Cellar dream dictionary


Cellar dream dictionary

Cellar – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – the lower, – the unconscious. Question: – Which part of my unconscious is ready to come to light?


The dream seems a predilection for ambivalent to have experienceable rooms equivocal. If the cellar belongs to it. This is a space in the psychological comparison of the personal unconscious (something is also stowed away that we do not need any more there). He is concurrent already near darker collective depth, nevertheless, he is inserted in the earth. In the cellar stocks are stacked up, there lies the wine, and the cellar takes up ourselves if we are threatened. Originally he was dark, one carried the light from above in him, and not only the child feared to meet dangerous. As now and then in the life the thief or the criminal hides in the dream in the dim cellar rooms to attack us if we are unaware in the sleep, so. However, besides, in the cellar – one may not think of the hygienic cellars überbeleuchteten by a handle of the modern houses – unauthorised lives. Mice gnaw at our stocks, – once in old humid cellars there were toads and salamanders and all kinds of ugly small animal who represent our fears of uninvestigated to emotional questions. The dream cellar is fulfilled like the real cellar by confidential life density and umwittert from dangers. In him are the stocks of the soul, which possibilities of the unconscious, also that what was not unpacked yet and is not available to us with it yet. Who dreams of a way in the cellar, that goes down to this depth to get food, around the wine heraufzutragen, or he must do the meeting by dark being trains of his soul. This is why the cellar is a place of the wealth, but also a place of the fear. He surrounds everything what is ‘below’, with it also the dark part of our body. Many people do not long for, admittedly to know what exists in the dark basement (‘what for corpses in the cellar lie’) what happens in this. Who descends in him, that hopes to be able to bring to light something from the darkness. If one gropes about in a dark cellar around and is afraid, wants to mend to us somebody in the stuff. If we look in the cellar for a burglar, we fear in the awake life a person who wants to break without being asked in our life. Because the human body is the house into language of the unconscious, the cellar also circumscribes the lower extremities, – he collapses, our legs and feet are threatened what could be translated with the fact that we find no usual way out from an instantaneous situation of the mental charges to which our consciousness feels not grown. They should take seriously such dreams very much and pay attention exactly to the details. They could indicate solutions or help to see a little clearer. How did you feel in the dream when you were in the cellar? Was it dark or light? Was he empty or full?




  • see or are in it: suddenly fall ill,
  • descend in a dark one: one will soon expose a person who is up to bad person,
  • stand in it: You expect somebody, he gives time to himself. However, the luck is close.
  • go down, in general: you must begin again from the front, – one will have to raise big perseverance for everything what one undertakes during the coming weeks,
  • smaller and lower: you will not feel fine in your relations,
  • big and more highly arched: your claims contradict your relations and income,
  • wine cellar: happy hours with dear people experience,
  • go up cellar narrow staircase: your grief is finished, the big luck shines against you,
  • build: your planning is well thought through and will bring success,
  • live in one: it would be good to limit betimes his relations, before one will get in a predicament,
  • more collapsing: Warning before a heavy misfortune.

(European ones).:

  • an unfavorable omen! Announces incommodities as a result of arrogance and arrogance, – also: if a trip can register or the enlargement of professional interests,
  • go to one: one will need during the next weeks a lot of patience and perseverance,
  • with richly coal in it: good shops with a distant partner, possibly abroad, – one will be able to expect in close future good news,
  • are in cold, humid: one is tormented by doubts, – one loses the confidence and looks after sombre thoughts which do not let go any more if one does not put through his will, – also: points to possession loss,
  • see a wine cellar: a share in the profits from dubious shops is offered to one, – also: a being close person prepares a deception,
  • live in one: one should lead a modest life style and limit drastically the issues, because a predicament threatens,
  • one see collapsing: Care, a misfortune breaks,
  • she gets

  • Dreaming a young woman of a wine cellar, a marriage offer of a player or swindler.


  • see: you must have perseverance,
  • go in: Luck,
  • is in it and not find out: Illness,
  • another see going in: you are sure about your enemies.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Cellar

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