Eagle dream dictionary


Eagle dream dictionary

Eagle – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Farsightedness, – overview and strength. Question: – What must I understand to be able to live my strength?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Messenger, – highly flying, – inspiring, – robbers, – strong wings, – sharp eyes, – keep away, – courage, – Vorherwissen, – foresight, – Wabun, eastern guardian of the mind. Description: The eagle who stands in the medicine wheel with the east and with Wabun, the eastern guardian of the mind, in connection is a big, powerful robber who high flies and can see wide. For a long time the eagle already inspires the imagination of the person and has won his respect. Eagle feathers were valid in many societies close to the earth as a decoration and also become even today a highly respected. The Indian chiefs carried them as a rule as a headdress. The eagle is from the Roman empire as well as from the United States (white head lake eagle) as a symbol or emblem been used. In the USA coins, so-called “golden eagles”, were also stamped. Because the white head lake eagle was hunted too thoughtlessly, he was threatened long time by the extinction. Now, because this bird of prey is protected, he returns again in the ecosystem. General meaning: Your ability, high hinaufzufliegen, – your strength, – clear view, – which see things sharp. Association: An allusion on the prophecy of the Hopi: »The eagle has landed.« Transcendent meaning: A messenger of the creator who can lead you, – knowledge about the secrets of the air and the earth. Wolf clan apprenticeship: The east or removed images. Huichol apprenticeship: The breath of the life. Medicine Eagles apprenticeship: soaringly, – far sighted, – vision, – enlightenment, – connection with the big mind, – pulls down the energy of the big mind to the earth.


An eagle in the dream indicates inspiration and strength. From the psychological position the eagle points out to the fact that the dreaming owns the ability to use his mind to be successful. He takes in hand his life himself. He can also stand for the need for rise, after the separation of old images and settings. However, maybe the eagle is also a tip to the need, to become more objective and to take an other position. One must ask himself with the eagle always whether one does not exaggerate in the higher striving, too reckless acts which overestimates own strength or offends other by pride, – in addition the real life situation with is considered. Eagle man of the winds is to be interpreted positively as a loose relaxed mood by earthly restraint, he stands for the elation of big thoughts, often, however, also for the consuming passion of the mind. As a bird of prey the eagle is able to exhaust all possibilities which come up to him. To dream of him, means that one can touch it him or wants. Eagle stands in general for courage, boldness, pride, dignity, foresight, desire for freedom and striving for higher (therefore, he is also used by many states than symbol of the power, for example, at the back of coins). Who sees flying the eagle high up there in the sky, may hope that he can put into action soaringly plans, – who catches the bird of prey, wants to be able to enjoy the success for himself alone. An eagle, itself in the fall flight on a prey hinunterstürzt, points to the quickness of thought and the courage of the dreamer who could turn out, admittedly, in the awake life foolhardiness. Or in other words: Who high plays poker, can deeply fall. A locked up eagle points to the inhibitions of the dreamer compared with his environment. Freud saw in the eagle in support of the mythology an overpowering sexual symbol because the bird of prey cannot control his desires and wants to have his victim. See Freud explains this with the fact that the eagle is a big bird and is the word Bird in the common language another word for penis. Nevertheless, the sexual meaning of the eagle arises from the Greek mythology after which the eagle stood as a symbol for the genital strength and genital function of the Zeus. The eagle can stand in some cases absolutely for the sexuality, the closer arises from the dream connection: If the eagle can fly in the dream only badly or not at all, this points out to the restriction of the spiritual freedom or on the fact that the dreaming neglects his spiritual interests. If are the dream contents of unambiguously sexual kind, symbolises the eagle that spiritual interests are put by a too strong sexual connection too much in the background. If a woman dreams of an eagle under this sexual aspect, is maybe her sexual life unfulfilled and they longs from a strong man for being taken in possession.


An eagle shows a form of the spiritual victory. (He is the king of the winds!)


The sight of an eagle on a rock, on a tree or at a dizzy height is for enterprising a good sign, a bad one against it for people who live in fear. If he flies quietly and noiselessly, he also brings to a man succeed, however, his fulfilment keeps waiting. An eagle who sits down on the head of the dreaming prophesies to this the death, – then what he packs once with his catches, he kills. To ride on an eagle, prophesies to emperors, empires and powerful figures the death, – then according to an old custom painters and pedagogic artists show such personalities after her demise on eagles riding and glorify them by such picture works. Against it it means to arms blessing, – they will receive by rich Gönner a strong impetus and no low support, namely mostly by travelling abroad. A menacing eagle prophesies a threat from on the part of a high-powered man, while tame who approaches something gives or can be heard with his voice, after the report of the experiences good means. If a woman dreams, she bears an eagle, she will give to a son the life which if he is poor soldier become and it will bring up to the military leader, – an eagle leads the way then of every army, – he belongs to the middle class, he will become an athlete and make to himself a name, – he is rich, he will rule over many or become even an emperor. A dead eagle is prophesied only for a slave and a man who is afraid of somebody by advantage, – he he announces the menacing as well as man the death, – to all other people shutdown of the shops. The eagle also means the present year, – then his name called, written out, nothing else than one year. Because there are different kinds of eagles, one must accept also different dream fulfilments. It dreamt somebody, an eagle tears out to him with the catches the intestine, she carries through the town in the thick-occupied theatre and shows them to the spectators. The dreaming was childless, and a son was born to him after this dream face who attained name and respect in the town, – then the eagle means the year in whom to him a son should be born, then so one is in habit to call the intestine the son – his children – and in the theatre carrying the respect and the name of the same.



