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Dreaming of a corpse means vitality, health and much joy. It is a sign of professional success and foretells wonderful experiences.

Seeing a corpse in your dream means that everything in your life is beginning to fall into place; be careful and plan your actions well so that you do not miss any opportunities.


Dream meaning of corpse

Identification of a Corpse

The dream predicts prosperity and positive changes in your professional life. Make every effort to achieve your goals and the reward will come soon.

The dream also foretells a new and interesting experience.

Carrying a corpse

The dream predicts that you will get a promotion at work. Your efforts and dedication will be rewarded and you will be able to celebrate with friends and family.

Preparing a corpse for a funeral (dressing a corpse).
Your life will change. Be open to new possibilities.

The meaning of the dream also tells you that an auspicious message is on its way.

To watch over a corpse

The dream means alertness, vigilance. Be well prepared to face problems, do not tell strangers about your plans, trust only those closest to you. Forgive, do not carry grief in your heart.


To see a corpse

The meaning of the dream about the corpse of a person you know can be that someone very dear to you has problems, but you can help him and change the situation. Pay attention to the people around you and help the sick, encourage them to heal. The dream can also mean disagreements with a loved one.

If you saw the corpse of an unknown person in your dream, the dream foretells that you will be able to fulfill your wishes in a short time. This dream is a prediction of good things and an indication that you are on the right path.

Many bodies (several corpses)

This dream predicts that you will do well at work, in your professional life.

Another meaning of the dream warns that your relationship will be difficult. Staying calm will help you avoid constant arguments.

The dream is also a sign of social success.

Unusual, strange corpse (moving corpse).

The dreamer advises: Use this time to start new projects and grow professionally. Take advantage of every opportunity, as it may not come again soon.

Digging up a corpse

The dream is a sign that some secrets will come to light. They may concern you or your loved ones. So get ready for some surprising news.


If you have a secret that you have never told anyone, decide for yourself whether you want to keep it hidden from others and live with the burden, or reveal it to someone.

Dream meaning: corpse, dead body

  • To identify a corpse – positive changes will come in your professional life
  • To carry a corpse – you will get a promotion at work
  • Preparing a corpse for burial (dressing a corpse) – good news is on the way
  • Watching over a corpse – trust only those closest to you
  • Seeing a corpse – help your loved ones
  • Many corpses (several corpses) – your relationship will be difficult
  • Unusual, strange corpse (moving corpse) – grow professionally
  • Dig up a corpse – some secrets will come to light

Mystic dream meaning: Corpse

If you see a corpse in your dream, it is a sign that a wedding or the birth of a child is about to take place in your area.

Meaning of the dream corpse

Seeing yourself as a corpse is a sign that you will soon be able to get rid of a big problem that has been bothering you for a long time.

If you dream that a corpse takes something with it, it foretells your death or the death of a loved one.

If you dream that a corpse is giving you something, it means that you will have some misfortune.

A revived corpse foretells loss or some problems for you.

If you dream that a corpse is dying again, it foretells the death of a person who will wake up with the same name as the corpse in the dream.

A bloody corpse is a sign that your waking affairs are going in the right direction.


A weeping corpse foretells a happy event that will soon take place in your life and fill you with joy.

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Corpse dream dictionary

Corpse – Dream Symbol Interpretation

  • One has injured a being close person. With an excuse this can be ironed out again.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : Corpse

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