Clothes dream dictionary


A dream about clothes can mean complicated moments in life or financial success. You may experience some obstacles in life, but you may also be rewarded for your efforts. It can be a warning or a sign of joy to come.

Clothes play an important role in revealing our personality traits, and when they appear in dreams, they encourage us to reflect on life.


Dream meaning clothes

To dress up

Dressing up in a dream is a sign of good luck with the opposite sex. You can count on your personal charm to help you attract the interest of someone you like. In relationships there can be a revival and strengthening of relationships, a revival of feelings.


Undressing means problems in a relationship or failure to win the affection of someone you like. Devote more time and understanding to your partner.

Tight (too small) clothes

If the clothes were uncomfortable or too tight, the dreamer is advised to avoid exposing himself to others. Other meanings of the dream may suggest that you are uncomfortable in a situation or relationship.

Loose (too big) clothes

A dream about loose clothes means that your ideas are wrong and your actions are not what they should be. A few days at home or a vacation would be the best solution in this situation to get everything in order.

Crumpled (wrinkled) clothes

The meaning of the dream about crumpled clothes is a feeling of confusion, of not fitting into the situation. You also have a feeling of low self-esteem. Talk to the people who know you best, they will give you good advice.

New clothes

A dream about new clothes means new attitudes and new ways of expressing yourself. There is a good time ahead of you when you can change a lot for the better.


Old clothes

A dream about old clothes indicates that you are presenting yourself to others or even deceiving them. The dreamer advises you to slow down and rethink your attitudes and behavior. You are not only hurting others, but yourself as well.

Torn clothes

A dream about torn clothes means an influx of money or material goods, it can be a reward, a donation, an investment. It will help you distract yourself from your worries. With the money you receive you will be able to get your life back on track or start over.

Used clothes

A dream about used clothes represents your non-conformist attitude, you feel comfortable going against what everyone says and imposes. Always be yourself, but don’t force your views on others.

Clothes on the left side

The Dreamer advises: Be wise in your choices. Keep an eye on your material possessions and take care of your love. The meaning of the dream warns of the possibility of losses.

Clothes on the floor

A dream about clothes on the floor means that your problems are coming to an end. Cheer up, take appropriate measures to dust things off and plan to rest.

Children’s clothes

The dreamer foretells a new romance, engagement or marriage. Single people will have the opportunity to meet someone interesting and fall in love quickly.
For those in long-term relationships, it is time to renew feelings.

Wardrobe (lots of clothes)

The Dreamer says that you need a change. You need to show others the true image of yourself and at the same time show yourself at your best.
Another meaning of this dream is to prepare for difficult times.

Clean clothes

The dream indicates that you are facing some conflicts at home. Disputes may arise over trivial reasons or over more serious matters. Approach the matter with understanding.


Dirty clothes (to be washed)

A dream about dirty clothes indicates that something about yourself is bothering you. There may be a need to change your attitude or way of doing things. The dream can also refer to the need to clear yourself of suspicion or accusations. You need to fix the things that are bothering you as soon as possible. If you don’t, you may face even greater challenges in the future.

Your partner’s dirty laundry means that there is “dirt” in the relationship that will soon come to the surface. You must be patient and work to “clean up” the relationship.

Dirty underwear in a dream suggests that you should take care of your intimate health. Don’t take any chances and see a doctor.

Mud on clothes (muddy clothes).

This dream foretells financial difficulties. Limit your expenses, buy only what is necessary. Refrain from investments and loans.

Blood on clothes

Blood on clothes symbolizes gossip and betrayal. You must watch your friends and associates to understand who is who and what their intentions are.

Clothes soiled with food

The dreamer predicts financial problems that will upset your most basic needs. Make sure that your loved ones do not lack anything.

Stinking clothes

This dream means that hidden problems and lies will gradually come to light. You may be disappointed with someone very close to you, but both of you need to work on the problems that are revealed.

