Carpet dream dictionary


Carpet dream dictionary

Carpet – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Protection, – isolation, – Sometimes luxury or wealth. Question: – Where in my life I am ready to develop after my basic needs?

In general:

Carpet embodies as mosaic own life, – according to pattern it can run chaotically or sensibly. Now and again he warns about too high ideals, expectations and plans which one cannot realise later, nevertheless, so simply.



The carpet has two different dream meanings. First once he stands as a sign of luxury and comfort or at least the wish for it. The second meaning leads itself from the expression ‘on the carpet get to’: The dream consciousness reminds the dreaming with the picture of the carpet before spanned images, imagination and wishes. If he is rolled out in the dream, one wants to remain in the awake life ‘on the carpet’, nothing change, but enjoy the instantaneous situation. Who cleans a carpet, a weak spot should find in his private life and begin against it. Something can be also covered with him. Importantly is to be respected to the symbolic content of the colour of the carpet. How does the carpet look? Is he soft and fleecy or rather thin and hard? They give own basis to the life.



  • Dreaming one, he lays out new carpets in a spacious house, will wave to him wealth and worldly joys, however, measured in the beauty, width and technical skill of the carpets, – it also indicates rise of his rank and Wohlhabenheit, – the carpets are old, he will also grow in joy and wealth, not improve, however, rank and position.
  • rolled out carpets are more favorable concerning the interpretation than rolled up ones.
  • takes up somebody a rolled up carpet and brings him to an unknown place, he interprets this as his quick death, – somebody looks a carpet rolled up on the ground lie, he knows that the hour of his luck has not come yet.
  • used of a lot of times to roll out a carpet he still has to expect joy and all goods of this world.
  • Dreaming of the emperors or a prince, he allows to lay out new carpets in his palace, he interprets this as a new joy and new victories, – these are old carpets, a plan about which he came along long time thoughts will happily proceed. If he allows to take away the carpets, he interprets this as a shrivelling of his wealth and gold and as a distress and need. If he looks as the carpets are become mellow or are broken into pieces, his life will approach the end, as well as an old man the end of life approaches.
  • see in general an old one: your matters stand under nobody to good star,
  • see clarifying: Security and prosperity, – (16, – 27)
  • dirtily and shabbily: there threaten the debts which are to be erased not easily
  • see a rolled up one: one should not slight the skill of his people,
  • attach: your toughness will bring you success.


  • He symbolises prosperity and security if the dreaming experiences himself as an owner of a nice and precious carpet. However, a sordid carpet recommends him to diminish his debts or to undertake, however, no debts. In general the sign wants to remind the dreaming: Concerning his possession he inclines to the carelessness and often is economical more than he takes. Besides, he inclines to slight the art and the skill of his people. (Man


(European ones).:

  • see: damages to a regular house being and warns about arrogance,
  • see attaching: one will succeed only in the life if one constantly in his abilities ‘weiterknüpft’, – who appropriates a respectable basis can come even to prosperity,
  • in a room with a pretty carpet are: a luck-promising dream,
  • a coloured carpet: the life will become very coloured and no boredom will arise,
  • look: if promises profit, – rich friends help one in the need,
  • on them go: one will be happy and rich,
  • shop: stands for a big profit,
  • sell one: one will have a reason for a nice trip,
  • knock or clean: tells an annoying visit in,
  • she will have

  • Dreaming a young woman of carpets, a big house and be looked by servants.


  • see: you will receive visit from friends,
  • you has to hide something,
  • attach: Pleasure.

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