Dam dream dictionary


Dam dream dictionary

Dam – Dream Symbol Interpretation

A dam can accept different meanings in the dream. Dam stands mostly for internal barriers, opposition, feelings, recollections and desires ‘accumulates’, – or the dreaming tried to prevent an emotional outburst with another person. Then one must often fear that they cannot be held sometime any more under control, but the dam suddenly breaks. If the dreaming establishes a dam, he builds up a bulwark in his defence. A refractive dam is a tip to the fact that the dreaming fears not to be able to hold his feelings any more longer under control. Besides, overrunning water or a breach in a dam is an often returning picture.


At this level the dam of the spiritual development symbolises artificially imposed limitations.




  • see or enter: Protection from dangers, – you have protected your life,
  • work on it: good shops,
  • build one: one establishes to himself a bulwark which points to own existential fear,
  • one of water more broken through: your plans become crosses.

(European ones).:

  • warns the dreaming about dangers and about bad friends, as well as obstacles which are to be overcome,
  • one of the water more torn: come to dear scuffle,
  • work on it: happy progress of your enterprises,
  • cross him: quick death,
  • cross him: Their annoyance will grow and then stop suddenly, particularly when your activity of artistic nature is.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Dam

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