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Dream about a chickens

The chicken has always been a symbol of life and abundance and fertility.

In dreams, the sight of a chicken brings good luck. It also sends a command to focus on what is really important.


Dreambook chicken

A chicken pecks a grain

The dream foretells material assets, as well as good health, successful intimate relationships, and peace of mind for a long time. This situation allows you to relax and enjoy life to the fullest.

Other meanings of the dream can be read as a symbol of happiness, the announcement of good news.

Chicken pecks (attacks).

A dream about a chicken that attacks or pecks try to make you realize that you are suppressing something, something you want to eliminate from your behavior.

Meanwhile, this trait or skill can prove to be very helpful and valuable.

Chicken and rooster

The dream most often foreshadows some kind of benefit. These may be events concerning your professional or private life, material or immaterial gains.

Perhaps, at last, you will resolve favorably some matter that has long spent your sleep.


Chicken in the house

Dreambook says that the dream can symbolize a fertile period or foreshadow a happy event. It refers to your personal and professional life.

A chicken can also symbolize the behavior of a woman ruling the house.

Chicken in the chicken coop

If the chickens in your dream behaved quietly and calmly, the dream means peace in the family.

Another meaning of the dream can be interpreted as a symbol of wealth. If the chickens are beating or running, the dream may mean chaos in your life, gossip, or obsessive thoughts.

Chicken on a farm

A dream about a farm means extra money. However, if you live near a farm or in waking life run it yourself, the dream means marriage.

Clucking chickens

Such a dream usually foreshadows gossip. Try to avoid gossiping about others and don’t give others a reason to gossip yourself.

The dream can also mean unexpected news.

Flying chicken

A dream about a chicken flying signifies happiness and that seemingly impossible goal will be achieved. Therefore, boldly pursue your dreams now.


To chase a chicken

If in a dream you are trying to catch a chicken, running after it, the dream suggests that you will see an opportunity that no one sees and achieve something that others will envy you. Take advantage of every opportunity.

To raise chickens

Such a dream according to Dreambook indicates that you have the necessary resources to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. However, it is very important to give your full attention to your actions, not to give up and focus on the effect of your aspirations.

To feed the chicken

The dream means that you like to take the helm and take care of everyone and the smallest details.

You can be a perfectionist and go to extremes. If in your dream the chickens get upset and make more noise than usual, it means that you are crossing some kind of boundary, interfering in matters that are not your own, or simply overreacting.

Chicken in the nest

The sight of a chicken sitting in a nest on eggs in a dream is a positive sign, especially for couples and married couples in love.

The dream foretells that difficulties and suffering in the relationship will be repaired or ended, which will restore balance and harmony in the partnership, allowing happiness and contentment to flourish.

For single people, this dream foretells the meeting of someone special and marriage.

Another meaning of the dream symbolizes happiness and the right course of action in the business world.


Chicken laying eggs

The dream is a symbol of your strength and development. You can now create, learn, and make new profitable agreements or contracts.

In your family life, the upcoming changes may mean multiplying your assets or expanding your family.

The dream informs you that you are entering an era of financial prosperity, but remember that prosperity and well-being do not refer only to money.

Many aspects of your life will improve, you will be satisfied with them – and you may just start to appreciate what you have.

Hatching chickens (chicks)

The dream meaning suggests wealth, well-being, multiplication of happiness, or assets. The dream can also mean the expansion of your family.

Dreambook also suggests that your efforts will bring results, perhaps even more than you expected.

A dream about a chicken with chicks means plenty of happiness and profits. Dreambook predicts a happy marriage and plenty of children.

Chicken eggs

The dream foretells good news. It can also mean favorable changes in your personal life.


Fox eats chicken

The dream means that you need to take control of a situation or your own life. Maybe you should be more independent in making decisions or behaving in a particular situation.

Theft of a chicken

The dream that someone has stolen your chickens means that you should be on guard. Someone is likely to take something that belongs to you, betray you or lie to make money, or gain something at your expense.

Big chicken

Large chickens in a dream are a symbol of abundance and a good path to success. This is a good sign, especially for those who are starting a new project, a new business, or a period of study.

Fat chicken

Fat chickens in a dream symbolize abundance. You will receive many good assets, but intangible ones. The dream is more about feelings that will make you much happier.

Skinny chicken

Dreams about skinny chickens are an omen of financial problems and material losses. If you see beautiful chickens in your dream, it means that something lost will be regained. Therefore, do not break just try to prevent losses.

Featherless chicken (to pluck a chicken).

A dream about a featherless chicken can refer to a bad economic situation or a feeling of vulnerability.

Dreambook interprets such a dream as a sign of lost hope in a relationship or business.

Therefore, at this time you should not give up all the more, so as not to miss opportunities that will arise. Another meaning of the dream can be read as a desire to take revenge, which will cause you more harm than satisfaction.


