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Coins in dreams are usually a symbol of good fortune, foreshadowing benefits and changes for the better. Depending on the value of the coin, the dream can be a warning of difficulties in waking life or a harbinger of positive events.

Dreambook coins

Dream about coins

To see coins

A dream about coins means that success will come. With work, study, and planning, your goals will be achieved and success is certain. Dreambook assures that you will achieve everything you want.


A dream about a coin means that the job market values your profession. Try to stay up to date. Dreambook advises: develop yourself, go to study, take courses, improve your skills, and you will quickly stand out in front of the competition.

If you dreamed about coins with a higher denomination, your financial stability corresponds to your ambitions. You are not a greedy person, you do not follow profit at any cost. You are satisfied with your situation. Good financial opportunities may be at your fingertips. Enjoy them.

If pennies appear in your dream, you should cut down on spending and start saving.

Coins in your wallet

The dream means that luck will not abandon you. It can also be a sign that you are looking forward to improving your financial situation. It’s also a good idea to start saving and collecting the proverbial penny to penny if you plan to make bigger purchases in the future.

Coins in your pocket

The meaning of the dream about coins in your pocket indicates that your efforts at work will bring significant profits. It is worthwhile to get involved in work and show initiative.

To pay with coins

A dream about paying with coins, buying or exchanging money is a warning against the negative attitude of the people around you. Better choose the people you interact with, and do not let gossip or slander destroy your peace of mind.


To find coins

A dream about finding coins gives you hope of reuniting with a person who is very close to you. If you miss someone, make good use of the moment.

To receive coins (payment in coins).

A dream about earning coins reveals that even in the most difficult times of deprivation, the friends and family on which you could always count will stay by your side, supporting you and helping you in every way possible. The dream represents the trust people have in you, and you in them.

To collect coins

The dream meaning of picking up coins from the floor or ground shows that despite all the financial difficulties you are experiencing, you are a valuable person who knows how to overcome difficulties, survive a crisis or start all over again. With faith and perseverance, you will come out of this situation even stronger and better prepared for the future.

The dream shows your current financial difficulties, but also your ability to get out of a difficult situation.

Many coins

A dream about plenty of coins means the receipt of a large amount of money in your bank account. This is a time when you can bet on investments and profitable ideas. Believe in yourself and take a risk.

Gold coins

The meaning of the dream about gold coins leads to wealth, and luxury, but also related to jealousy and greed. Therefore, a dream about a gold coin, although it shows that your earnings may be greater than you imagined, also depicts the difficulties you may experience on the way to acquiring them.

The gold coin dream represents prosperity and a life of luxury. Enjoy the good assets that are to come. Expect financial and professional success. Enjoy every opportunity that life gives you.

Silver coins

Dreaming about silver coins signifies your inner peace. You deserve peace and harmony. Focus on yourself and try not to let negative emotions drag you down.


Copper coins

The dream about copper coins is related to your health, especially mental health. You need to make sure you relax, calm your thoughts, and de-stress. Maybe you need help from a specialist – if so, don’t put it off.

Old coins

The dream means that you know how to make the best use of the wisdom imparted to you by older people. This dream also means that you put aside some worries and seek financial stability.

It is possible that happiness is near and a life of wealth is at hand. Be careful with your investments and you will enjoy the profits.

Fake coins

False coins in dreams mean that you should pay special attention to health and prevent diseases. Change your lifestyle, diet, give up addictions, and do check-ups. Much depends on you alone.

To lose coins

The dream that you lose coins means the loss of good opportunities that knocked on your door in the past, and that only now you may recognize that you have lost the chance to do something that could have changed your life. Learn from this experience and don’t miss another opportunity.

Dream meaning of coins

  • To see coins – success will come
  • Coins in your wallet – luck will not abandon you
  • Coins in your pocket – your efforts at work, will bring significant profits
  • To pay with coins – beware of gossip
  • To find coins – you will meet a loved one you miss
  • To receive coins (payment in coins) – family and friends support you
  • To collect coins – you know how to overcome difficulties and start all over again
  • Many coins – bet on investments and your own ideas
  • Gold coins – you strive for success, but you have to overcome difficulties
  • Silver coins – focus on yourself and do not succumb to negative emotions
  • Copper coins – take care of relaxation, de-stress yourself
  • Old coins – look for financial stability
  • Fake coins – be careful with your health
  • To lose coins – you have missed an opportunity to change your situation

Dreambook mystical – coins

  • If you see coins in your dream, it means that you are in danger in waking life and you need to be very careful.
  • Gold coins foretell that you will soon have to incur some large expenses or engage in some venture, during which you must be very careful.
  • Copper coins foretell good fortune for you – in general, or in some specific matter.
  • Silver coins are a sign that you will become rich while abroad.
  • If in a dream you accept coins, it foretells financial or property losses for you.
  • When you dream that you have coins, it means that your life will be hard.
  • Finding coins foretells that you will be able to cope with any situation and will not have to resort to someone else’s help.
  • Counting coins is a signal from your subconscious to be extra careful in your professional affairs in the near future.
  • Handing out coins means that you will get into trouble as a result of some of your behavior.
  • Spending coins is a sign that you will earn someone’s gratitude or benefit from some matter.
  • Alien or foreign coins are a sign that you are in for a cash injection or you will benefit thanks to a person you have not known until now.
  • Producing coins is a sign that you need to prepare for the fact that your life will not be strewn with roses.
  • Coin collecting foretells that you will soon have an unusual task to perform or an unusual experience awaits you.

Coins dream dictionary


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