Captain dream dictionary


Captain dream dictionary

Captain – Dream Symbol Interpretation

It is that internal shape which steers our life ship and knows around the aim of the journey. On his behest goes the ship to which every direction stays empty, where our most internal destiny wants to have us. The captain is close as a shape of the dreams to the most internal leader, already very much. In most dreams the captain appears a sort of leading figure, father or model. If the dreaming is very self-confident or liked to be it with pleasure, he himself can also be the captain. The captain is sometimes a symbol for God or the destiny in the dream. This vision admits even a sexual interpretation if the ship embodies the femininity in the dream. The respective meaning can be seen only from the whole dream action. It are important also the behaviour of the captain and the feeling of the dreaming. He steers our life ship through all rigours and change cases. Even if the aim of his journey always remains in the nebulous custody, nevertheless, we can trust in the fact that a loyal companion and trustworthy friend stands to us aside. Captain announces for the future more respect, authority, influence and honour.



  • to you serious duties approach. You will order about person. (18, 73)

(European ones).:

  • promises happy trips and a lot of beauty, – transportation, – to prosperity and full hopes,
  • see themselves as one or his: if means honour.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Captain

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