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The coffee dream can be bitter or sweet – just like your favorite coffee. Its meaning depends on the different situations in which it develops.

To understand a dream correctly, you need to remember what the coffee tasted like, whether it was in a cup or spilled.


Coffee : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

See the coffee

The meaning of dreaming about coffee is associated with a possible change in the situation. It means uncertainty, but with the feeling that things can change at any moment.

Any situation can suddenly become completely different than it seemed. So don’t fall into confidence and pride or breakdown.

Coffee beans

According to the Dream Book, it’s time to decide what to do with your life.

You now have the opportunity to start a new stage.

However, if you dream about throwing away coffee beans or do not know what to do with them, it means that you still do not know which path to choose.

Coffee beans
Coffee beans

Spilled coffee

According to the dream book, a dream about spilled coffee augurs a quarrel.


Change your attitude and be patient. It is better to settle any disputes calmly and rationally.

Ground coffee

The dream portends changes, the direction of which will depend on time, your common sense and intelligence. Remember that coffee transfers the energy you need, so it takes a little more effort on your part to get your projects done.

Coffee grinder

Dreaming of a coffee grinder warns you of the dangers of other people’s decisions.

If you dream that you cannot grind the coffee, it means that the projects you have started are not bringing the expected result and are likely to fail. If you grind your coffee easily, the happy end of your quest is near.

Coffee grinding

The dream of grinding coffee means happiness because you can build everything from scratch. You’re fed up with routine, so you’re hoping things will be different from now on.

Dream can also mean unexpected changes.

Brewing coffee

Dream interpretation warns you that you are departing from something important in your life.

They can be friends, your own goals, family, or your partner’s love. You want to change something, but the path you are going to go is not right.


Another meaning of dream suggests that you want to become a more energetic, emotional person, but are afraid that the change will result in something negative. However, dream augurs positive changes, but they depend on common sense.

Brewing coffee
Brewing coffee

Drinking coffee

If you dream of drinking good coffee, it means that success will come in your life, you will complete important projects, you will gain stability in business.

A good phase of life begins before you, and you should use it to grow as a person.

If you dream of drinking unpalatable coffee, you should rethink your behavior and approach to situations and people. The dream alerts you that you are not paying attention to your environment and may need to rethink your strategies.

Cup of coffee

Dreaming of a cup of coffee portends a recovery time. You need to be willing to put a little more effort into your actions to achieve the goal.

The cup represents stability and family, while the coffee signals you need energy. When you dream of a cup of coffee, you combine desire and emotions that together will make a difference in your life.

However, the dream of a cup of coffee drunk alone foretells that your way of life and behavior are pushing your friends, especially your family, out of your life more and more. This dream often comes up when you are arguing with others. In this case, the dream of a cup of coffee means failure.

Cup of coffee
Cup of coffee

Spilled coffee

You will feel tired, devoid of energy, very lazy, sleepy. You will feel emotionally overwhelmed. You need strong motivations to keep working.


If you spill your coffee, a dream suggests that you will be easily disappointed in people and you may even feel like cheating on them. Friendship will become tiresome.

Black coffee

The meaning of dreaming of black coffee means new ideas. You now have a chance to implement something new in your professional and private life. You will feel a surge of energy and willingness to act.

Green coffee

The dream to drink green coffee means that there are people who envy you and want you to fail.

However, the dream interpretation announces that despite jealousy and envy, you will achieve goals for which you are fighting, especially financial and emotional stability.

Dreaming means you’re looking for energy to act, and getting the results you always want requires a little more effort now. If you are going through a bad time in your life, a dream promises you that the support and trust of others will come very quickly.

Espresso coffee

Dream is a symbol of rush, stress, and the daily race. It is a sign that this is the life you are living. Dream also means that you are a sociable, hospitable person, open to other people.

Coffee with milk

If you dream about coffee with milk, it bodes positive changes in your social and sentimental life. You meet new people and put good company over stress.

It’s a good time to fall in love and let others get to know you better, yet they consider you an active and always willing person, which arouses curiosity and interest.


However, if you dreamed of an unpalatable latte, the meaning of the dream warns you that the trust you place in your friends is exaggerated. Try to be careful and keep your distance.

Coffee and cake

A dream suggests that you are a very social person, liked by others. It is a preview of successful meetings with friends or meeting new interesting people.

It is a good time to rest with your friends. Such a break will allow you to relax and recharge with positive energy.


The dream discovers that you are afraid of loneliness. It is also a symbol of social relations and contact with others. Depending on how many people are next to you or sitting at your table with you, you can infer what your waking relationships are.



Dreaming about coffee grounds means some problems, worries. It may be a quarrel, personal trouble. If in a dream you read tea leaves, it means that you are not sure about your future, you have many fears and questions about tomorrow.

Coffee plantation

A dream of a coffee harvest or a coffee plantation is interpreted as the end of the cycle, a sign that a long process is coming to an end and it is time to reap the fruits of labor. You can now enjoy your rewards, your payment, and finally rest.