    the eagle the emperor means

  • quite in general, – somebody suffers in the dream of an eagle something good or bad person, it will come true accordingly in him.
  • the eagle the person of the emperor also means

  • generally.
  • Dreaming to this, he finds or gets an eagle, he will subject another ruler, a my husband will become an emperor.
  • supplied somebody an eagle with feed and all necessary, he will be raised in the service of the emperor incredibly and in the rank.
  • Seeming it the emperor, he eats eagle meat, he will acquire according to the consumption gold of old kings.
  • Finding he eagle feathers, he will bump into even more precious treasures of old kings, an easy man will attain from the emperor rich presents, joy and office and dignity, – we interpret then the feather as an office and dignity.
  • Hunting of the emperors with a tame eagle, he will get a son whom with strong hand rule and in which he will take his pleasure – he has no son, he will generate, in any case, one.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, an eagle raises him on his back and flies skywards, he will be raised in his majesty and live long, a man from the common people will become, in any case, an emperor.
  • by an eagle packed or by his claws to be pierced means punishment and danger of sides of the emperor or the prince. If the emperor has this dream, he will be pressed by another ruler hard.
  • Seeming it princes or emperors, them held an eagle and another comes to rob of him by force, they will get together in quarrel, – a usual man will suffer from the prince oppression and compulsion.
  • discovered of the emperors an eyrie and he takes the boys in himself, he will arrest the heirs of another ruler, an easy man or a pauper will become an emperor and rule.
  • Seeming it the emperor, he draws up young eagles in his palace, he will generate the sons who will follow on from him in the rule.
  • Dreaming a single woman or widow, an eagle flies here and sits down on the roof of her house, she will marry a high dignitary.
  • loftier: Fulfilment of confidential wishes and nice success, – indicates at wide-sounding plans, –
  • one see sitting: Wealth in view, –
  • one see flying: advantageous shops, –
  • see hitting prey: one feels put under to a person, –
  • are attacked by one or are threatened: hold out, the hostility from which one has to suffer, will pass, – menacing danger, we are in way of the plans of another, –
  • see sitting down one on his head: Death, –
  • shoot or arrest: Grief, grief and damage appear, –
  • see in the cage: one feels restricted by friends or the environment, –
  • see dead one: Misfortune and losses approach, –
  • eyrie: your position is sure and developable, –
  • of eagle-young: your property will increase.


  • a flying eagle stands for well-being and good call.
  • he sits down on very raised place, are to be expected to great success.
  • Becoming one in the dream of an eagle unsound, so this is called that one has proceeded in a fight against stronger.
  • to dreams you from an eagle, you can be contented: They divide your forces sends, preserve the overview and progress accordingly in a well-palnned manner. The dream symbol also wants to send a reminder to the care.

(European ones).:

  • expression for an unaware longing for freedom, – symbol for guidance and the ability to motivate others –
  • see living: Luck and wealth, – profit and use, – an illness will happily run, –
  • one see climbing up: good trend of affairs, impetus is to be expected, –
  • see flying in general: one watches out for sudden misfortune, – one should not miss about plans and hopes the Nächstliegende, –
  • see wing-apt flying: an enemy strives to do down us or to ruin also, –
  • a man one sees

  • in the winds: to reach to honourary places, –
  • a woman one sees

  • circling in the winds: she has view to marry to a respectable personality, –
  • loftier: symbolises wide-sounding plans, – by courage and perseverance one can attain more freedom, –
  • eagle by big height announces rotary a big happy surprise, –
  • standing: Death of big man, –
  • itself on prey more falling off: one will meet enemies sensitively, –
  • see hitting prey: one feels to a stronger person put under physically, –
  • with prey see in the beak: one will make good deals, –
  • passes prey bringing: it approaches unexpected property increase or a rich marriage, –
  • are threatened by one: Disgrace, degradation, –
  • are attacked by one: announces menacing dangers, – also: one is in way of the plan of another, –
  • catch: Besiegung of an enemy, – loss and grief, –
  • in the cage: one feels restricted by friends or the environment, –
  • shoot: Überwältigung of an enemy, –
  • kill: Destruction of an opponent, – you can be detained on your way upwards from nothing, –
  • an eagle on a head see sitting: Misfortune and death, –
  • an eagle on own head see sitting: indicates a death in the family, –
  • on own head sit have: one will not be able to solve the problems only with the head, –
  • the sight of a dead eagle: if Li> indicates at the powerlessness of an enemy,
  • eagles own: Luck in business matters, honour and respect promise, –
  • see landing a black nearby: quick death of a good friend, –
  • knows: possible big inheritance, –
  • has young eagle in the nest: if relations with the highest circles promise and indicate, that you from their advice

Profit can pull. At given time you come to the pleasure of an important inheritance, –

  • one of other shot eagle: Signs for the fact that one deprives of rank and of wealth thoughtlessly, –
  • you

  • ride on eagle wrestling: if a long trip registers in extensively still uninvestigated countries, – you search wisdom and prosperity and will also attain both later.
  • eagle feathers: tell in that you will achieve your aims.

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