Clothes in the washing machine

The dreamer announces that you will receive good news. A dream about clothes in the washing machine indicates that the process of purification and renewal is taking place in your life. This is a good sign because the effect of these actions will bring you many good things.


Washing clothes

A dream in which you are washing clothes speaks of stress, which can be a major cause of psychological problems. Meditation, therapy, vacation can help to cool down your emotions and put everything back in its place.

Washing clothes in a dream is a warning to cleanse oneself of all stressors.

Clothes on a string

You feel ashamed and pushed away from work by a supervisor or co-worker. Try to stay calm and do not pay attention to the nudges. Don’t get into unnecessary arguments. Be professional.

Clothing colors

Black clothes

A dream about black clothes indicates a deterioration in your relationship. Remember that not all advice you receive will be helpful. Make your decisions based on your feelings.

White clothes

A dream about white clothes indicates that you need to relax and rest. You may be going through a personal crisis. Slow down your pace. Be calm and patient.

Colorful clothes

The variety of colors of clothes in your dream indicates that new situations will arise. However, not all of them will be positive, so you must be prepared for difficulties. This is a time of change, so be flexible.

Dream Meaning: Clothes

To dress – you will have success with the opposite sex
To undress – there may be problems in the relationship
Tight (too small) clothes – you will feel uncomfortable in some situation
Loose (too big) clothes – you will rest and organize your thoughts
Wrinkled clothes – you feel lost
New clothes – you can change a lot in your life
Old clothes – rethink your attitudes and behavior
Torn clothes – you get extra money
Used clothes – be yourself
Clothes on the left side – you can make losses
Clothes on the floor – your problems are coming to an end
Children’s clothes – favorable emotional changes are coming
Closet (lots of clothes) – you need a change
Clean clothes – watch out for arguments at home
Dirty clothes (to be washed) – fix things that bother you as soon as possible
Mud on clothes – limit your spending
Blood on clothes – beware of gossiping
Clothes stained with food – financial problems are possible
Smelly clothes – secrets will be revealed
Clothes in the washing machine – you will receive good news
Washing clothes – you need to relieve stress
Clothes on a string – keep calm at work
Black clothes – pay attention to the situation in your relationship
White clothes – relax, unwind
Colorful clothes – a time of change is coming

Mystic Dreamer: Clothes

New clothes appearing in your dream foretell that your career plans will come true.


Torn clothes foretell great losses for you.

Meaning of dream clothes

If you dream that you are mending torn clothes, it is a sign that you are about to suffer great losses, but you will manage to make up for them relatively quickly.

If you dream that you are taking care of your clothes, it means that you are in serious trouble.

Unfashionable clothes are a signal from your subconscious that only hard and painstaking work can guarantee you the absence of major financial problems.

If you have a lot of clothes in your dream, it foretells that happiness will come unexpectedly into your life.

Nice clothes mean that you are not successful in the emotional sphere when you wake up.

If you dream that you are wearing clothes, it foretells a revival of your social life.

Children’s clothes appearing in your dream is a sign that someone is about to play a trick on you, but it will be nothing serious.


If you take care of your clothes, it foretells the fulfillment of your plans.

Clothes bitten by moths is a signal from your subconscious that you are unable to help a loved one who is struggling with some problems.

Rubbed and damaged clothes foretell a lack of financial problems.

Dirty clothes are a sign that you will fail in some project that is important to you.

Clothes dream dictionary

Clothes – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Identity, – self-image, – try out of new roles or filing the old roles. Question: – Which part of myself do I show?


