Echo dream dictionary


Echo dream dictionary

Echo – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Echo sometimes appears in the dream if a noise from the surroundings which one does not perceive in the sleep consciously is inserted in the dream events, – then no meaning comes up to him. However, the echo often shows how one reacts internally to real processes, without this must become conscious, – then the symbol can be interpreted only from the individual living conditions. An echo in the wood can indicate isolation and wish for social relations. The response of the own or another voice: Somebody wants to adopt our opinion or put through own with us. Sometimes one hopes for a reaction, expects that own activities get ‘her echo’. Sometimes a warning dream: Handle more carefully with your statements, pay attention to the contents of your communications – otherwise you could release a negative echo. Moreover: What has the echo said? Can it be a repeated warning? Was it an echo from the past? Was there not mistake you should repeat?



  • in general: your friends hear on you and your love is warmly answered,
  • hear a foreign one: rather unexpected visit will appear,
  • on own words hear: one is reserved with his statements, because they could become the centre of the clap.


  • Hearing one the echo of own voice, so unforgettable experiences with the other gender come up to him.
  • another echo means that almost forgotten trouble will soon yield fruit.

(European ones).:

  • registers Absurditäten, warns about defamations of character and waste of time, – warning dream,
  • echo also announces unexpected things and news by which one can easily come to the gossip of the people, – also: from good events do not hear even concerning by which one will suffer by the success of another,
  • hear: anxious times, – you can lose your job because of an illness, or you will leave friends in the need,
  • in the wood: if means loneliness.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Echo

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