Cherries dream dictionary


The cherry is a fruit that symbolises prosperity, happiness and true love. So the dream predicts improvements in various areas of life, such as career, finances and love life.

Only in some cases does it bring some warnings. These can be about getting out of situations that do not bring happiness, or about being wary of malicious people or emotional intensity.


The dream is a sign that you will receive good news and that a problem will be solved or a goal achieved, especially in your financial or love life.

Another meaning of the dream is that it is important to live in the present moment and break with the past.

Dream meaning of cherries

Planting cherries

This dream means that you will get the results you want as long as you are willing to do your part and give your all. This dream can refer to professional work, but also to other areas of your life, such as relationships, studies, personal projects, etc.

Picking cherries

The dreamer warns you to beware of illusions, fantasies and disappointments. Otherwise a situation could cause you more problems in the future. This dream refers, for example, to the expectations you have of someone you live with; be more realistic so as not to be disappointed. It is also possible that you are pretending in front of loved ones, which will also bring disappointment and sorrow.

Another interpretation of the dream is that you are hiding something from people, a mistake or a feeling. It is possible that you are doing this so as not to upset anyone. But consider whether this is the right way to go, or whether hiding the truth will make you feel better.

Giving someone cherries

The meaning of this dream shows your affection for this person. It emphasises his or her honesty.


If you have given cherries to a family member or friend, the dream means that you value and admire that person.

If the cherries were given to someone with whom you do not have a good relationship, it could be a sign that you want to make amends. The dream can also indicate your guilt if you have done something to hurt that person.

Seeing cherries

The dream is a harbinger of good things, happiness and prosperity, and predicts a period of gain and material achievement. The red and vivid colour of the fruit also symbolises sensuality, love and passion.

Dreaming of cherries reminds us that there is a time for everything. There is a time for planting the seed, watering it and harvesting the fruit – the same goes for any goal you pursue. Enjoying each of these stages is one of the secrets to a happier life.

Cherry (tree)

The dream foretells positive and significant changes in your life. You have the chance to improve in areas that have stagnated or no longer bring you happiness.

Remember also that the more dedicated you are to solving a problem, the more likely you are to get something even better than you expected.

Cherry blossom

The cherry blossom dream reminds you of the importance of enjoying good things and realising that they don’t last forever. So if you are very focused on problems, try to relax a little and enjoy what you have at the moment.

Cherries on a tree

If in your dream the cherries were ripe and beautiful it means that you will soon achieve good results in a project to which you were dedicated. If the cherries were green, you need to be patient as you will have to wait for the results of your work.


Broken cherries are a sign of stagnation, so the dream indicates the need to start over or even create a new plan to achieve what you want.

On the other hand, if the cherries were far away and you couldn’t reach them, you won’t get what you want. If this is the case, be creative and consider all the possibilities to achieve this goal.

Big cherries

A dream about big cherries predicts that you will soon achieve something big. For example, you may find a new love, earn a large sum of money, get promoted, etc. However, this will attract the attention of malicious and envious people so protect yourself as much as you can and don’t let this stop you from being happy.

Stack of cherries

The meaning of the dream says that you need to learn to balance your ambitions and satisfactions. This means that even if you have big plans, you need to know how to enjoy and celebrate the small steps you take to achieve them. And don’t forget about the other things going on around you that are also important.

Lots of cherries

A dream about lots of cherries means that you have a period of happiness, love and achievement ahead of you. The dream may refer to periods in which various problems are solved or goals achieved in a short period of time. It also brings a warning to be wary of excesses and not to forget to balance all areas of your life.

Basket of cherries

If you saw a basket of cherries in your dream it means that you need to be more assertive. If you are feeling confused it is time to give yourself the time you need to reflect.

The dream warns that you need to find out what you really want from life and be prepared to fight for it. Plan the steps you need to take to get there. You may get unexpected help. However, you need to work on your goals and take advantage of opportunities that present themselves.

If you saw a large basket of cherries the meaning of the dream says that a very positive period of harmony and happiness is coming in love. The dream also predicts an improvement in your financial life.