In this connection only that is of C. G. Jung stamped concept of the ‘Persona’ explains. Jung means with it the personality of a person, this, mostly unconsciously, towards his person hervorkehrt. This personality corresponds not necessarily of his real ones. The clothes, her colours and her state admit in the dream a huge number of meanings which are relatively simply to be understood, however, if the dreaming compares them to his real situation. Clothes are, in a way, a protection from touches. Clothes can cover and reveal. Beside the nakedness she covers often also the weaknesses of a person and camouflages his sexuality. If the dreaming reveals certain parts of his dreams, he sees where he is vulnerable. It is understood as an expression of own personality in terms of selfrepresentation. The clothes which the dreaming carries in his dream often show the external facade which he creates for other people. Every person is able, certain roles seems to play and in them hineinzuschlüpfen, if to require it a meeting. In particular cases this can be connected with intentions to deceive, because the clothes can also varnish and hide. The clothes which other people carry in our dream can form the scene for the Ausagieren of confrontations. Beside this general meaning the following statements often appear in the single clothes:

  • The symbolism of the suit is directed after how elegant the suit is and which colour he has. He characterises a stiff, life-hostile and conservative trend about the men in the grey suits. The dream symbol suit refers to a conventional setting, mostly on inflexibility and missing mobility. The internal child has died or deeply edged out if one sees himself as dreamers or female dreamers even in the suit. Besides it is about a power symbol with the possible attributes of arrogance, perfection claim or fascination of the impersonal.
  • The working clothes points to upcoming work and, perhaps, to efforts to be expected. For which work you or the suitable person are in the dream dressed

? The aspect is important that one may make himself filthy with the working clothes. If one does something, one also mostly dirties himself. But one can protect himself from this dirt.

  • with the bathing suit and the swimming trunks is to be respected particularly to their cut. He expresses with which erotic selfrepresentation her bearer or her bearer is characterised. Pay attention exactly to what the bathing suit and the swimming trunks covers and what they do not cover. Further one should also interpret always this dream symbol than longing for direct feeling contact.
  • The bathrobe symbolises, as everybody knows, the cleaning. As with the bathing suit and the swimming trunks the erotic also resonates with him. Also with the bathrobe is to be followed what he covers and what he reveals.
  • rock and trousers stand also mostly for erotic wishes. The trousers show the cover of the gender and refer to our setting to our body and our sexuality. Narrow trousers symbolise a constriction in the physical area, however, can be looked also on the contrary in addition symbol about sexual affirmation and joy in own body. The trousers play a big role in the female emancipation. Reminiscences in it and also in respect rivalries or marriage rivalries (‘the breeches wear’) are to be considered in the interpretation.
  • desires, passions and attempts which do not limit themselves to the sexual area symbolise

  • shirt and blouse in general. The symbolic meaning depends extensively on his colour, to patterns and his state. The last shirt is proverbial and indicates that the shirt can stand for something obvious and, actually, inalienable.
  • jacket covers and protects as coat. Indeed, the cover and the protection is not so entire, because one covers only the upper part of the body with her. Symbolically this means that one protects his heart and therefore his feelings and hides. This dream symbol often appears when one is afraid of emotional injuries.
  • The dress is the symbol of the femininity and the femininity. The kind and the state of the dress verbildlicht not only in the dream the position and the state of the suitable dream person.
  • tie: In some dreams it is a symbol of the correctness and the good behaviour, in others it can be interpreted than phallic symbol.
  • coat can be understood like facade or as a need for protection and security. He can point to love and warmth, but also to protection. This protection can be meant physically or emotionally. Above all if it concerns a cape, this can symbolise the spiritual protection of the faith. A coat from sheep fur underlines this meaning still (see also ‘sheep’ among ‘animals’). If one fears in the dream to lose his coat, this is possibly a tip to the fear to lose the faith. A coat which is too short or is warm enough not lends to the fear of the dreaming expression that love and protection do not correspond to his needs.
  • cuffs (buttons) and ties mostly point to politeness, – however, this can mean also empty formality and overestimation of the external light.
  • gloves stand in general for protective need or the attempt to hide something. They cover the hands. One does not want to take in hand something directly, do not understand that is directly or, give a hand or move. An indirect Zufassen indicates the behandschuhte hand. This vision inspires one either, to be more careful and not to touch directly everything, or it meant reverse that one is too careful and should go to the direct contact. The glove can also point to quarrel (feud glove). On the other hand, he stands also for laziness: One does not want to make the fingers dirty’ to himself ‘.
  • care: He stands for wisdom and mind, but also for protection. In addition, depending on the circumstances in the dream he can refer to spirituality or to sexuality.
  • of The pullovers warms and expresses with it a need for emotional warmth.
  • mackintosh: He stands for the protection against emotional attacks by other people. In rare cases he maybe refers to a wish to return in an embryonic state.
  • The rock hangs together like the trousers with the gender. With the dream interpretation is to be respected to the rock length and one can say in general: The shorter the rock, the more clearly the ‘hemline’. If you are afraid to miss something

