Desert dream dictionary


Desert dream dictionary

Desert – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Isolation, – retreat, – perseverance. Question: From what would like I to withdraw?

In general:

Desert often points out to the fact that one lives too soberly, essentially and rationally, – about that the emotional needs are neglected, one feels unhappy. Finally, the desert can also stand for deep existential fear and insecurity. The individual meaning arises from the concrete living conditions. If a dream trades of the fact that the dreaming alone is in the desert, this is possibly a tip to missing emotional fulfilment, on loneliness or maybe isolation. If the dreaming is, nevertheless, with another person in the desert, this maybe shows that this respect is useless or nowhere leads there. Another aspect of the desert can be explained by the fact that it played a big role for many religious founders (Moses, Jesus). This was the place in which they withdrew to have direct heart-to-heart talk with God. If one dreams of a desert, this can also mean that one wants to proceed far from all everyday, around thus in loneliness and contemplation his internal regulation and his own way to God would like to find.



In the desert does not grow a lot, therefore, it is as a dream symbol also a danger signal. Mostly this picture on the isolation of the dreaming leads in the midst of the mass society. Mental loneliness and mental-spiritual shutdown are often shown with this vision. Indeed, the dreaming can also have withdrawn voluntarily into the desert. Then it concerns an occasional, voluntary abstinence from which ideas as well as strength arise. The ride or march by the desert in the dream is the tip to the fact that one can achieve an aim only after unspeakable privations or strength strains. The dreaming must think over very carefully his action direction if he wants to ‘survive’ in his present situation.


A desert can symbolise desolation, but it can also be a place of the meditation, the rest and the divine revelation.



  • see: announces heavy times with which he has to count on several Entberungen,
  • are in it: you will feel leave very much, – one will have to limit his wishes considerably and in future can profit from his modesty.


  • Remaining the desert without air movement, so a difficult time is got over, and fruits soon carry the trouble and perseverance. If a stormy wind rules, it is a matter of proving perseverance still for a while and of accepting trouble. All other meanings depend on the teamwork with the remaining visions. In general Li> embodies “desert” the self-image of the dreaming in the face of the world, the value which he concedes to himself on account of his living conditions. (Man +)

    (European ones).:

    • complete emptiness is given, – to evaluate possibly power dream or dear dream and then as a very bad and hopeless sign,
    • see: points to desolation and helplessness in the next time, – also: no success and wishes remains unfulfilled,
    • travel in one: if mean dangers and obstacles, – one will have to do without something very much necessary,
    • go by gloomy, bald ones: if promise famines and race riots as well as losses of human life and property,
    • in bad weather: an especially unfavorable omen,
    • Finding to itself a young woman alone in the desert, then her health and her call are endangered by her indiscretion. She should be more careful.


    • live in it: your longing bothers you,
    • are in it: you go towards to heavy griefs,
    • see: you will have to leave very soon your surroundings, – your life was up to now fruitless,
    • with camels: not to all it can go so well, hence, we to you, compassion with your people,
    • has

    • must die of thirst in it: one will envy you your luck, but does not hear on the bad persons,
    • in general: your worries are big, but they will have soon decreased.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Desert

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