Cleaning dream dictionary


A dream is a sign that you need to get rid of what is unnecessary in your life.

A dream in which you are cleaning your house is a sign that you need to “clean” your life and get rid of what is slowing you down and limiting you. You should look for things that will move you forward. Perhaps you need something new, something that will bring you joy?


Dream Meaning of Cleaning

A dream about cleaning means that you want to get rid of things that are not beneficial to your life. The dreamer’s advice is to believe in yourself and not to chase after things that can cause you problems. The meaning of the dream is that you are doing or need to do some cleaning in your life. It is about the need to remove things and people that are hurting you.

The dream also indicates that you are getting rid of things that no longer serve you. It means that you are efficiently overcoming obstacles.

Cleaning the house

Cleaning the house in a dream can be a warning to review your stated values because something is harmful to you.

The dream means that you are looking for something good for your life and that you need new things to help you improve, such as developing your interests or career. You need to get rid of what is holding you back as soon as possible. Bad feelings need to be discarded to make room for good ones, and if you have old habits, ask yourself if they are still serving you.

Cleaning the bathroom

If you dreamt that you were cleaning the bathroom, it means that you are wasting your energy on people and things that are not worth it. Try to focus more on yourself and don’t spend time with those who don’t deserve your attention.
A dream can also be a sign that your dreams and deeper desires may come true. Seize the opportunity!
The dreamer advises you to take care of yourself, have time to do what you like, and enjoy yourself. The dream also signals that you are capable of achieving what you want. Just believe in yourself and invest in yourself!

Cleaning your room

This dream means that you will soon have a problem. But don’t worry, everything will turn out well because you have friends and family who will help you.


This dream can also represent the way you look at your life. Think about whether it is tidy or messy, whether you tidy it up from time to time or whether you leave things to their own devices.

Washing a window

To dream that you are washing a window means that you are sensitive to the world around you. It is also a warning that someone will try to influence you. There are things we can’t control, and you have trouble accepting that.

This dream can also indicate that you need to pay more attention to what is going on around you, especially in your relationship.

The dream also suggests that you have little control over your life. Take a good look at the situation before you act.

Washing the table (clearing the table)

Cleaning the table in a dream means that some things are not happening as you expect. However, the dreamer assures you that you are able to overcome difficulties and turn fate in your favor.

Mopping the floor

The Dreamer indicates that you need to go through a period of self-improvement. It also means that your biggest problems will be solved, which is a good omen. Perhaps you need to get to know yourself better so that you know how to deal with different situations in life. Just keep going and don’t give up.

Cleaning the stove

A dream in which you are cleaning the stove can indicate your progress in a planned activity.

This dream also indicates that you feel inferior in certain situations. It can be a signal for you to believe in yourself and have the willpower to achieve what you want so badly.


Cleaning (washing) objects

A dream in which you are cleaning objects means that you want to change something in your life, especially things that are not working as you planned. Try to make these changes as soon as possible.

Another meaning of this dream is that you have a secret that is constantly bothering you. To avoid making the situation worse, put it out of your mind.

Cleaning antiques or other ancient objects foreshadows moments of peace in the family.

To clean (wash, organize) the refrigerator

The meaning of this dream is to warn you that you are doing something wrong, which may cause a problem in the future and complicate your life. Perhaps someone is urging you to do something, or perhaps you are simply acting against yourself. Change your behavior as soon as possible.

Clean your desk

The meaning of the dream informs you that the bad things that are happening at the moment will be overcome. Use this opportunity to renew your life!

Cleaning your desk can also mean freedom. You will get rid of something that has been bothering you for a long time. Now you can go your way!

Dream meaning: cleaning

  • Cleaning the house – you want to improve yourself
  • Cleaning the bathroom – you are wasting your energy on people and things that are not worth it
  • Cleaning a room – you can count on friends and family
  • Washing a window – don’t let yourself be manipulated
  • Washing the table – some things don’t happen the way you expect them to
  • Mopping the floor – your biggest problems will be solved
  • Clean the stove – believe in yourself
  • Clean (wash) objects – you want to change something in your life
  • Clean (wash, organize) the refrigerator – change your behavior
  • Clean the desk – get rid of something that has been bothering you for a long time
Cleaning dream dictionary

Cleaning – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Key words: Clear the ball, – remove, – unload, – cathartic, – get rid, – giving up, – northern soul path. Description: The cleaning is associated in the medicine wheel as a quality with the external position of the northern soul path. It is a process freely make from old ideas or the separation of former forms of thought. The cleaning also helps you to dissolve old feeling blockades or misunderstandings at the emotional level. She stands with the giving up of old spiritual images in connection. With the cleaning are connected as a mineral Sodalith, as a plant Echinacea, as an animal the racoon and as a colour Pale green. General meaning: Cleaning at the physical, spiritual, emotional or spiritual level, – new beginnings. Association: Spring-cleaning. Transcendent meaning: Escape from old person to create for new space.


The fact that one washes the hands to himself in the dream violently and compulsive, nothing is an unusual. It is the attempt to clean the subconsciousness of the recollection of a heavy sin or an offence. A dream in one washes, stands in connection with something which disturbs us in the awake life or makes concerned. The more we scrub ourselves in the dream, the compelling / more pushing the impulse is in addition. To wash a spot of a garment, has similar implications. One must investigate to which problem this dream symbol refers. Mostly it is recognizable either immediately – or at least about additional symbols-. This dream sometimes is also a request to be more conscientious. It is significant also which body part is cleaned in the dream. Under the shower stand or in a bath lie, means that one has an all-embracing problem before himself. If one washes the hair with shampoo, refers to own feelings, one washes to himself the genitals, one is ashamed to a sexual escapade or knows that one should be ashamed. However, it can also express the concern around a gender illness. A dream of the spring-cleaning home or just of one single space can refer to an unaware wish to order the awake life anew. One has probably recognised the need to get rid of some ‘dirt’ or of ‘dust’ which affects the reactions or obscures the ability to judge. Maybe one has dealt in the dream with a washing machine. If one has merely watched how the machine ran, this can be a simile for the everyday routine. Is she dull and forever same? The similar can mean it if one had a look at a detergent commercial in the dream on television. It can signal the wish for improvement of the life style – maybe even by the purchase of a new washing machine.




  • (clothes, footwear etc.): your ordinal sense will harvest the deserving praise.
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