? Where and how you fear to come too briefly?

  • The scarf can strangle and also warm. In both meanings he appears as a vision.
  • sleeping suit / nightdress: Night laundry refers to relaxation and openness.
  • veil or clothes similar to veil: If the dreaming or other people in his dream carry a veil, he tries either to hide something from others or to be accepted he knowledge about himself or his relations with other people only partly.
  • the bases of the behaviour make clear

  • of shoes, – often they register that one stands with both legs firmly in the life and on the ground of the facts. They are a symbol for our ground. Try to remember which kind of shoes it concerns. This may give instructions to them as you can earth yourselves best of all. It is symbolically significant whether the shoes are filthy or clean – Traditionally the shoes show a power symbol (‘henpecked stand’) and female sexual symbol. Moreover, they are a sign of the estrangement of nature or the freeing from raw and rough natural bases. If to the dreaming strikes in his dream that his shoes or which of other dream figures look strange, this draws the attention of him to the fact that he must change something in his setting to the life. If the dreaming does up the shoes to himself in his dream or shoes stand on the table, this shows a symbol of the death.
  • socks refer on the one hand to the feet and subjects like ground, basic values, anchorage etc., resonate on the other hand with this dream symbol an erotic meaning if above all the leg is stressed. If the socks are clean or filthy, they show holes on

? Socks with holes indicate an insecurity in the ground which appears, among the rest, in a disorganised everyday life. They can also refer to poverty. – As ‘hop’ with the headwords or ‘jump’ the question positions itself here: Are you ‘from the socks’? Also follow: Achilles’ heel, jump strength, state firmness…

  • vest and petticoat express the internal being and unaware feelings.
  • sexual needs show

  • underpants, briefs and underpants. The underwear hangs together with the setting to sexuality, intimacy and Körperlichkeit. The erotic underwear which often appears as a dream symbol registers that one should cultivate his sexual expression. Sloppy or dirty underwear points to refusal of the sexuality of the dreamers or female dreamers. Particularly concerning the underwear the colour symbolism is extremely important. Thus white underwear refers to cleanness and virginity, while red and black underwear symbolises the seduction – even if this more a stereotype is…
  • underwear: A dream of the own or of foreign underwear shows that the dreaming thinks over concealed settings to his self-image or to sexuality.

The state of the garment has a certain meaning for itself:

  • If the dreaming gets undressed, he wants to throw down old religious images and inhibitions.
  • in the dream the clothes to lose or to be naked, the vulnerability and the fears of the dreaming emphasises. The colours (see also ‘colors’) of the clothes are also often important.
  • If the dreaming in his dream, for example, for a certain occasion is wrong dressed (possibly formal clothes with an unconstrained company carry and vice versa), it is difficult for him obviously to estimate properly whether he ‘fits’ to these other people or not. Indifferently whether him the situation in amazement or frightened, his accompanying feelings give important instructions for the right interpretation of the dream to him. Maybe the dreaming consciously does not submit to the opinion which other people of him have, or, however, he behaves too correspondent, while he takes over the role intended to him really.
  • the clothes which are carried by a person to whom they do not belong point to the fact that the dreaming exactly does not know which roles and characters fit.
  • a man in women’s clothes makes clear again that the dreaming must realise his female shares stronger.
  • the dreaming emphasises

