Colours dream dictionary


Colours dream dictionary

Colours – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Think please with the following tips that the general colour symbolism is overlaid by the personal predilections and aversions compared with certain colours. What can be also considered not universally valid, are many shades, saturation degrees and brightness values. Basically is to be said to the fact that brighter colours are interpreted in terms of cheerfulness, carefree nature and partially also consciousness, even if this is absolutely a stereotype. Today is every symbol – and thus also every colour – sluggish ambivalent, equivocal messages. With saturated colours the symbolism is clearer and expressed more stressed than with unsaturated colours. By black or white broken colours a disturbance or a refinement which refers to the symbolism of the suitable colour express. Compound colours consist in her meaning almost always of the meaning shares of the suitable single colours. Thus the colour symbolism consists Violet of the meaning from Red, namely blood and ‘heart’, and blue, namely soul, and proves so, among the rest, the meaning of the mental passion. In the following you find the symbolic meaning of the most important colours appearing in the dream. Because according to experience the colours show no archetypes, this symbolic meaning can be applied only concerning dreamers from our western culture. In the Asian and partially also in the African culture one experiences the different colours differently than in our cultural area. The primary colours indicate unbroken, original energy, the secondary colours refer to differentiated or mixed energy. The colour of a dream symbol can play an important role. In the spectrum of the rainbow are yellow, orange and Red the warm, active colours and blue, indigo and Violet the cold, passive ones. Green a synthesis from is warm and cold. White light contains all colours. Colours can have in the dream for themselves alone meaning, – often they become clear, however, only from the connection with other symbols. By the fact that the colours appear in many nuances, brightness and saturation steps they are the ideal medium, the feelings to express the mental temperaments and temperatures. With a colourfully dreamt symbol the feeling mood of this symbol with the colour is expressed. Whether you dream of your friend in the red, in the white or in the black dress, makes an important difference. A part of the colours is discussed separately under the suitable headword. Above all the following are informative:

  • white can stand for woman, innocence, unripeness or impoverishment of the emotional life. Know symbolised, power and the reflexion of the absolute. Appears white as an aggressive ‘color’, as well as as a colour of the innocence. As a dream colour one should always think that white easily dirties himself. Maybe it is a matter in the concerning vision of settling something – or of moving vice versa ‘by the cocoa’!
  • black often symbolises the man, but also the dark, unaware sides of the personality of which one is afraid often. Black is the ‘color’ of the darkness. It is the colour of the creativity, because from the darkness everything is born.
  • black – white expels the dreamer to the Integrierung of his internal contrasts.
  • grey expels like green to the mixture of light and darkness, indeed, is green to the life, grey rather to the dead person linked. Grey is often looked as a dull colour. Grey is the typical ‘color’ of the shade in his meaning as the unconscious.
  • Bage is an unobtrusive and tone dull every now and then. He symbolises in the dream often the convention, however, also the everyday life…
  • the colour of combative Mars, the fires and liveliness is personified Red. It symbolises further the royal or imperial power, the courage and the passion, but also childishness, rage, hatred and cruelty. With the colour the physical aspect is stressed Red in the dream, activity and joy, passion and love. The bright is equated Red with feeling warmth and frank affection. Dark energy and propulsions, passions and desires which control a person symbolises Red.
  • Cherry-red: This striking is Red the colour of the eroticism and sexuality in the dream. The kissing lips are cherry-red Ideally.
  • Rose refers in the dream to regressive longings, on ingenious (refined or überfeinerte) needs, at the wish after or the opposition against ease in love and passion.
  • orange indicates a still immature idealism and a lot of enthusiasm ability. Orange shows the Wärmepol of the spectrum and symbolises with it also the sympathy. That’s why Buddhist monks often carry orange evening gowns. Orange joy of life and emotional warmth symbolises in the dream.
  • of dark can point Carroty to cynicism of a disappointed, bitter person.
  • is yellow not only sign of envy and envy, but also from vitality, harmony need and justice sense. The colour of the Roman God Apollon is yellow. It is the solar colour and of the communication (in some countries nowadays colour of the post). By his rays the magnanimity, the cleverness and the intellect – the wisdom, but also the betrayal Yellow symbolises. Proverbially it is connected with Yellow with envy. A yellow dream symbol always stresses the spiritual aspect, refers to freedom and expansion. A dirty particularly puts outside Yellow possibly the negative aspects of this colour, – on the other hand, expresses itself in the broken colour often that a certain danger is recognised in connection with the subject which is symbolised by the colour!
  • green embodies big natural attachment and mental-spiritual growth. Dark green can stand for aversions up to the disgust and weariness of life. Green is the colour of the Venus with the Romans. It symbolises the creative and the rerenewal (as a colour of the nature). Particularly green is liked in the Islamic cultural area. It is the colour of the Sufis. The prophet Mohammed carries a green coat. In the today’s dream symbolism Goethe’s observation is mostly stressed at green that interfere because in this colour Light and Darkness to the same shares. Blue as the coloured deputy of the darkness interferes with yellow, to the coloured representative of the light. With it the balance is demanded between the dark and bright sides of the dreamer. – Nevertheless, the meaning of the colour Green is not to be forgotten also as the unripeness and incomplete.
  • blue deals with religiousness, spiritual sighting and maturity of the personality. Blue is the colour of the Jupiter sound Junos (Roman goddess who protects the life of the woman and the birth) and becomes in Christian time the colour of the sky coat of Maria. With it it symbolises protection, our female side (Anima), the soul, moreover, truth and loyalty, peace and rest. In the dream the mental-emotional aspect is stressed with the colour Blue always. It is expelled here to the retreat and the inside show. Blue points the dreamer to an introverted and cold behaviour pattern. The negative aspect of this colour appears in the clouded blue which can express grief, fears and confusion.
  • brown is the symbolic colour of the earth.
  • is Violet a ‘undecided’ colour which makes clear the need for spiritual guidance, internal harmony and more self-knowledge often with young people.

