragement to take more care of your diet and health.

If you found eggs in bed, the dream symbolizes fertility. It can be a harbinger of pregnancy and a new idea or project. Something new is being created, and something good for you.

To receive eggs

If someone gave you eggs, it is a sign that this person loves you very much and will always be there for you, no matter your life stage. This can mean a successful relationship but also a devoted friendship.

To trade eggs (sell eggs)

If you traded eggs in your dream, it is a sign that you will have new opportunities in your life. There will be various opportunities to take advantage of in the professional, financial, and love sphere. This may include finding new love or a profitable job.

Egg theft

You need to review and revise your plans and projects, as someone may copy them or take them away from you, which will cause problems. Be especially careful at work, as your competitors don’t sleep.

Broken egg (to break eggs)

The dream foretells that happiness will soon appear in your life. Another dream meaning warns: do not abuse drinks or food and take care of your health. Health and life are fragile – remember this!


Dirty hen eggs

The dream means that you may be ignored by someone. Don’t get angry. Just find another way to be well noticed and remembered. Fight for yourself, but be honest and true in this fight.

Cracking eggs

If chicks hatch from eggs, it means that luck is smiling at you. The dream may also mean that you are about to travel.

If the eggs crack but are empty or rotten inside, it is a sign that what now seems unimportant to you, in time, will become something significant.


A dream about eggshells is a sign that you are suffering psychologically. Maybe you are at a difficult time in your life? Think about why you are suffering and try to eliminate the cause. There are always solutions to every situation.

Rotten (spoiled) egg

Dreaming about a spoiled or rotten egg is associated with losing wealth and material possessions. Take a look at your financial and property affairs. Ensure you have no debts or arrears on installments, are insured, and are well protected against theft.

The dreambook also warns that you may be disappointed by a loved one.

The dream also warns that what you intend to do is not good. The idea you want to fulfill may bring misfortune and bad luck.

To eat eggs

Unusual occurrences in your home may frighten you a little. Pay close attention to household matters to prevent any problems.


Eating eggs in a dream is also a sign of good health or recovery.

Fried or hard-boiled eggs

If the eggs in your dream were fried or hard-boiled, you may receive a beautiful gift, a promotion, or a new professional proposal. The dream is also a harbinger of finding a fascinating love or the blossoming of a relationship you are in.

Sautéed eggs

A dream about sautéed eggs indicates that perseverance and striving for excellence are sometimes the only way to achieve what you want.

You must be persistent to achieve your goal. Don’t give up; you will definitely achieve what you have planned.

Kogel – Mogel

A married woman who dreams about making or eating a kogel – mogel should soon welcome an unexpected guest. Something good may come out of it.

If the custard has a bad taste or is tasteless, don’t expect too much from this situation, which you thought was pleasant and beneficial.

To get dirty with eggs

Take more care of what you own. It’s a good idea to inspect your possessions or equipment, fix what doesn’t work, perform maintenance, and protect your assets from damage.

Colored eggs

The dream shows the way to harmony and inner peace. The time has come to achieve them.
Be yourself, let life flow naturally, and don’t pretend anything. Enjoy what you have and what comes to you.


Golden eggs

A dream about golden eggs signifies wealth, success, and good news. Everything that is good can happen now. You can pull profits from any situation, not only material ones.

Easter egg

If you saw, gave, or received an Easter egg as a gift in your dream, you will do something special that will be of great importance to you and others.

Perhaps you have been planning it for a long time, or the opportunity will come unexpectedly.

Dream meaning of eggs

  • To see eggs – a child will appear in your family.
  • To see a lot of eggs – a life of abundance and prosperity awaits you
  • Hen egg – there will be an unexpected influx of cash
  • Eggs in the nest – peace and joy will dawn in your family
  • Collect eggs – unexpected profits will appear
  • To have eggs – vigor and well-being will not leave you
  • A hen on eggs – your family is very close to you, and you are connected by strong ties
  • Chicks hatching from eggs – you will see a way out of a difficult situation
  • To find eggs – something new is being created and something good for you
  • To receive eggs – someone loves you very much and will always be there for you
  • To trade eggs (sell eggs) – you will have opportunities to seize, do not miss them
  • Egg theft – be careful at work. Competition does not sleep
  • Broken egg (break eggs) – take care of your health
  • Dirty eggs – fight for yourself honestly, be real, don’t pretend anything
  • Cracking eggs – luck will smile on you
  • Eggshells – you are in a difficult moment in your life. Find the cause of the problems.
  • Rotten (spoiled) egg – you may lose something or be disappointed with someone.
  • To eat eggs – pay more attention to household matters to prevent any problems.
  • Fried or hard-boiled eggs – you will receive a gift, a promotion, or a new professional proposal.
  • Sautéed eggs – you must be persistent to achieve your goal, do not give up
  • Kogel – Mogel – an unexpected guest, will visit you soon
  • To get dirty with eggs – take more care of what you own
  • Colored eggs – it is time for peace and tranquility
  • Golden eggs – you can pull profits from any situation
  • Easter egg – you will do something special

Eggs – mystical dreambook

  • If you see or have an egg in your dream, it foreshadows the harmony among your family and the family warmth you will experience in the near future.
  • Finding an egg in your dream signifies that you are in a happy, lasting relationship, or you will soon get involved in one. Most likely, it will be quickly sanctioned by law.
  • If you dream of seeing a very large egg or holding it in your hand, it is a sign that some positive event will soon occur in your life.
  • When you see a hen laying an egg, it means that you will soon learn some promising news.
  • Eating eggs is a sign that you will no longer have to worry about the state of your budget, as your financial situation will improve significantly.
  • A beautiful chocolate egg means that you will soon make the acquaintance of a special person who will delight you with their appearance. Still, most likely, they will only be a seducer, and you will not be of great importance to them.
  • Colored eggs are a harbinger of some significant worries and problems.
  • A red egg foreshadows a fire, death in your immediate environment, or a conflict that will divide you and your friend.
  • Yellow egg heralds illness, not necessarily for you, but, for example, for someone from your closest environment – family or friends.
  • When you dream that you see eggs fall to the ground, it means that you will have a quarrel with someone and become an object of gossip in your surroundings.
  • A rotten egg means that, for some reason, you will lose the good reputation you currently enjoy.
  • When you open an egg in a dream and see a chick in it, it is a sign that in the near future, your share will become significant profits, perhaps through some kind of winnings.
  • If you see a chick hatching, it is a foreshadowing of some event that will have a positive impact on your entire family and will bring you all an improvement in your situation.
  • When you throw rotten eggs at someone in your dream, it means that in waking life, you are doing some harm to someone, but it will soon take revenge on you, which will be a harsh lesson for you.
  • When you are pelted with eggs yourself, it foretells some trouble for you or warns that you will soon become the object of someone’s persecution.
  • If you’re preparing a dish of eggs in your dream, it’s a sign that some interesting person will make you an intriguing proposal.
  • A dish of spoiled eggs means that your family will soon have a big quarrel.
  • Buying eggs is a sign that some unspecified benefits await you.
  • Boiled eggs foretell joy and happiness for you.
  • Bird eggs found in the nest herald an improvement in your financial situation, most likely due to a large income in money.
  • Bird’s eggs with chicks hatched from them are a harbinger of misery and misfortune.
  • An egg with two yolks may foreshadow a twin pregnancy for you or someone close to you.
  • If you dream of an omelet, it is a sign that in the near future, you will get sick or, for some other reason, you will not feel well.
  • If you dream that you accidentally break an egg, it may foretell the destruction of something you cared about very much or the miscarriage.

Eggs dream dictionary


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