  • by a woman in uniform that he must turn to the self-controlled, male side of his personality stronger.
  • the dreaming his image tries to change

  • with the change of the clothes.
  • too small or too briefly become clothes signal that the dreaming has grown out of former pleasure and must look around after new entertainment possibilities.
  • nice clothes show that there is in his life a lot which he appreciating.
  • the clothes which belong to a certain person remind of this person, even if to the dreaming is clear that he cannot be with him.
  • sloppy, incorrect clothes may point on the one hand to casualness and Unkonventionalität, on the other hand, however, also on missing attention. Sloppy clothes dream-I want to say the dreamer that he should lay more care on his respect and appearance. This is particularly the case if these clothes are embarrassing for one.
  • The dirty clothes can appear in similar meaning like the sloppy clothes, while it stops the dreamer to more care with his appearance. Dirty ones is often embarrassing like the sloppy clothes. On the other side this dream symbol also may on it hinzielen that one should work more or take care more in the life. Dirty and sloppy clothes in the dream often refer to missing or excessive discipline.
  • sport and leisurewear may be a tip to the fact that you should take more time for yourselves and operate sportily. Also: By wish and fear of social recognition and sensible norms.
  • restricting clothes verbildlicht restricting (social) duties. By his role in the public and social lives one feels restricted.
  • The erotic clothes signals the desire in the staging in the eroticism, the longing or the defence in connection with direct touches. Should you dare to show your eroticism more clearly and to maintain, or is your life to erotized


  • The house clothes refers to end of work and comfort. Should you make early end of work, or you are too comfortable

? In the psychological sense above all the colours of the clothes express which ‘message’ to the surroundings should be signalled. Accordingly dreams of (coloured) clothes are a clear tip to the qualities or intentions of the bearer.

  • Red: If a woman carries intensive red tones, she wants to overlook by no means, but strike and be longed for. She signals the wish for ‘senses of achievement as a woman’: Erotically she would like to work, be longed for beloved and.
  • covered and dark red tones (Rust-red) symbolise restrained (or unadmitted) passion and the wish to stand in ‘more serious’ kind in the centre of the interest.
  • pink-coloured clothes can indicate the wish to be ‘wrapped’ by somebody to being close in love. One maybe searches attention or sympathy.
  • green symbolises seriousness and security need, the more brown tones interfere with the green (Olive or the typical green of the army uniform), ‘the more close to the earth’ and more conservatively one wants to work.
  • poison green against it should work as an eye-catcher and signal ‘playful danger’.
  • blue clothes can be a symbol of the masculinity or own personal male side.
  • stands Deep-blue for ‘serious respect’ and discipline (e.g., school uniforms and sailor’s uniforms), beaming royal blue is meant against it again as (noble) Eyecatcher: See here, I am something special!
  • intensive turquoise blue of mixing tones are the colours of the creative and unconventional people who have little desire for adaptation and a lot of interest in big personal clearance.
  • What also for the bearers of clear orange tones and yellow tones is valid which are adaptable with pleasure in every regard and unbound – people who ‘are on the move’ her life long.
  • The contrary extreme symbolises brown, the ‘most earthy’ clothes colour – from people preferential who search above all security, unconspicuity and security and reject every extreme – it can be to them not at all quietly and conservatively enough.
  • What, however, for brighter chocolate brown to copper is not valid: Here serious elegance ‘flirts’ with the Venus colours Rose and Copper what refers to ‘noble needs’ – a demanding life style and desire for luxury-.
  • grey is not only the colour of the depressive seclusion, the more it interferes with silvery-bluish tones, the more exclusive the bearer of these clothes would like to work: In the noble grey some ‘grey Eminence’ particularly feels fine. Against it the proverbial colour is braunstichiges, ‘slushy’ grey (with pleasure) insignificant, ostentatiously to modest ‘grey mice’.
  • white carries who strike ‘colorless’ and – just by the protective delicacy of white clothes – look extravagant (and contrast with the other) wants (earlier: the white uniforms of higher officers, the typical ball dress colour of the daughters from good house etc.).
  • black and gold carries who look amusing (typically artist’s clothes) ‘be different’ or would like to point to his special value (evening dress for both genders, the most typical colour of official and festive occasions etc.).
  • ‘childish’ qualities, playful-dreamy being trains, sensitivity and an especially very distinctive harmony need symbolise