Depending on how one handles with the colours in the dream as they are used, the following meanings are still possible:

  • colours touch or mix announces business success, – however, it concerns watercolors, one must still consider some risks carefully.
  • colours shop often points to a monotonous life and the need for more change which one should follow.
  • with colours work (glide) often warns about wrong expectations and hopes, however, it is also possible that one is warned about dishonesty against others which will be directed, in the end, against itself.
  • Themselves lacquer shows that one reveals himself to the absurdity, is deceived and is lied, – one lacquers another, one should not mock a person or be deceptive.
  • a car or house (see under these headwords) can lacquer only with the help of the meaning of these symbols and the elective colours are interpreted, – then one receives information about the instantaneous life situation and the further development.
  • financial profits and prosperity should promise after old interpretations

  • colours in a box.


Colours explain physical experiences which can make essential declarations about the mental state of the dreamer. According to opinion of some dream researchers dispose people who dream colourfully, about more temperament than other which see everything only black and white. Who works with colours, something wants to whitewash which he does not like. Almost all dreams run off in colour, the dreaming can only not always remember consciously this. Colours are used in the dream like in the reality often as a signal sign, – a colour is effective in the dream especially strongly, this means that the subconsciousness wants to transmit a certain message. Colours have a curative effect. If they appear in the dream, they can give important instructions about illness and healing. They mean in detail:

  • blue: This is the colour of the clear, blue sky. It is the primary remedial colour and refers to relaxation, sleep and placidness.
  • brown: The colour of the earth, the death and the engagement.
  • Yellow: It comes most near the daylight. The colour is connected with emotional, – her qualities are a thinking, distance and power of judgement.
  • grey: About the actual qualities of this colour can be argued, – generally humility and care are associated with her.
  • green: This is the colour of the balance and the harmony. She stands for nature and the life of the plants.
  • Magenta: This colour connects the material and the spiritual with each other. She symbolises renunciation, unselfishness, perfection and meditative practise.
  • orange: It is an essentially cheerful, edifying colour, – cheerfulness and independence are associated with her.
  • Red: Expressiveness, strength, energy, life, sexuality and power are assigned to this colour.
  • this does not mean

