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Chrysanthemum – Dream Symbol Interpretation

The typical grave jewellery flower is valid as a funereal symbol – or to say goodbye as a request of the subconsciousness, to somebody internally. However, behind this flower the wish for high society can be also hidden. She can symbolise other also erotic dreams which you do not dare to live. Give away the flower, you are probably discontented with your relations. Receive the flower given, points to a favourable trend of your love relationships.



  • (the known flowers): receive from a distant person news which is, however, mostly a sad news, – also: one is to a close person of big use,
  • give away: that which receives the flowers should take before illness in eight.

(European ones).:

  • white ones pick: Loss and big dismay,
  • a bunch: Love is brought to you whom they disdain from silly ambition,
  • go along a street with white chrysanthemums and here and because a yellow one is to be seen: if a strange feeling of grief and loss announces that leads to a development of the feelings and new strength,
  • to itself the white flowers in pass consider and have the feeling that your soul leaves the body and a voice calls loudly ‘honour is God, to my creator’: then a crisis approaches you in close future,
  • some of your friends of the smell become

    Dream interpretation and meaning : Chrysanthemum

  • unconscious and take up other really spiritual and worldly ideas, then you will grasp the real meaning of the life.
  • The death is often close in these dreams.


  • you is asked for help, – softy not from, because you can help.

Chrysanthemum - dream interpretation and meaning
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