  • pastel colours. Who carries pastel tones in all situations, feels from all strong and garish colours overtaxed, he needs the ‘optical conditioner’ from gentle green, Sky-blue, Tender-yellow, Rose and pale lilac to find the hardness of the life tolerable.


At this level clothes stand for spiritual protection.


With the treatment of the clothing and any equipment I hold for indicated to speak first of the man’s clothes, land-customary like the foreign. The usual one and the season suitable clothes brings each to luck, – closer there it is advantageous and to wear a sign of health, in summer outworn clothes from canvas, in winter new from wool. New clothes bring only to a going to court and a slave who longs for his release, even if they are looked in winter, misfortune because they are lasting and very tough. White clothes are only to people whom they are in habit to carry as for the rest, and they mean Greek slave useful, to all other people to excitement because those which takes care of the favour of the large amount appear in white clothes (clothes was in Greece private matter, the Roman against it was defeated with the public appearance in clothes things not only by a strict convention, but even legal regulations. Thus that who applied with the people for an office had to appear in white Toga, in toga candida (hence, candidatus).) to craftsmen, however, idleness and unemployment, namely one bigger, the more preciously the garments are, work – then if the people and in particular if they do coarser works they draw no white clothes. Further she brings only those Roman slaves to luck who make good her thing, the remaining ones, however, misfortune, – they almost uncover that those do it badly. Because they carry the same clothes like her men because for usual, they will not attain after this dream experience the freedom like the Greek slaves. White clothes announce the death a sick person because deads are buried in white clothes, while a black rescue registers, – then not the dead people, but the mourning are dressed black. I know many arms, slaves and prisoners, afflicted dreamt of illness, of carrying black clothes, and, nevertheless, died, – it was quite comprehensible, – that they could not be buried because of her beggary in white clothes. As for the rest a black garment indicates all evil, excluded to people which dark shops make. A coloured or with magenta coloured dress is only to priests, soloists, stage artists and theatrical people of use, to all other people against it excitement and dangers, to ill discomfort by bitter juices and a lot of bile. A magenta garment is for slaves and empires of good premeaning, – to which one it promises the freedom because they may not carry such garments, the other an honourary post and big respect because the magenta comes up to them and corresponds her social rank. Against it it heaps a sick person away, damages to an arm and has already prophesied a lot of one imprisonment, – then a magenta bearer must be decorated, in any case, with forehead bandage or wreath and have many satellites and bodyguards around himself. It means to theatrical people the same like the garment coloured with magenta. A scarlet and every magenta-coloured dress causes to one wounds, the other fever. A women’s garment is literal only bachelors and stage artists of use (: to those which enter thymele. However, latter called originally the sacrificial altar of the Dionysos in the middle of the Orchestra (actually, = dance floor), platform, stage grew pale bit by bit to the meaning.) ,-erstere women will marry who are thus by her wish that they as equip themselves as that, latter because of the roles which they play, favourably engagements agree. The remaining ones have the loss of her wife or heavy illness to gewärtigen because those which carry such clothes are made soft and are weak. In celebrations and festival meetings against it neither a coloured dress nor a women’s garment brings to somebody damage. A foreign garment wear and be dressed how a stranger means to that which wants to travel where one dresses in such a way, he will experience there good times, often it also prophesies, he will conclude his life there. It indicates all others illness or Stockung of the shops. The same means the Roman garment, which one Tebennos (Originally a Greek