Crane dream dictionary


Crane dream dictionary

Crane – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Key words: Patience, – water, – feelings, – connection with earth, sky and water, – executive, – charm, – contemplation. Description: Cranes are leggy birds of passage who live in and in the water. They can fly very high and expel a playing the trumpet shout which is to be heard, even before one sees them. Like her smaller relatives, the herons for whom they are often mistaken seem to have these birds an infinite stock in patience which allows it to them, in the water on fish, frogs, seeds or what always, otherwise, them want to eat to wait. With some trunks close to the earth the crane symbolises executive, the rest and gentleness which should be too own to every leader. General meaning: Your ability in the patience, – your readiness to dive into your own feelings – a need what feeds you really (physically and spiritually), – ripe parts of your being, – feeling of well-being with the power, – satisfaction with the feelings, – ground. Association: – Transcendent meaning: A communication established anew with the earth, the sky and the water, – an anew discovered ability to extend the horizon and the understanding.


Cranes and storks indicate people who estimate community and living together, which is why they are in view of a community of good premeaning. The sight of cranes and storks in crowds and dreams means pushing of robbers and enemies, further they give notice if they appear in winter, storm, in summer dryness in. Individually and are separated cranes and storks in view of a trip and the return of travelling by good premeaning because they start her trip around the turn of the year and move.




    the crane a poor guy means

  • generally.
  • Finding one in the dream one or several cranes, he will bump into poor people from whom he can win nothing.
  • brings up somebody cranes in his house, he will give to eat to arms and make to himself thereby a name, – he kills cranes, he will do poor wrong.
  • Seeming it one, the cranes left him and would fly up and of it, he will shake off the load with which the poor people encumber him.
  • see: can count on durable health,
  • in the air: News,
  • hear shouting: you will receive good news, – also: a happy event enters,
  • in the roof: serious love,
  • is lame: you have inhibitions in the occupation,
  • catch: Luck bring in the house.

(European ones).:

  • crane symbolises wisdom which one should use to realise his aims. Indicate at the revelation of a secret, – are also a sign of an accident,
  • a dream see moving northward: This dream almost tells signs for a little pleasing business development, – women always a disappointment in.
  • a dream see moving after the south: a reunion with dear friends stands in the house,
  • begin to the landing: shops of unusual importance stand out.


  • see: disloyal friends, – warning of disloyal domestics and employees,
  • see flying: good news,
  • hear shouting: you will experience joy,
  • catch: good success after long trouble.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Crane

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