Dynamite dream dictionary


Dynamite dream dictionary

Dynamite – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – explosive strength, – sudden change. Question: – What is on the verge of flying in the air?


Dynamite can warn as the bomb against asserting itself thoughtlessly. It is possible, however, also that one will sprinkle the present life frame by new plans or one has something in the hand which could sprinkle the frame of the usual. Because it can come to the explosion, we rather left the fingers of it. Maybe ‘explosive’ also appears in the unconscious in it, possibly edged out feelings which discharge suddenly and can destroy a lot.




  • explosion: you are high respected, – It is a dangerous enterprise and big care is offered.
  • sit on it: Care! A danger threatens!
  • see how which is laid: one should interfere by no means with the matters more different, because one would thereby have only incommodities.

(European ones).:

    all obstacles should sprinkle

  • new plans, life projects and sudden hopes,
  • only see: new plans and aims will sprinkle old obstacles if one avoids every recklessness,
  • on dynamite sit: Now foreboding of a danger, – one should be especially careful,
  • own: one has wrong friends or gives away too much trust what can have slightly bad results,
  • see how it is laid: one should not interfere with the matters more different, otherwise threatens evil,
  • see exploding: one will be respected very much,
  • are afraid of it: in petto an enemy works against one and if one does not pay attention to his behaviour, he will give to recognise himself at an unfavorable time.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Dynamite

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