one. Garment, late name for the Roman Toga) after the Arkader Temenos calls, – this was the first one which, dressed after this taste, the Ionic bays drove down and was received by the inhabitants there friendly. These took over from him the stylish novelty and called the garment after the inventor Temenos Temeneion. With the time the name was disfigured, and it was called Tebennos. Carrying of soft and precious clothes brings to empires like poor luck, – one will live further in the lap of luxury, see the other better days. It indicates slaves, however, and people who live in the most bitter need illness. Too short and indecorous clothes mean fines and shutdown of the shops. The Chlamys (you was left to the man. The cloth was folded once vertically, was put down and held together on the right shoulder with braces (primer). Besides, the left arm was covered by the closed side of the cloth, the right arm remained quite free.), which from some Mandye, from other Ephestris, again from other Birrhos (one cape assumed by Gauls from the heavy material which found wide spreading with the Romans.) it is called, prophesies because she wraps up the body completely, urge ale and oppressions, going to court, however, conviction. The same means the so-called Phainoles and other similar clothes. So it is better to lose pieces of this kind than to carry. The loss of other clothes brings nothing good, except arms, prisoners, debtors and all who are in a hopeless situation, – then these pieces get lost, it means freeing from all Widerwärtigkeiten pressing the persons concerned. For all the others it is neither good to get undressed in the nude, nor to lose the clothes, – it forecasts the loss everything of that what improves the life. A coloured and floral dress brings to a woman, particularly of a Hetäre and empires, use, – then one carries it because of her trade, the other because of the elegance. Natural-coloured clothes are general from good premeaning, particularly for people who are afraid of being transferred in court, – then her colour will never go out. Always it is better to carry bright, clean and well washed clothes than dirty and unwashed, excluded for the people who exercise a dirty craft. If one dreams of washing his own clothes or them more different, one will create some adversity in the life of the neck because also the clothes lose her dirt. Further it uncovers concealed and brings it to the public. The old people maintained because the word ‘wash’ in transferred meaning for ‘something lay the table’ to use. Thus Menandros says at a place: ‘If you talk so badly from my woman, I will wash your father, and you and yours’, instead of: I will uncover your activity. Hence, it means to people who fear to be transferred judicially, evil if they look washed clothes. To carry his garment linkshin put down or, otherwise, in a kind which looks ridiculous and ungainly, is for each of bad premeaning and prophesies except shutdown of the shops derision and derision. Only clown brings it to luck because such in her occupation is quite usual. It dreamt, e.g., somebody, he has dressed in a garment of wood. He was on a sea voyage and made progress by the ship only slowly, – then the garment of wood was synonymous by the ship. Nothing the stiff is of use if it surrounds the body. A man in magnesia dreamt, he carries clothes from ore, – quite consistently he died. Since the mass which surrounded him was stiff and from the kind, as she surrounds images of a god. However, the latter are without life. It dreamt somebody, a woman whom he knew since longer time, pursues him in the intention, one carried for him Pänulen (about the Tunica the Pänula – in the text the foreign word stands in gräzisierter form: phainoles – a funnel-shaped garment without sleeve with a mostly V-shaped hole for passing of the head, – in the early and middle imperial time in half, later in whole length in front sewn up.) – so they are called into Latin language – whose seam was unpicked in the middle to upset, and, finally, he lets it with reluctance with himself happen. The woman fell in love with the man and married him against his will, but already after some years she separated from him because the Pänulen were unpicked.



  • The clothes mean

[each] honour and respect, excluded the coloured pieces and the imperial magenta.

