Depart dream dictionary


Depart dream dictionary

Depart – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Uncovering true or internal. Question: – Who am I if I have filed all covers?


To watch somebody while taking off, can be called that one should realise the vulnerability of this person. Someone else indicates to take off that one tries to understand either himself or the other at a deeper level. If one gets undressed in the dream, one possibly steps with his sexuality in connection. Maybe the dreaming also has the need to reveal his true feelings concerning a situation and to express absolutely openly. One has to hide nothing, however, should watch out to show up itself. If one takes off the shoes, points maybe to the desire for a more natural life-style. The extract from a house or a flat reveals that the unconscious with our present life-style is not contented, in other words: It reminds us for a conversion, so that we can move more freely.



To themselves depart the need of the dreaming for openness and honesty expresses.


The loss of clothes brings nothing good, except arms, prisoners, debtors and all who are in a hopeless situation, – then these pieces get lost, it means freeing from all Widerwärtigkeiten pressed the persons concerned. For all the others it is neither good to get undressed in the nude, nor to lose clothes, – it says the loss everything of that Ahead what improves the life.



  • stained clothes: one tries to overthrow you in the misfortune,
  • of clothes: give up your plans,
  • boot or shoes: you will be made by circumstances go on a trip,
  • from a flat: News of different kind will sadden you, loss by carelessness or theft. also: You have lost ground. The excitement is free of charge. Only if you think over it quietly, you can become to the situation man.

(European ones).:

  • from a flat: Restlessness and expenditures, – change in the personal life,
  • his clothes: Misfortune by own fault, – victims of a spiteful clap become, – fear of own mistakes (in enterprises, occupation),
  • the shoes: a trip approaches,
  • taking off

  • Seeing a woman the head of government of her country, this is called that already begun comfort will end sadly. She will suffer from the fact that she fears for her dear bad person. If she sees others taken off, this is an omen for the escaped joys which come back as pain.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Depart

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