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Curtain, a curtain is used to cover or protect something. In the window, it is a decoration, but it should also protect from light and outside gazes.


Curtains in dreams usually represent intimacy and privacy, in most dreams they suggest the need to hide feelings or behaviors.

Dreambook Curtains

To see curtains

The meaning of the dream will depend on how you felt. If you woke up feeling good, light, and happy, you can be sure that the future will bring you good news. However, if you felt bad, or anxious – be careful not to be surprised by someone who does not wish you well.

Thick curtains

A thick and dense curtain seen in a dream is a metaphor for suppressing psychological problems. You need to change your behavior, talk to someone and not hide your emotions. Accumulation of them threatens mental breakdown. Maybe it is worthwhile to get help from a specialist?

Thin, transparent curtains

The dream shows the need to hide something. At the same time, the dreambook explains that you are able to control the situation.

Transparent curtains in a dream also symbolize your sex appeal, the strong impression you make on the opposite sex because of your confidence or the way you behave.

New curtains

The dream foretells additional profits. It can also symbolize new acquaintances or situations where you feel like a fish in the water. Positive events are sure to improve your mood.


Old curtains

Fight for your happiness. Stick only to those who show you kindness and support. You deserve the good things.

Torn or frayed curtains

The dream shows that you are physically and mentally exhausted. Your relationships and friendships are weakening. This can be caused by various factors, so think about what is happening to you and remedy it as soon as possible.

Dirty curtains

A dream about dirty curtains shows that you should take a better look at the people close to you. Perhaps others are dumping too many of their issues or worries on you. You need to sort this out. If someone visits you only to shower you with problems or make a ruckus, end this relationship.

Dirty curtains in a dream show feelings of guilt. In addition, they can mean secrets that you are carefully hiding from the world. The dream can also mean some suppressed emotions.

Washing curtains

The dream says that you are regretting something, blaming yourself for something. The act of washing curtains is a manifestation of the desire to cleanse and restore the original state. If you feel the need to do so, talk to someone or apologize.

The curtain covering the light

The dream’s meaning suggests that you are hiding too much from the world. You should try to fight your own shyness. Going out to people and being more open will help you in different situations and improve the quality of your life.

Moving curtains

The dream announces relief and peace. The time of problems is moving away from you. Now you can breathe, and relax. Enjoy this moment.

A dream about a curtain swaying in the wind indicates that you are looking for a secret romance. If the curtain is dirty, the dreambook warns of a dangerous love or the possibility of injury.


Swaying curtains in a dream is also a sign of freedom.

Someone behind a curtain

A dream about someone hiding behind a curtain can mean that you should take a good look at the people who influence your life. If you know someone is meddling in your affairs, influencing your decisions, causing you to feel bad, or getting you into trouble, distance yourself from them.

To receive curtains

A dream about receiving curtains as a gift shows that you are recognized by people. The efforts you have made will be rewarded. You may receive a raise or promotion.

The dreambook advises you not to stop your efforts and not to settle on your laurels, and it will certainly pay off for you.

Buy Curtains

The dreambook suggests that there are secrets that need to be hidden. The dream may also refer to the appearance of allies and friends who will help you in some difficult situations.

To choose curtains

A dream about choosing curtains shows that you feel lost in some relationship. However, the dreambook points out that a good time for making new acquaintances is coming. So if you are unable to communicate with someone, walk away.

To hang curtains

The meaning of the dream announces visitors. The dream can also be a sign of new things in your life and a sign that you are ready for them.

If you hang curtains in your bedroom in a dream, the dreambook assures you that it is up to you to open or close the door of your heart. You will have opportunities to meet someone, but will you decide to have a serious relationship?


Draw the curtains

A dream in which you draw the curtains means you are trying to hide from someone, or maybe even from yourself. It is a sign that you do not want to know about something or admit to something.

The dreambook reminds us that problems exist and running away will never be the best solution. In the end you will have to face them anyway, only that the problem will be much bigger in some time.

The meaning of the dream announces that you told some secret. Another interpretation suggests that you may feel that someone is asking you too many personal questions.

Pull back (uncover) the curtains

The dream meaning reveals that perhaps a secret that has been kept by you for a long time will finally be revealed. It is related to your attitude. Now you feel more confident and strong, and you are ready to talk to other people.

