Cocktail dream dictionary


Cocktail dream dictionary

Cocktail – Dream Symbol Interpretation

A mixture of different ingredients, can point specifically to misunderstandings with others which one should soon settle, – this arises only from the personal living conditions. The symbol often also shows that one leads a too dull, monotonous life of which one should break out. Then the cocktail symbolises erotic sensuousness which the dreaming wishes.



  • drink themselves of it: promising future, – an amusing society invite you.

(European ones).:

  • drink: one longs for change, – also: They will disappoint your friends, – who make acquaintance of happy-go-lucky men and women who spend themselves as keen students or let down lovers,
  • prepare: there will be misunderstandings in the private life,
  • this dream a dissolute life and the disregarding of moral conventions promises

  • for a woman.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Cocktail

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