Crossroad dream dictionary


Crossroad dream dictionary

Crossroad – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Choice of a direction. Question: – Where want I to go?


The crossroads signal a turning point in his life to the dreaming. He must make important decisions with regard to his other life or the development of his character. He doubts or, however, still hesitates or can make these decisions only hard. He does not know how he can continue his life successfully, – the unconscious indicates with it often the fear of life of the dreamer which can be a psychic illness or lacking determination in reality. Sometimes, however, the way is given in the dream and one should pay attention to it to which direction one goes. A crossroad refers in the dream to a choice which the dreaming should make between two ways. The dream symbol possibly is also a tip to the fact that two contrasts meet in the everyday life of the dreaming, the dreaming subsequently something determining must change and then can continue his way more concentrated. As a rule stand such processes with which to the dreaming must be aware, where from he comes, in connection with the career or with other determining life changes. A cross which can maybe be in a pattern eingewebt offers to the dreaming options which allow to him to put determining points in his life. It is exceedingly important to make responsible decisions in such a situation, because how often one looks back and says itself: ‘Nevertheless, Oh I would have decided then differently.’, But back there is not a way.



In the mythology of all people appears that the choice which the person may meet putatively at a road crossroad is only ostensible, because always he decides on the way already marked by the destiny.



  • stand before one: your indecision will overthrow you in involvements, – pushes open necessary decisions no longer, – also: you have your thoughts with the thing.

(European ones).:

  • see: for the unmarried a quick engagement which can take place, however, also in the circle of friends, – also: one will soon have to make an important decision in the occupation or in the love,
  • are on crossroads and do not know where: means that one will suffer losses by indecision, – one inclines to let irritate from insignificant things, – also: a former good opportunity cannot be of use any more for the aims,
  • can decide on a direction: a more favorable destiny.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Crossroad

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