  • Being the colour in the dream in her pure state, that the qualities also do not seem in her strongest stamping.
  • black: This colour contains potentially all colours. She points to expression, Negativität and power of judgement.
  • turquoise: The clear, greenish blue symbolises the relieved soul in some religions. She stands for calmness and honesty.
  • Violet: Some people this colour is too strong, – she means dignity, respect and hope. Their aim is a construction.
  • white: The colour which rescues all colours in itself. She refers to innocence, spiritual cleanness and wisdom.


Colour confirms the existence of the light, – at the spiritual level this means: The colour of the self-portrait and the sexuality is red, orange stands for respect – to itself and other people. It is yellow emotional, green stands for selfconsciousness, blue symbolises self-printout and wisdom, indigo is the colour of the creativity and Violet the cosmic responsibility explains.



  • see in very garish light: Joy experience, –
  • really coloured dreams indicate at a long life span, –
  • approach with it: useful things will occupy you, –
  • applied: you will have a lot of change, – luck, –
  • work with it: delusive hopes, –
  • apply or see a dyer: one will will try to blacken you, –
  • clarifies: long life, –
  • black, knows, violet: if are colours of the death, –
  • colours in a box: Profit and wealth, –
  • rub: good trend of affairs.


  • A mixture of different colours promises success and security.
  • step a colour in the dream especially out, so blue stands for freedom, black for incommodities, brown for social success, green for the close of good news, Rose for love and grey for drudgery. Red recommends to slow down the life tempo something, Yellow sends a reminder to more rest and deliberation. It is a matter of seeing the colours in narrow connection with the other symbols of the dream.

(European ones).:

  • colour symbolism is connected almost always with sexual passions and black and white (as male and female) are valid as extremes, – in between there lie different nuances, – means the arbitrariness to which one can easily fall victim –
  • knows: if is the sign of the cleanness and the innocence, – coldly, incomplete, virgin, – also: favourably, particularly in matters, the other people concern, like public relations, –
  • black: Grief, grief, – night, disconcerting, – also: signals bigger strains, before the success appears, –
  • red: Rage and quarrel, – vice, fury, devil, sexually, –
  • scarlet fever: if is a warning of quarrel, –
  • magenta: if Li> means pleasant news of unexpected side,
  • green: is valid for good hopes, – awaking, undecided, – also: if a trip or shops with people promises in further distant areas, –
  • blue: closes by loyalty, – adjustment, adaptation, mildness, – prosperity by other people, –
  • yellow: if envious person tells in, – intuition, –
  • orange: one should expect time-long no important changes in his matters, –
  • brown: Grief, –
  • grey: if desperation, –
  • generates

  • take in hand a paintbrush: if Li> stands for satisfaction with the present life,
  • lacquer themselves with it: one will be lied, –
  • to themselves lacquer the face with it: one will make himself ridiculous, –
  • to another colour the face: one should not mock at another, –
  • lacquer an object with it: one is not quite honest towards a friend, –
  • colour a carriage: a surprise approaches, – see concerning colour, –
  • rub: meant good trend of affairs, –
  • shop: one longs for change, –
  • have in a container: if a full cash, –
  • promises

  • prepare watercolour to the time: one will get involved in an unsafe thing, –
  • oil paints use: one will form his situation surer, –
  • flags or decorations in many bright colours see: Success in all enterprises, –
  • freshly painted houses: with a plan succeed, –
  • on the clothes have: unthinking criticism will make more different unhappy.


  • red: if you love, then also with whole heart, –
  • knows: the honour of your bride should be holy to you, –
  • yellow: do not think that you reach with your jealousy to the aim, –
  • blue: your loyalty will find reward, –
  • green: you can hope, –
  • black: a separation approaches you, –
  • work with it: dedicate yourselves to no delusive hopes, –
  • in a box: you will reach by profit to wealth.


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