A pot of cherries (cherries in a pot)

The dream shows that you are trying to hold back positive emotions. Perhaps you are hiding them from people because you are afraid of what they will think, or perhaps you are afraid of disappointment.

This dream may also refer to situations that you think – may be out of your control. For example, it could relate to a new project or a career opportunity. Realise that their development will require more commitment on your part, which can generate fear. But don’t let this anxiety stop you from realising your intentions.

Box of cherries (cherries in a box)

If you dreamt of a box of cherries, it means that you will soon have the opportunity to discover new talents. This is therefore a good time to pay more attention to the activities you are engaging in, as you are likely to realise that you are good at something you never noticed.

In addition, it is also a good time to devote yourself to creative and artistic activities that interest you, such as music, painting, dancing, theatre, writing, etc. This will certainly bring more enthusiasm and joy into your life.

A plate of cherries (cherries on a plate)

The dreamer notes that you are ready to broaden your horizons. This could include, for example, changing jobs, exploring investment options, embarking on a journey, etc.

At this stage of your life, it is important that you are ready to step out of your comfort zone. From then on, you will not only be open to beneficial changes in different areas of your life, but you can also enjoy this moment without anxiety and stress.

Cherries on the ground

Cherries on the ground seen in a dream represent something that has been lost, especially something that made you happy or was important to you. Such a dream may occur after the break-up of a relationship, the end of an important cycle such as college, etc.

Keep with you only the good memories and the knowledge you have gained. Then you will feel lighter and life will take its course.


Rotten cherries

The meaning of the dream about rotten cherries is related to a situation that used to be positive and bring happiness, but this is no longer the case. So consider this situation, it may be time for a change. Getting out of the past and moving on is not easy, but it is necessary. If you are leaving something behind, try to focus on the happy memories you can keep. Allow yourself to enjoy this new phase that is beginning.

The smell of cherries

If you smelled the scent of fresh cherries in your dream, it is a sign of good news and improvements to come, mainly in your financial life and in love.

However, if you smelled rotten fruit, the dream speaks of the need to put an end to a problem or the need to deal with stagnation.

Red cherries

If you dreamt of red cherries, it is a happy sign for loving relationships. For those who are single, the dream indicates that a new love is beginning to sprout and it could be a very happy relationship in the future.

For those who have a partner, the dream foretells a phase of romance, sensuality and passion. So enjoy happy moments with your loved one and remember to show your affection.

Black cherries

A dream about black cherries means that you need to watch out for some negative aspects of your love life. The first of these is excessive jealousy, which can cause pain, misunderstandings and even break-ups. Also watch out for possessiveness, remember that even in a relationship the other person still has the right to be themselves, have friends and spend time with their family. In addition to this, check if there is anything in your relationship that should not be improved.

Cake with cherries

The interpretation of the cherry pie dream is that some problem that has caused you a lot of emotional discomfort will end any day now and you will start a much better phase of your life, as the sense of relief will have a big impact on you.

Take time to relax and regain your energy. Also take care of yourself and enjoy this moment of peace.


A cherry on the cake

A dream about a cherry on the cake could be a sign that you are getting too carried away with your desires and forgetting your responsibilities. Remember that you don’t have to spend all your time working and taking care of the important things, it’s good to have a balance in life.

If you have been stacking cherries on a cake the dream reveals that you will receive good news that will make you very happy. This could include a raise, a declaration of love, etc.

Cherry candy

If you were making cherry candy yourself in your dream it is a sign that it is time to look at your goals and start fighting for them. Start working solidly to achieve them.

If you saw a candy in your dream and did not eat it the dream shows that there are certain areas or situations in your life that need improvement. Therefore, think about them and don’t be afraid to make the necessary changes.

Cherries in syrup

A dream about cherries in syrup means that you are living a very busy life, feel confident and have the belief that anything is possible with a lot of dedication. You also have the chance to devote yourself to your passions.

