Cave dream dictionary


Cave dream dictionary

Cave – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Internal or concealed topic, – female sexuality, – the past. Question: – What lies in me that I would like to explore with pleasure?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Womb, – connection with the earth, – protection. Description: A cave is a natural opening in the mother earth. For many people close to the earth the cave of a womb of the earth amounted and was a very holy place. In the times of the earliest history of mankind caves offered a home and warmth to the people. General meaning: The ancient beginnings, – which come to light emptiness, – – your deepest connection with mother earth. Association: Be selected – state of exhaustion. Transcendent meaning: An opening which leads in the Unterwell or in other creation empires.



As well as the catacombs or the grotto the cave also shows the way in the unconscious. Even if she may be horrific at the beginning, her investigation can help the dreaming to a strong contact with his internal Itself. It always serves as a sanctuary and is thus a symbol of security. Often it is understood as the dark space from which the life comes, the motherly which promises new beginning and renewal to us. She stands for the femininity, because the vagina is also a small cave. In the dream connection is important whether the cave works comfortably on the dreaming or dangerously. If latter is the case, this points to problems of the dreaming with his environment or his partner.

  • Crossing one in the dream the cave, so means this one state change and a deeper understanding of his negative impulses.
  • step one from a cave outside, one may be certain to have got over a heavy time happily.
  • in a cave to spend the night translates itself with the desperation of the soul in a hopeless situation.
  • Living one there and does not venture out, this circumscribes the loneliness and contact poverty of the dreaming.
  • one climbs

  • from a cave completely of fear, one will catch after the Indian dream writing ‘Jagaddeva’ soon the luck with the shock of hair.
  • this reveals

  • Overthrowing one in them, a sad future.


At this level the cave stands in the dream for spiritual protection, initiation and rebirth.



  • see or in it being: an uncanny talent will strike you, – also: one has got the hostility of his people and is avoided by many people,
  • enter: your plan is connected with danger,
  • creep in one: Care before the traps more different, – also: one might not have grown to a situation,
  • dig themselves one: one will soon get a funereal message,
  • inhabit: your friends leave you, – one has made himself unpopular one with his people.

(European ones).:

  • means that one will be put out in the life to many variations,
  • creep in one: one feels not grown to the current situation,
  • fall in one: if means a meeting with disagreeable society,
  • see or go in: you do not see the trap of your enemies, – by wrong friends are put to a trap,
  • deeply and darkly: one follows you,
  • in the uncanny moonlight raising: many surprises will break upon one, – opponents thwart making headway, – work and health are threatened,
  • stay in one: if a big change tells in, – one will break with his darlings,
  • live in it: brings to travellers a luck change, – one has made himself unpopular one,
  • die in one: if brings dejection,
  • easily find out: the coming difficulties are fast overcome,
  • from dark come to the light: one will come after long poverty again to better relations,
  • not hinausfinden: means for the close future worries and financial losses,
  • dig one: Death in the family circle or circle of friends,
  • Going a young woman with a man in the cave, she will fall in love with a rogue and lose true friends.


  • gets dark: you are pushed by somebody, – something is not right with you, – is open to your friends,
  • go in: you are suddenly released from big worry,
  • see: your luck will strongly change.

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