Choir dream dictionary


Choir dream dictionary

Choir – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Join in the singing or the choir sings for you, then there are more people on whom you can count than you thought. Stand, however, apart, then you should think about how well you can do together something with other. Do you have the ability to adapt yourselves also once? As a ‘nightmare variation: One tries to be in vain with a group in the harmony and hears himself as the only person according to wrong singing – what is called: One does not get in spite of his endeavours to produce the desired harmony.


Choirs and hymns of praise mean empty declamations and fraud, – the lyrical writers are in habit to impute because from personal greed to other people advantages which do not own this at all




  • sing: with friends nice days spend, – also: are reconciled with enemies, – everybody wants to help you.

(European ones).:

  • or harmonious choral music: Heart joy, peace of mind, – the pleasing circumstances which expel sombre thoughts,
  • wrongly singing: Among colleagues rules bad mood and a difficult work atmosphere,
  • see as a part of the inside of a church: no luck-like omen,
  • it becomes

  • Singing a young woman in a choir, about the attention which your lover gives to others, will be very unhappy.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Choir

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