  • Carrying of different clothes of different colour, he has to expect from the emperor or governor fright and punishment, – he carries against his habit only one coloured dress, is valid the same interpretation, but in lower measure, also he will have quarrel with his friends.
  • All crude, new and undrummed clothes mean to common people something good, – thin and aerial garments are measured for the emperor and big men. If the emperor dreams, he draws crude, coarse clothes as the people carry them, need and worries will press him.
  • Giving of the emperors to one of his tallness one of his garments or dresses him in it, namely with a magenta dress, he will lend him bigger honour and power and entrust him with his secret, – it is another garment, the favour proof will be suitable lower and lower.
  • he will present

  • Giving of the emperors to somebody, otherwise, a dress, however, of nobody from his own cloakroom, him richly and distinguish before all people, – a woman receives a dress from his hand, he will find in her or in a woman of her gender fallen, – a usual man has this dream, will come true this in the same manner in him.
  • letting of the emperors new magenta clothes colour, he will be anxious to gain success about his enemies with diplomatic cleverness, – the colour well gets, his efforts are crowned by success, if not be fruitless.
  • red garments deceive on his behest

  • Dreaming to the emperor, he and the whole senate, he will prove all favour and goodwill. If it seems to him, his subjects deceive yellow or black clothes, he will become wretched and ill and die, finally, even, – the people are dressed blue, the wealth which was acquired, nevertheless, with unfair means and nuisance prophesies to him.
  • Dreaming one, his clothes have become dirty, he will spend so much time away from home and on travelling as the clothes have got dirty, – he has moved to fight against foreign people, it will go out to him badly, also if he wants to make deals.
  • The loss of a garment means a damage which corresponds to the value of the dress.
  • brings Also it to the dreamer insult and beggary if the dress disintegrates, bursts or becomes mellow.
  • it is

  • Carrying one a new fur, he will get of high man so many finances, as the fur has hair, – summer and it becomes too hot and oppressive to him in the fur, he will also come into money, but with sweat and annoyance.
  • the emperor a fox or, otherwise, a fur draws

  • , he will defeat his enemies and snatch away from them big prey, it is a sheep fur, his income, measured in the wool, will increase, – he puts on an old, torn fur, he has to count on loss and decrease of his financial means.
  • a my husband a fox draws

  • , he will become rich with cunning and slyness.
  • Dreaming a woman, them carries man’s clothes, however, no shoes, she will bear a boy, if she goes pregnant, – this is not the case, she will take a man, – then the shoes mean hardship and oppression with all her actions. If it is married, she will get because of a farm-hand with the man in quarrel.
  • Dreaming somebody, he carries, as usual, black clothes, he will take according to his habit pleasure, it is not his habit, grief suffer, the Weitfaltigkeit of the garment immediately.
  • Carrying he a black shirt, his distress will be even worse. The corresponding is valid for all the other clothes which call in each case a certain person.
  • pulls one which carries for normally black clothes, white ones and he judges this as a presumption, he will experience in his trade and occupation a setback.
  • white clothes mean because, otherwise, a jewellery, however, in this case the habit tips the balance, – black clothes point to misery, this interpretation founds in the unusual.
  • Carrying of different nevertheless plain coloured clothes, he has to expect from on the part of the emperor or the governor’s oppression and compulsion.
  • he will find

  • Finding somebody a heap which is thrown together from different materials to the clothes production according to his size ways and means to come to wealth.
  • Dreaming somebody, he has washed thoroughly, he will shake off tiresome obligations. Pulls to clothes new against his habit, he will attain honour and respect among the people, also rich possession according to the durability and elegance of the clothes.
  • he puts on

  • a Chasdion, he will wrest wealth and power from bad and mighty enemies because the animals from whose wool the dress is made are evil.
  • draws somebody a garment of silk, the wealth which he acquires will be lower more continuously, but, – the clothes are white and pure, he will be released according to their cleanness and elegance from any affliction, – clothes from wool, linen or cotton mean good income, however, not power. If all performed pieces are torn, the dreaming from misery will fall in the other, – he mends or mends them, he will remove the mismanagement accordingly.
  • Being the clothes beyond all measure shortly after kind of those which sit closely and scarcely in the body the dreamer a big joy will expect, but attain one small ones according to their cut only.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he washes the dirt which sticks to him, he will throw down the worries which torment him.
  • he puts on

  • a new magenta garment, his enterprises will run off more delightfully and more brilliantly.
  • Being it
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