Cherries dream dictionary


Cherries dream dictionary

Cherries – Dream Symbol Interpretation

How the cherry stands in the vernacular as a symbol for the full lips of a woman and for the kiss, they are in the dream a symbol for feelings and love. If one picks cherries, one wins new friends or strengthens an existing connection. Sweet cherries are like kisses, sour ones can also signal disappointments, black sometimes a passion which creates suffering. The cherry flower points to the forever young love and also a lot of warmth which encourage to a fresh start. It is interesting that in some Mediterranean countries the cherry tree is valid as a tree of the knowledge and the cherry as a paradise fruit.


Cherries call at the ripening period brief pleasures and deceptions, beyond the ripening period, however, vain strains.




  • symbol of the love and affection,
  • see maturing: points to erotic desires,
  • sweetens pick or eat: one may be glad about long existing friendship or count on a lasting relationship,
  • overripe ones pick or eat: Fulfilment of a love affair, but frivolous kind,
  • sour ones eat: be put out to unpleasant incidents, – one is disappointed by a friend, – quarrel with friends.


  • an ambiguous sign: If they hang on the tree, cherries mean that misfortune is brewing. They send a reminder to attention and care, because some people from the surroundings of the dreaming plan an intrigue against him. Maturity, picked cherries allow to expect unexpectedly big and persistent luck in the love, immature against it disappointment in dear problems. Anyway the dreaming should better pay attention to his sphere and his contact. (Woman


(European ones).:

  • the overcoming of a difficulty is tried indirectly via a discussion, – moreover, cherries are an erotic symbol, – also: be liked everywhere because of his charm and unselfishness,
  • of the tree pick: one will acquire to himself good friends,
  • greens cherries: point to a good future,
  • maturing cherries see: the sexual needs become stronger and stronger,
  • see eating: if brings joy and profit,
  • eat: if fulfilment of possession wishes registers,
  • pick and eat: the dear needs will come true, even if in a little bit frivolous kind,
  • sweetens eat: if mean kisses or something pleasant,
  • sour ones eat: if dear disappointments,
  • announce

  • rots: mean a defamation.


  • eat: your luck will not be long-lasting,
  • pick: Joy and pleasant,
  • sour ones: if nothing asks what is inaccessible.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Cherries

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