A camera is used to capture memories, happy moments that you can review and relive while looking at the photos.

On the other hand, a dream about a camera can mean that you want to keep something and enjoy that happy moment for as long as possible.


Dreambook Camera

The dream also shows that you need to learn to think for yourself. You may be hiding a lot of emotions inside you. They accumulate especially in your relationship.

This is a good time to plan trips and read about countries and cultures. You feel happy, but at the same time something is bothering you. It’s time to make a decision you’ve been putting off for months without any fuss. Differences or disagreements with partners or family members are temporary. You don’t need to be so hard on yourself.

Dream about a camera

To take a picture of someone with a camera

A dream about taking a picture of someone with a camera shows that you are interested or the person you are photographing. It also means that you are focusing too much on certain qualities of that person, such as only the bad or only the good.

The camera is used to create memories and freeze time, so when you daydream about using the camera, you are focusing on your own imaginings, not the facts. The camera holds our most precious memories related to family and friends, and this can be a sign that you are holding on too tightly to the past, while life is moving forward and so should you. It’s worth keeping your eyes on what’s going on around you.

Photographing a loved one

Using a camera in a dream to photograph a loved one may mean that you want to keep that person forever in your life, to fix them in your heart and memory.

The dream may also indicate the need to get a clearer picture of what happened. If you are tormented by a situation, you are trying to better understand what happened.


To take a picture of the family

The dreambook explains the dream as a symbol of your desire to improve your relationship with your family. Consider with whom and why you broke off relations or significantly reduced them. This is a good time to get close to your loved ones again.

To take a picture of your partner, partner

The meaning of the dream explains that you attach too much importance to the other person’s shortcomings. Don’t just look at her weaknesses. After all, each of us has flaws.

To take a picture of acquaintances, friends

The dreambook suggests that you have a desire to get to know your friends better and their true intentions. Could it be that you suspect them of something? Spend more time with your friends, suggest a joint outing or trip and don’t be prejudiced.

Take a picture of a beautiful person

The dreambook suggests that you are interested in romance and new relationships. You will be able to build good relationships. Also your health will be good, you will show good energy and humor.

To take a picture of an animal

The meaning of the dream about taking pictures of animals can be interpreted as an increasingly strong desire to bond with someone you love. However, it is imperative that you take into account the feelings of the other person. Do not impose your will, but speak openly what you feel.

Photograph the landscape

The dream may mean that you are looking for rest, indicating that your body and mind are tired. If you photographed a mountain landscape, the dream signifies your efforts and aspirations. If you took photos in the city Dreambook says you feel lonely.

To take pictures at night

If you dream about a beautiful night view that you are photographing it means that you have a bright future ahead of you. However, in the case of a dream in which the night is cloudy or unpleasant, it means that the future prospects are bleak.

To have a picture with a camera

The dream says that you should notice something important that you are not aware of. It may be some feeling, a constant mistake, disregarding something. You also need to think about what you should pay more attention to.


Buy a camera

The meaning of the dream suggests that a good time to start something new is coming. If you dream about buying a dream or expensive camera, it means that you should focus on achieving your goals and aspirations. The dreambook believes that you tend to get distracted now and may forget or ignore important things, so be careful.

Not knowing how to operate a camera

If you dream that you ask someone how to use a camera, it means that you want to learn more about a person. You seem to be a person who takes too much interest in other people’s lives, which can lead to interpersonal problems.

Broken camera

The sight of a broken camera indicates that you do not allow yourself the truth about some awkward situation in your life, preferring to live with illusions rather than clarify or change something. This attitude will get you into trouble.

Lack of focus in the camera

The Dreamdictionary explains the dream as a symbol of a situation in which the truth cannot be seen because of beliefs or prejudices. Another meaning of the dream can suggest a mental state in which you want to know the true intentions of the other person, but are afraid of the truth or can not get it.

Forgetting the camera

If you dream about wanting to take a picture, but you forgot your camera, it means that you are not paying enough attention to something important that is happening in your life. You are not appreciating something or someone. Take a close look at the events.