The dream also means that you want to start a new relationship. Another meaning of the dream says that you want to try something new. It may indicate work or a hobby.

If, in a dream the curtains spread themselves, you will win against your opponents.

Spread out curtains

The dreambook states that you are ready to start something new.

If you see beautiful landscapes through the parted curtains, the dream means that your talents and efforts have been appreciated.


Drawn curtains

A dream about drawn curtains expresses a desire for clarity, clarification of something, and release from the burden of some mystery.

Curtains drawn in the house’s windows can indicate problems and are also a dream symbol.

The drawn curtains on the upper floors indicate difficulties in the spiritual sphere and on the first floor – a failing intuition.

The drawn curtains at night are a sign that you know exactly when to reveal something to other people and when to hold your tongue.

Light piercing through a curtain

A dream is a sign of luck. You may be doing something that will soon see the light of day, and it will be a success. Another dream meaning suggests that something you have been hiding will come to light to your benefit. Perhaps, for example, you will confide in someone or you will realize some plans together.

Burning curtains

Dreams about burning curtains represent your state of mind and emotions. If the flames are small the dream means that you can suppress your emotions and remain calm.

If the curtains are burning with a large flame, it means that your patience will soon run out. The dreambook warns you to quickly find a way to relieve stress.

Curtain rod

If you see a curtain rod in your dream it means that you will reveal a lot in your waking life. You need to learn to keep certain things to yourself only.


Pleated, crinkled curtains

The meaning of the dream suggests that it is time for meditation or reflection. The dream suggests that you need solitude and to think about some things. Find peace of mind so you can make the right decisions.

Colors of curtains

White curtains

A dream about white curtains means that you can have good relationships with people. You have pure intentions and enjoy being in the company of others.

Yellow curtains

The sight of yellow curtains in a dream can mean that someone will tell you a secret. This can apply to different spheres of life. Think about what you will do with this information.

Red Curtains

A dream about red curtains means hidden love.

Red is a symbol of intense emotions, romance, as well as anger, and other strong emotions. Consider what feelings rule in your relationship.

Blue curtains

Blue curtains in a dream indicate that you have overestimated yourself. Maybe you are overloaded with responsibilities, and overtired. It’s time to relax and think about how to manage your time.

Brown curtains

The dreambook predicts a peaceful life. If you have been going through some difficulties lately, then now there will be an opportunity for rest, relaxation, and stability. The bad things are behind you.

Green curtains

The dream foretells easy money. It is likely to be a reward or a gift. The joy of obtaining additional funds should go hand in hand with reason. Do not spend this money right away.


Orange curtains

An orange curtain in a dream foretells that difficulties will be overcome. The dreambook advises not to give up and not to lose hope. Everything will fall into place and you will regain peace of mind.

Pink Curtains

A dream about a pink curtain represents youthful love. It can also be a symbol of romance or a relationship without commitment. It warns against irresponsible behavior.

Black curtains

Pulling back a black curtain foreshadows a return to a former partner. A black curtain in a dream can also symbolize negative emotions and feelings, such as anger, wrath, and disappointment.

Dream meaning: curtains

  • To see curtains – something good will happen.
  • Thick curtains – you suppress problems instead of solving them
  • Thin, transparent curtains – you want to hide something
  • New curtains – there may be additional income
  • Old curtains – fight for your happiness
  • Torn or frayed curtains – you are exhausted, get some rest
  • Dirty curtains – you have a sense of guilt
  • Washing curtains – you regret something
  • Curtains blocking the light – fight shyness
  • Moving curtains – you will take a break from your problems
  • Someone behind the curtains – think about who is influencing your life
  • Get curtains – your efforts will be rewarded
  • Buy curtains – someone will help you
  • To choose curtains – you feel lost in some relationship
  • To hang curtains – you are ready for the news
  • Draw curtains – you are trying to hide from someone
  • Pull back (unveil) the curtains – some secret may be revealed
  • Open curtains – you are ready to start something new
  • The Drawn Curtains – you want to explain something
  • Light piercing through the curtains – something you have been hiding will come to light.
  • Burning curtains – stay calm, control your stress
  • Curtain rod – you should talk less
  • Pleated, crinkled curtains – you need to rethink some things
  • White curtains – you can have good relations with people
  • Yellow curtains – someone will tell you a secret
  • Red curtains – strong emotions rule in your relationship
  • Blue curtains – you are overtired, it is time to rest
  • Brown curtains – the bad things are behind you
  • Green curtains – you will get extra money
  • Orange curtains – everything will turn out well
  • Pink curtains – you are thinking about romance
  • Black curtains – there are negative emotions in you.

