Drunk dream dictionary


Drunk dream dictionary

Drunk – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Complete insensitivity. Question: – Where in my life I fear to lose the control, or would I lose with pleasure the control?


In old societies drunkenness was permissible means to the dismantling of tensions and to the celebration. Be got drunk in the dream points which the dreaming with the part of itself would like to kick in contact which tolerates immoderate behaviour and leaves itself to irrational forces. The dreaming longs for it without being inhibitions and responsibility to be able to master upcoming problems without shyness. Being got drunk in the dream also points to the fact that the dreamer does not take seriously the realities of the life in such a way as they are in reality and, therefore, mistake makes which will lead later to disappointments and failures. Maybe one is also pointed out to the fact that one will make an acquaintance which remains superficial, however. Now and again this symbol also contains the early tip to an ear illness or cerebral illness (which can really lead to disturbance of equilibrium and consciousness disturbances), so that one should arrange an investigation with the more frequent appearance of this symbol. If one sees drunkenlies, one is disappointed by people from own surroundings.



Inhibition dismantling by consumption of alcohol can be a preparation on ecstasy.



  • be: happy days experience, pleasant hours approach you, – also: Your luck makes you high-spirited and unadvised. Your opponents use this and you have to count on failure and mockery.
  • drunkenlies see: you will suffer damage by foreign guilt.

(European ones).:

  • often warning dream by ear disturbances or brain disturbances, if not unique reaction to the from the outside coming disturbance,
  • be: one experiences pleasant hours which leave, however, no big impression,
  • drunk people see: Disappointment of mental kind,
  • on a fancy-dress ball be: one will be laughed.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Drunk

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