A dream about a dead person has three main meanings: longing, the end of a cycle and unresolved situations.

Dream about the deceased

If you feel sad, do not blame yourself, because nurturing negative feelings will only make your condition worse. One way to improve is through forgiveness. Forgive yourself and the person you dreamed about, this will help you to overcome the confrontation and allow you to feel at peace.


It is necessary to accept the changes. These may be internal changes, indicating something in your personality that needs to die. A dream about a person who has already died and who is alive in the dream indicates that emotions – some conflict or disagreement – often remain unresolved.

The dream means that you need to be tense and stressed. This dream usually indicates that you are exposed to negative influences that hinder your development. It can mean problems and misunderstandings that you will have to deal with in the near future.

What does a dream about a dead person mean?

Deceased Grandmother

If you dream of your deceased grandmother talking to you, it means that she was important to you and you miss her help and support in difficult times. You are worried that you will not be able to cope with your problems and are looking for ways to solve them. The dream indicates that someone will appear to help you.

Deceased Grandfather

Take the meaning of the dream as a good sign. The dream foretells that you will be successful at work. The decisions you make will be the right ones.

The dream also symbolises wisdom and maturity.

Dead mother

The dream means that something is happening in your life that causes you anxiety. The meaning of the dream encourages you to think about it – some situation needs attention, perhaps it is something your mother would pay attention to. You need to be aware of it to prevent the situation from getting worse.


A dream about a dead mother means longing, but it can also symbolise a sense of loss or insecurity.

It is worth thinking about what your dreams are and whether you are struggling to achieve them. You may need to give up something in order to pursue your goals. Take on the challenge of achieving them. The dreamer also suggests rest and peace.

Deceased father

The meaning of this dream will define the relationship you had with your father in real life. If it was positive, this dream means that you feel secure.

If your relationship with your father was negative, the dream may indicate that you are in an unhappy relationship. Try to get along with your partner and see if the relationship is worth continuing.

A dream about a dead father symbolises necessary changes, but it can also indicate difficult times. If you are going through a difficult time, stay calm and seek out trusted people who can support you.

The dream also indicates the strengthening of the family and internal and external changes, news and developments.

Deceased sister

The dream indicates that you are thinking of breaking off a relationship that is important to you, and because of the difficulties you are going through, you are not seeing all the details. Think about your choices before you make a decision, try to talk to someone close to you.

Deceased brother

This dream usually means that your life is peaceful and that you take care of your home and good friendships. However, you are missing something, perhaps you are absent.


Another meaning of this dream is that you miss the life you had before your brother died. Treat good memories as something positive, look for the energy in them to deal with the present and transform it in a way that satisfies you. Find solutions and all will be well.

Dead friend (girlfriend)

The dream indicates that you are worried and unhappy about the loss of your last relationship. It’s normal to feel lost in such a situation, and to cope with it you need to seek personal guidance or advice from well-wishers.

A deceased relative

The dream suggests unresolved issues with the deceased. Now accept what has happened and live in the present. Learn from the experience for the future.

Deceased famous person

The dream indicates that you feel regret and bitterness about the past, which makes it difficult for you to live in the present. Thinking about what you’ve been through won’t help you change your present or your future, so focus on the present so you can calm down and build the life you want.

Deceased Unknown Person

When a deceased unknown appears in a dream, it symbolises the end of a cycle.

You will be entering a new phase, so be open to the possibilities that life has to offer. The fear you are feeling is due to some problems that you need to resolve.

You need to get your emotions under control.

The dreamer advises: “Always look for what is best for you and keep your feelings positive, as they will lead you to the best possible path.


The deceased who died tragically

The dreamer advises you to put aside all the bitterness and sadness you feel because of various bad situations. After a period of fatigue or anger, it is time to return to your daily activities and look to the future unencumbered.

Talking to the deceased

The dream may mean that you or someone close to you is experiencing difficult moments and does not know how to deal with them. Contacting someone who has already died in the dream indicates that you should talk to someone to solve the problem. Take advice from people you trust and be open to dialogue, especially if you feel you have reached a dead end.

The deceased has visited you

If it’s someone you knew, don’t worry, it’s just an announcement of some kind. If the person who has visited you has caused fear, beware of lies and gossip.

The deceased is asking you to do something

This dream reflects uncertainty and doubt. This is an ideal time to think carefully before acting or making a decision. Be guided by reason as well as emotion.

Embracing the deceased (the deceased embraces you)

If you dream of embracing someone who has already died, it means that you will live a long and peaceful life. However, this dream can also symbolise a form of farewell. If you were in conflict, it could be a sign that you need to live in peace, in harmony with yourself.

If you have embraced someone who has wronged you, the dream indicates that you need to be vigilant and careful in your relationships with other people.

Another meaning of this dream is that you are not alone, you have spiritual support and many powers to achieve what you want.

The deceased smiles

This is a sign that you are coping well with grief and that it is only a matter of time before you overcome your despair. The dream is also a sign that everything in your life will turn out well.


The dream also appears as a call to unravel your dark side, to realise that all people are made up of light and shadow. It also suggests that you take stock of what is important and necessary in your life.

A dream of a deceased person smiling means that you should think about how you deal with death.

Crying deceased

A dream of a crying dead person indicates renewal, the need to make room for new experiences. It also suggests that you miss someone.

The deceased dying in a dream

Something very important is going to happen in your life, but in order to take advantage of this opportunity you must be careful to understand it. Be careful, think positively and something good will happen.

Another meaning of the dream is that you must stop arguing. Also, do not let memories interfere with your daily duties.

The meaning of the dream also symbolises the end of a cycle. Stop living in the past. Concentrate on what you can control now and do what you can to ensure a good future.

A dream about someone who has already died shows that you have a sense of guilt, and this causes you more and more frustration. The dreamer suggests that you should always think about the future.

Dream meaning: Deceased

  • Deceased grandmother – someone will appear to help you.
  • Deceased grandfather – you will be successful at work
  • Deceased mother – something will make you afraid
  • Dead father – necessary changes will come
  • Dead sister – think before you make a decision
  • Dead brother – you will take care of your home and friends
  • Deceased friend – you feel unhappy
  • Deceased relative – accept what is
  • Deceased known person – do not return to the past
  • Deceased unknown person – you are starting a new phase of life
  • Deceased who died tragically – let go of sadness
  • Talking to the deceased – you are experiencing difficulties and do not know how to deal with them
  • The deceased has visited you – beware of lies and gossip
  • The deceased is asking you to do something – think before you decide.
  • The deceased is hugging you – you will have a long, peaceful life.
  • The deceased is smiling – decide what is important in your life
  • The deceased crying – it’s time for new experiences
  • The deceased dying in a dream – stop arguing

Mystic Dreamer – The Dead

If you see a dead person lying in a coffin in a dream, it foretells the end of your problems.


If you are digging up a corpse, it means that you are, or will soon be, in great danger when you wake up.

If you are dealing with the dead in your dream, it foretells some kind of victory for you.

Talking to the dead is a signal from your subconscious to fulfil your promises.

If you see the deceased sticking out of the coffin, it augurs trouble for you.

If you dream that you are dying, it will bring you good luck and long life.

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