Headless chicken

The dream may foreshadow some problems. It can also be a warning for you not to “lose your head”. Another meaning of the dream can be read as a lack of trust in friends or people around you.

Dead chicken

A dream about a dead chicken foretells serious economic problems. It is a sign that you will feel resigned and disappointed because you are not getting the expected results of your efforts. Look for other sources of income.

To eat a chicken

If you had a dream about a roast chicken, Dreambook hints that you can take advantage of some situations, be alert.

If you were eating chicken breasts in your dream, it foretells a quiet period in your life, stagnation, or even boredom.

Eating chicken wings, on the other hand, symbolizes joie de vivre, a desire to share with others, and a flourishing social life. On the other hand, if you are eating a chicken leg in your dream, Dreambook warns you not to take risks.

Colors of chicken

White chicken

A dream about a white chicken means that your life will gain momentum and attractiveness, and you will experience adventures that will take you out of a tedious routine. Forget about monotony and boredom.

Yellow chicken

Yellow chickens in a dream symbolize the arrival of moments full of happiness and prosperity for you and your loved ones. You are a person who gives plenty of support and shares the fruits of your success.

You will be the one who will affect family relations the most, thus you need to surround yourself with positive people to stay optimistic and take care of everyone as they need it.


Black chicken

The black chicken appears in dreams when you are experiencing difficult times, but also when you receive unexpected help. If you chase a black chicken in your dream, the meaning of the dream indicates defeating your enemies.

Red chicken

If in your dream you see several red chickens it is a sign that you will have the opportunity to achieve success, but with plenty of effort. You will encounter obstacles that may make you give up, but remember that if you do not give into doubt – you will be victorious.

Brown chicken

Dreams in which brown chickens appear are harbingers of success and prosperity. Maybe you are afraid of the unknown and think you have no chance of success.

It’s time to regain your confidence and fight for your ideals, no one else will do it for you. You have everything to enjoy success.

Dream meaning: chicken

  • Chicken pecks grain – a period of peace and good health lies ahead of you.
  • Chicken pecks (attacks) – you are suppressing something inside you
  • Chicken and rooster – you will achieve benefits
  • Chicken in the house – a happy event ahead of you
  • Chicken in the chicken coop – you will become richer
  • Chicken on a farm – you may receive extra money
  • Clucking chickens – avoid gossiping
  • Flying chicken – seemingly impossible goals will be achieved
  • To chase a chicken – you will spot an opportunity that no one else sees
  • To raise chickens – don’t give up and stay focused on your goal
  • To feed chickens – do not go to extremes, do not overdo it
  • Chicken in the nest – difficulties and problems in the relationship will be repaired or ended
  • Chicken laying eggs – many aspects of your life will improve
  • Hatching chickens (chicks) – you have a chance to increase your wealth
  • Chicken eggs – good news will arrive
  • Fox eats chicken – take control of events
  • Chicken theft – watch out for co-workers at work
  • Big chicken – you are on the right track to success
  • Fat chicken – you will feel much happier
  • Skinny chicken – try to prevent losses
  • Featherless chicken (to pluck chicken) – don’t give up and seek revenge
  • Headless chicken – don’t lose your head in the face of problems
  • Dead chicken – look for new sources of income.
  • To eat a chicken – be alert, do not take risks, and enjoy life
  • White chicken – your life will gain momentum
  • Yellow chicken – surround yourself with positive people and take care of loved ones
  • Black chicken – you will receive unexpected help
  • Red chicken – you will have the opportunity to achieve success, but you have to work hard
  • Brown chicken – it’s time to regain confidence and fight for your ideals

Chicken – mystical dreambook chicken

  • When you dream that you see a chicken, it means that you will enjoy great happiness in love, which you should not lack in the near future.
  • A young chicken foreshadows significant profits for you.
  • A runaway chicken is a signal that you are the subject of some gossip in your surroundings.
  • If in a dream you see a chicken laying eggs, it foreshadows significant material gains for you or the expansion of your family.
  • When you see a chicken surrounded by chicks, it is a sign that your family will be very large.
  • Killing a chicken foreshadows for you the damage you will gain from not being careful enough in some situations.
  • Eating a chicken is a harbinger of the prosperity you will enjoy in the near future.
  • If you dream that you see a chicken laying eggs, it is a sign from your subconscious not to lose hope in some matter, because contrary to what you think, it is not yet written off at all.
  • A flock of chickens is a sign that in waking life you have a lot of obligations to deal with, but you shouldn’t complain about them, as they will definitely give you great benefits.
  • Catching a chicken signals that in waking life you are looking for happiness in completely the wrong direction, thus no wonder you can’t find it.

Chickens dream dictionary

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