Mystic dreambook – curtains

Overall, this dream may mean that you would like other people not to find out about some of your specific character traits or plans because you think it could harm you in some way. It is then a sign from your subconscious to stop deceiving your surroundings and pretending to be someone you are not because such insincerity is not good for you at all, no matter what you currently think about it.

Meaning of the dream curtain

A dream about a curtain can also mean that you will soon unintentionally tell someone’s secret, and you will be in serious trouble because of it.

If you dream of windows without curtains, it is a signal that in the waking world, you have a great tendency to think pessimistically. It seems to you that your life has no meaning, but fortunately, something will happen that will completely change your way of thinking.

When you are sitting behind a curtain in your dream, it may be a sign that you are trying to save your reputation, but you won’t do much; rather, you should cut yourself off from your old life and start living differently.

Torn curtains are usually a harbinger of a big argument in the family.


What does it mean to dream about curtain?

Dreams about curtains can have different meanings depending on the context and the individual’s personal experiences, beliefs and emotions. Curtains in a dream can symbolize privacy, protection, and a sense of closure, as well as secrets, mystery, and hidden emotions. The meaning of the dream can vary greatly depending on the color, material, and design of the curtains, as well as the actions and emotions associated with the curtains in the dream.

A common interpretation of a dream about curtains is that it symbolizes privacy and protection. Just as curtains provide physical protection and privacy in real life, they can serve a similar purpose in a dream. For example, if the dreamer is behind closed curtains, this can represent a sense of safety and comfort, as if he were protected from the outside world. If the curtains are open, it can symbolize a feeling of vulnerability and exposure.

Curtains can also symbolize a sense of closure and endings. For example, if the dreamer closes the curtains in a dream, this may represent a desire to close one chapter of his or her life and move on to the next. Similarly, when the dreamer opens curtains in a dream, it can represent a new beginning and the start of a new chapter in their life. The curtains can serve as a metaphor for the boundaries between the past and the future.

Another interpretation of a curtain dream is that it symbolizes secrets and hidden emotions. Curtains can be used to hide things from view, and in a dream they can represent hidden emotions or secrets that the dreamer is keeping from himself or others. For example, if the dreamer tries to hide behind closed curtains, this may represent a desire to keep his or her emotions or secrets hidden. On the other hand, if the dreamer opens the curtains in the dream, this can represent a desire to confront and reveal his or her secrets or emotions.

The color, material and design of the curtains in a dream can also play a role in the meaning of the dream. For example, if the curtains are bright and vibrant, it can symbolize energy, excitement, and optimism. On the other hand, if the curtains are dark and heavy, it can represent feelings of sadness, depression, and negativity. Similarly, if the curtains are made of a light material, this can symbolize a lack of substance or commitment, while heavy, thick curtains can represent stability and security.

The actions associated with the curtains in a dream can also provide insight into the dreamer’s emotions and thoughts. For example, if the dreamer pulls the curtains aside, this may represent a desire for clarity and understanding. On the other hand, if the dreamer closes the curtains, it may represent a desire to hide or conceal his or her thoughts and feelings. Similarly, if the dreamer tries to open the curtains but they won’t budge, this can represent a feeling of frustration or a sense of being trapped.

In conclusion, dreams about curtains can have different meanings depending on the context and the individual’s personal experiences, beliefs, and emotions. Curtains in a dream can symbolize privacy, protection, and a sense of closure, as well as secrets, hidden emotions, and the boundaries between the past and the future. The meaning of the dream can be influenced by the color, material, and design of the curtains, as well as the actions and emotions associated with the curtains in the dream. Understanding the symbolism of curtains in a dream can provide insight into the dreamer’s thoughts, feelings and beliefs, as well as a deeper understanding of their emotional and psychological state.

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