Stealing a camera

A dream about stealing a camera is a suggestion of growing curiosity. You are interested in many things and it looks like your hobbies and relationships will grow. You may try something new.

However, if in your dream your camera is stolen it means that you are no longer interested in what you were interested in before.

Cell phone camera

It’s time to bring bad emotions to light and work through them. You try to create an atmosphere of mystery. You feel threatened or disrespected. You will overcome obstacles in your life, using your wisdom.
The dream also indicates that what has to do with your family is very important to you. It is time to appreciate yourself more, to look at life in a positive light. If you take better care of yourself and know how to take time for yourself, your well-being will improve significantly.


Dream meaning: camera

  • To take a picture of someone with a camera – you focus on your own imaginations, not on facts
  • To photograph a loved one – you want to preserve the image of someone
  • To take a picture of your family – you want to improve relations with loved ones
  • Take a picture of a partner, partner – you focus too much on the defects of your partner
  • Take a picture of acquaintances, friends – you want to get to know your friends better
  • Take a picture of a beautiful person – you are interested in romance
  • Take a picture of an animal – you want to get involved with someone
  • Take a picture of a landscape – you are tired, take a rest
  • Take pictures at night – you are curious about your future
  • Have a photo with a camera – you should pay more attention to important matters
  • Buy a camera – a good time is coming to start something new
  • Don’t know how to operate a camera – you are too interested in other people’s lives
  • Broken camera – you don’t allow yourself the truth, preferring to live with illusions
  • Lack of focus in the camera – you are afraid of the truth or can not get it
  • Forgetting the camera – you do not appreciate something or someone
  • Stealing a camera – you will try something new
  • Cell phone camera – appreciate yourself more

Mystic dreambook – camera

This symbol has quite a lot of meanings, so its explanation depends on the individual situation of the dreamer. If you dream about this motif, it may symbolize the troubles that your relatives and friends are facing.

At the same time, it is a signal to you that they are unable to cope without you and your support is necessarily needed, so you should offer them your help.

The camera can also symbolize memory, for example, in the sense that you would not want to miss an event or person, because you are very anxious to remember it. Looking through the lens most often signifies your way of thinking and perceiving the reality around you.

When you dream that you are taking a picture of someone or something, it means that you will finally be able to bring to a happy end some matter important to you, which until now has been keeping you awake at night.

A camera appearing in a young woman’s dream, on the other hand, may herald disappointment at having learned a hitherto unknown side of her partner’s personality and not liking what she has thus learned about him.

Association: – Picture of the experience, – recording, – now and then means to the dissociation. Question: – How does the whole look for me? Would like I to participate actively?

Camera dream dictionary
Camera – Dream Symbol Interpretation


Camera stands for the memory, – she asks to use the experiences stored in it more. The dreaming is pointed out to the need to store in spirit pictures of such events which he must still work on not to push away them in the unconscious. It is a tip to the fact that one should look a little more objectively (more reserved) – above all if the topic is for the dreaming of great importance and requires a decision. It is a request to consider (and to look at it ‘from all sides’) whether one wants to ‘stick’ a little bit (or somebody). A camera is also an instrument which of the documentation serves. If the dreaming uses them in his dream, this means that he tapes events or situations of which he remember or which he should make to himself deliberate. To be to become photographed in the dream, refers to the fact that the dreaming must observe his actions and reactions in certain situations more carefully.


At the spiritual level the camera points in the dream to necessary watchfulness.




  • The recollections do not let you rest. No success if you do not think of the future.
  • are taken a photo: because one believes, from others observes and to be supervised, one should check his circle of friends.

(European ones).:

  • see: one will come by changes to an undeserved sphere, – also: you are very futile, – also: One is observed by somebody who finds attractive and feels very much to one drawn.
  • look in one: one is deceived by somebody,

the close future of a lot of disagreeable will bring

  • power a young woman with a camera of photo, her. Somebody from the circle of friends will disappoint them very much.
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