The meaning of dream: coffee

  • Seeing coffee – changes are coming
  • Coffee beans – it’s time to decide what to do with your life
  • Spilled coffee – be patient, avoid arguing
  • Ground coffee – put more effort into what you are doing
  • Coffee grinder – watch out for other people’s decisions that affect you
  • Grinding coffee – you are fed up with the routine, you want to start a new stage
  • Brewing coffee – you are walking away from something important in your life
  • Drinking coffee – success will emerge, you will complete important projects, you will gain stability in business
  • A cup of coffee – the time for recovery and stability is coming
  • Spilled coffee – you are tired, depleted of energy
  • Black coffee – you can implement new ideas
  • Green coffee – you are looking for energy to act
  • Espresso coffee – you live in a hurry and under stress
  • Coffee with milk – time for some good changes in your life
  • Coffee and cake – it’s time to relax with friends
  • Cafe – you are afraid of loneliness
  • Coffee grounds – worries can arise
  • Coffee Plantation – It’s time to reap the fruits of your labor

Coffee – mystical dream book

When you dream that you have coffee beans, it is a harbinger of good luck and harmony in your family life.

Ground coffee means that you will not give up on something, even though it will seem that there is nothing you can do.


Drinking black coffee is a sign that when you are awake, or will soon be feeling very excited for some reason.

Coffee with milk is a harbinger of the invitation you will soon receive.

When you dream that you are sweetening your coffee, it means that you will soon become the target of gossip around you.

Roasting coffee promises you undefined pleasures and pleasant moments.

Making coffee is a harbinger of a pleasant visit that awaits you in the near future.

When you dream that you are pouring boiling water over your coffee, it is a sign that you will soon be warming up in the warmth of your home fire.

Spilling coffee is a sign that you need to be careful about your behavior, because you can quickly become the object of criticism from your surroundings.

Buying coffee foreshadows a long-term winning streak in your professional life.


Selling your coffee heralds the end of the good job you’ve enjoyed so far.

When you dream that you are drinking cold coffee with milk, it is a harbinger of the failures that await you in the near future.

If in a dream you are washing a coffee pot, this is a harbinger of the satisfaction that you will feel after dealing with some hard work.

The coffee grinder symbolizes harmony and family happiness.

If you see a coffee substitute in a dream, it is a sign of illness and financial problems for you or someone in your immediate vicinity.

Green coffee appearing in your dream signals that while you are awake someone is trying very hard to harm you or is only planning such actions for the time being.

When you dream that you are breaking a cup of coffee, it is a portent of a quarrel with someone close to you.

Association: – Suggestion, – sometimes Übererregung, – communication. Question: – What makes me active? Where in my life I must allow to concern it more slowly?



Generally coffee is understood as a wish for suggestion, change and energy what can also refer to sociable contacts. Psychologically he gets his dream meaning primarily by his black colour and refers thus to the female. He makes awake, can be connected relaxation, but also with work. By many possibilities in which the coffee can appear in the everyday life many different interpretations are possible extremely. To find out which of these interpretations apply in the topical dream, one should associate to this dream symbol freely. The form of the bean is to be interpreted erotically. Who drinks the coffee only, a love affair possibly wants to have in twos, – who enjoys him in society, sits down in the love maybe between two chairs. Anyway stimulating is enjoyed with the dream coffee a little bit exceedingly.



  • see coffee round: one slanders you, – one watches out for clap, – one gossips about you,
  • burn (roast): you will receive visit,
  • grind: Annoyance experiences, – also: one speaks bad person of you,
  • cook: Satisfaction attain, – also: wait and undertake nothing, before you do not know what the other wants,
  • pour out: you get dear visit,
  • drink: an invitation receive and a quick pleasure or a pleasant entertainment be certain, – also: you need an encouragement,
  • black: you will experience an excitement,
  • knows: a happy message,
  • coffee grounds: you hear a news.

European ones

  • the coffee beans are the same symbol like fruits, – big domestic luck, – as a drink is coffee symbol of the suggestion, the hot,
  • see: Friends will disapprove of own marriage plans, – one is already married, it comes to violent differences of opinion,
  • act with coffee or sell: points to business losses,
  • shop: with ease keep his good call,
  • green coffee: stands for audacious enemies who do not show the right direction and pursue fall of one,
  • dry coffee beans: warn about bad intentions of strangers,
  • burn: one will have a pleasure,
  • prepare: brings pleasant guests,
  • grind: if a quiet family life,


  • see ground coffee: Bad luck successfully survives,
  • cook: comfortable family life, – soon pleasant guests can welcome, – also: if prosperity can announce,
  • other people with the coffee drinking see: a lot of clap and gossip is about one in the circulation,
  • drink themselves to good ones: a nice leisure pleasure or a very pleasant entertainment will arise,
  • cold with milk drink: brings a failure,
  • to black ones drink: meant an excitement,
  • with milk: one will receive an invitation,
  • wash coffeepot: if satisfaction brings after a heavy work,
  • see coffee grinder: domestic satisfaction, – care, one should bend forward any gossip by correct behaviour,
  • see coffee grounds: if illness and material worries tells in,
  • Seeing or serves a young woman to coffee, she becomes quick to the ridicule if she is not discreet.
  • Roasting a young woman coffee, she escapes bad things by a happy marriage with a stranger.


  • prepare: Prosperity in the house,
  • drink: you are liked with the people very much.


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