Disaster dream dictionary


Disaster dream dictionary

Disaster – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Dreams of disasters are often exceedingly clear. One can awake from them distraughtly and give himself so excessive troubles. Nevertheless, these dreams sometimes contain significant warnings to areas of the awake life and should not be ignored, therefore. Every dream of a disaster is disconcerting first of all, but one must keep before eyes that this is seldom a concrete prediction. If the dream concerns disaster possibly of immediate own surroundings like own home, the dream can simply be a direct warning. Unconsciously one has maybe ascertained a damaged power supply line or a tear in the wall (or, otherwise, a domestic damage) and has not remembered that a timely, small repair had to be arranged to prevent bigger damage. The dream reminds of it. A dream in which own home is concerned by a disaster states something about own personality and life setting. Maybe one has decided on the significant changes in the life which, however, the destruction for long time created would cause. The dream can warn one about the catastrophic results of the action in the long term. If one saw collapsing, however, his house with a certain satisfaction (‘thank God that this is over’), is, nevertheless, the question whether leaving of ruins leaves to one really so chilly. If, yes, then one is certainly ready to start a new life and to copy the old person. Disaster dreams can trade from burning houses or from in an avalanche or an earthquake buried. With such a dream is to be cleared first how one has reacted and whether one, if generally, in personal respect with the disaster stood. If one was a merely unconcerned spectator, even if paralyzed before terror, the question positions itself whether one has existential fears or is less self-confident at least than one should be. If colleagues or members of the family with difficulties have to fight, and one knows about it, then the dream to one can send a reminder to look more actively after it. With the avalanche dream is to be cleared (because snow is white: the colour of the innocence!) whether one tries to hide something which gnaws at the conscience. Has one acted maybe immorally, but has feigned innocence? The earthquake dream expresses a life insecurity (to lose ground!) namely presumably quite a concrete one: Loss of home or job. If one has dreamt that one was in a building, this collapsed, one should consider whether also in the life all around ‘everything’ does not collapse. However, the survival fight in the dream is a positive sign: One positions himself to the struggle of existence. With men it can also concern a power problem. The elements play in disaster dreams often an important role. To burn in a fire, the conviction can be for the fact that in the reality a fire of the passion to one consumes: a clear warning, especially if one has tried unsuccessfully to extinguish the flames. Very positively against it it would be if a house or room had caught fire and one would have succeeded in suffocating this, because this is a symbol for controlled passion – for the fact that one controls his life. Water accepts in the dreams constantly different forms, however, has also his place in disaster dreams. With good reason it is supposed that it deals with our emotions, whenever it appears. If one has dreamt of being in a ship wreck in which the water rises higher and higher, the water up to the neck stands also emotionally in a significant thing ‘. One must question his strong feelings according to mind and gain control logically. If one has tried in the ship tails to save others, is significant who was it. A child, for example, can mean an element of the awake life which one would like to develop and this could work as a counterbalance against the strong emotional behaviour patterns. Dreams of plane crashes summarise the setting to certain important plans into the awake life. Was the engagement premature in a project, and does one worry to himself now so? Or does one fear a financial ‘fall’ or an intellectual failure (especially if one stands before important check or any other kind of test or examination), or does one have fear that plans or projects achieve no success? Did one feel that the ‘high-altitude flight’ is based on castles in the air? A dream of a car accident maybe warns that one goes in the awake life ‘too fast’ – because one maybe wants to preempt rivals. Moving cars have as a rule sexual meaning, especially for men, – maybe one is too carefree to protect himself and his sexual partners. If one dreams of disasters like famine or dryness, one probably also goes through in the awake life just an emotional ‘dryness’, maybe because the partner ‘starves’ (in one or, otherwise, one feels of it tired. Another possible meaning are humanitarian subjects with the admonition to act more in this respect.



  • It stamps in an idiom to the bad. Patience and care are important.

(European ones).:

  • experience one with public means of transportation: one runs the risk to lose property or to be struck by a perfidious illness,
  • one on lake: if misfortune and the loss of theirs means for sailors This year, – for others this loss registers by death,
  • from one are saved: one comes to temptation, but you escape unscathed,
  • in a railway accident be involved: the attention is directed on an accident because a friend or friend was injured, or it approach you business worries,
  • Believing a young woman to be involved in a disaster then she will regret the loss of her lover by death or progress.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : Disaster

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