Canoe dream dictionary


Canoe dream dictionary

Canoe – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Key words: Travelling, – a kind to go by the life, – to move balance, – potential, by the feelings or the mind boat,-. Description: A canoe is a very light, narrow boat which becomes by paddle blow vorwärtsgetrieben. People close to the earth produced canoes of trunks or of bark, – since some time they are also made from light alloy or fiberglass. General meaning: A desire, in your feelings to dip your sensuousness, but to maintain still a protecting barrier between you and your feeling world, – to move a way, by the mind, – balance. Association: Indian’s romanticism Transcendent meaning: A pleasant dream in which you take pleasure to your sensuousness, your vision, your way, your kind to master the life. If one steers the canoe with own body in the dream, this stands for a dream in which you your own being and your feelings make happy.


One would point to the fact that the dreaming treats his emotions to isolated if he dreams of a canoe. Possibly he tries to control the river of his feelings. He is aware of that that he can change, but only by means of his own strains. Maybe the dreaming feels put out by his emotions also protected, at the same time, however, also to big risks. Some degree in skill is necessary, so that he makes headway in his development further.



At the spiritual level the canoe can stand in the dream for the lunar rowing boat, the half moon.



  • mount: it pulls away you from home.

(European ones).:

  • there it only for a place offers, it is an omen for lack of friends,
  • on a quiet river paddle: stands for absolute assurance in own professional abilities,
  • with the lovers paddle: if an early marriage and loyalty forecasts,
  • go in worried waters: one will have to tame before the wedded bliss only a recalcitrant husband,
  • in slushy waters: Shops will run disappointing,
  • in shallow and quiet waters: one will make the court to somebody hasty what will have only nasty results, – also: pleasant experiences of short duration.

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