Clover dream dictionary


Clover dream dictionary

Clover – Dream Symbol Interpretation

One of the best known luck symbols if he grows 4-leaved. Against it the 3-leaved clover wants to refer to the usual expiry of the events, the normality, and can also show the weed, the mental unevenness which one must remove. Then job of the dreaming it is to be brought, body, mind and soul again in harmony with each other.


At the spiritual level the cloverleaf is a symbol of the holy Trinity. Moreover, it was an old magic plant of the druids.



Clover brings only to gardeners and farmers luck, while he announces all other drudgeries and travelling, – except for doctors, – this he is of use.



  • see (fourfold) cloverleaf or find: an important luck in view have,
  • see blossoming: friendly future, – also: pure, loyal love find,
  • cloverleaf: in all things may calculate luck, – on pleasing changes,

(European ones).:

  • a shining, hopeful future, – wealth, – luck,
  • for young people in love: if it indicates a happy marriage,
  • grow or see a clover field: if luck brings in the household,
  • see a dark cloverleaf: if means late luck,
  • see a bright cloverleaf: quick luck,
  • 4-leaved cloverleaf: if luck promises in the love and consolation.


  • grow: Luck in the household,
  • eat: an ill person in the house becomes healthy again,
  • have cloverleaf: Prosperity in the house and peace at the home.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Clover

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