Cane dream dictionary


Cane dream dictionary

Cane – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Because many people with a cane connect punishment or sadism, he can symbolise selfpunishment or masochism. Nevertheless, it is more likely that the dreaming with a childhood trauma struggles and wants to come with it to the pure one.


The raw floor in the dream can stand for the feelings of guilt of the dreaming. In the dream he receives by the cane the punishment from which he believes that she must become a given to him. The cane can also be a symbol of the pliability and mobility.



At the spiritual level the cane stands in the dream for suffered humiliations and the incarceration of the soul.



  • see: you should retain integrity the juridical sense, – also: Incommodities and annoyance,
  • hit with it: tyrannical inclinations have,
  • are hit with it: watch out for defamation of character to suspect one tried you.

(European ones).:

  • quarrel at home approaches.


  • are hit with it: your future is murky,
  • have: Office and dignity expect you.
  • see: you will receive a good permanent position.

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