The dream also reveals your need to express yourself better. You will want to say what you feel and think, but be careful not to hurt other people.

Dream meaning: cherries

Plant cherries – apply yourself to your work
Pick cherries – take a realistic look at the world
Give someone cherries – take care of your relationships with loved ones
Seeing cherries – enjoy what you have
Cherry (tree) – positive changes are coming
Cherry blossom – nothing lasts forever
Cherries on the tree – pursue your goal
Big cherries – you will achieve something great
A pile of cherries – remember to keep your balance
Many cherries – you have a period of happiness and love ahead of you
Basket of cherries – be more assertive
A pot of cherries (cherries in a pot) – you are trying to hold back positive emotions
Box of cherries (cherries in a box) – you will have the opportunity to discover new talents
Plate of cherries (cherries on a plate) – you will be expanding your horizons
Cherries on the ground – you have lost something, keep the memories
Rotten cherries – leave the past behind
Scent of cherries – changes in finances and love are coming
Red cherries – enjoy happiness for two
Black cherries – don’t be jealous
Cake with cherries – problems will soon be over
Cherry on the cake – you forget your responsibilities
Cherry candy – fight for your goals
Cherries in syrup – you live intensely

Mystic Dream Meaning – Cherries

This symbol may herald a fleeting romance for you.


The meaning of the dream cherries

Dreaming of picking cherries foretells that you will make a lot of money.

If you dream of eating cherries, it foretells that you will make some profit.

Unripe cherries in your dream are a sign that you will meet with favourable circumstances in pursuing your plans.

Sour cherries foretell disappointment in a relationship.

Rotten cherries foretell happiness in the bosom of your family.

A cherry blossom appearing in your dream is a harbinger of joy to come.

A blooming cherry tree foretells an unexpected visit from someone.

Cherries dream dictionary

Cherries – Dream Symbol Interpretation

How the cherry stands in the vernacular as a symbol for the full lips of a woman and for the kiss, they are in the dream a symbol for feelings and love. If one picks cherries, one wins new friends or strengthens an existing connection. Sweet cherries are like kisses, sour ones can also signal disappointments, black sometimes a passion which creates suffering. The cherry flower points to the forever young love and also a lot of warmth which encourage to a fresh start. It is interesting that in some Mediterranean countries the cherry tree is valid as a tree of the knowledge and the cherry as a paradise fruit.



Cherries call at the ripening period brief pleasures and deceptions, beyond the ripening period, however, vain strains.



  • symbol of the love and affection,
  • see maturing: points to erotic desires,
  • sweetens pick or eat: one may be glad about long existing friendship or count on a lasting relationship,
  • overripe ones pick or eat: Fulfilment of a love affair, but frivolous kind,
  • sour ones eat: be put out to unpleasant incidents, – one is disappointed by a friend, – quarrel with friends.


  • an ambiguous sign: If they hang on the tree, cherries mean that misfortune is brewing. They send a reminder to attention and care, because some people from the surroundings of the dreaming plan an intrigue against him. Maturity, picked cherries allow to expect unexpectedly big and persistent luck in the love, immature against it disappointment in dear problems. Anyway the dreaming should better pay attention to his sphere and his contact. (Woman


(European ones).:

  • the overcoming of a difficulty is tried indirectly via a discussion, – moreover, cherries are an erotic symbol, – also: be liked everywhere because of his charm and unselfishness,
  • of the tree pick: one will acquire to himself good friends,
  • greens cherries: point to a good future,
  • maturing cherries see: the sexual needs become stronger and stronger,
  • see eating: if brings joy and profit,
  • eat: if fulfilment of possession wishes registers,
  • pick and eat: the dear needs will come true, even if in a little bit frivolous kind,
  • sweetens eat: if mean kisses or something pleasant,
  • sour ones eat: if dear disappointments,
  • announce

  • rots: mean a defamation.


  • eat: your luck will not be long-lasting,
  • pick: Joy and pleasant,
  • sour ones: if nothing asks what is inaccessible.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : Cherries

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