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A dream about crying means that you have to let your intuition guide you to your goal.

Dreambook crying

The dream also shows the suppressed emotions, fears, and sorrows of your real life. When you dream about crying, try to seek balance within yourself, and avoid problems.


Dream meaning of crying

Crying in a dream (your own crying)

This dream can happen when you are going through a time when you need to make important decisions, and there are negative changes in your mind.

If you cried in your dream, it is a sign that you should follow your intuition when making an important decision.

The dream foretells happiness and prosperity in life. Success and stability in life await you. Many things will be positively explained or resolved.

The dream that you are crying usually has to do with the fact that you are putting your emotions aside. Dreambook advises you to stop suppressing your feelings.

Someone’s crying (someone is crying)

The dream may mean a new partnership, with someone who will bring a lot into your life. This partnership can be in your personal life, as well as in your professional life.

If in a dream you hear crying, but do not know where it comes from it means that you have a lot of skills that you still do not use. It is high time to show your full potential of possibilities.


A dream in which you make someone cry is a warning to resolve conflicts between yourself and a partner, friend, or relative. The dream exhorts you to agree with and respect the other person, no matter their age, views, or likes. Perhaps others feel that you do not respect or appreciate them, and this causes them pain.

The dream shows that others are suffering because of you. Think about your way of life and behavior. Everyone around you deserves your attention, and your behavior can affect everyone’s life.

Cry of a child

A crying child in a dream is a signal to expect good and surprising news.

A dream about a crying child also indicates that you are putting off something important. It can also represent your sense of lack of purpose or inability to achieve it. Fight for what you want. Patience and wisdom will be necessary.

Dreambook foretells that you will encounter surprises in love and family life. The cry of a child in a dream can also mean the arrival of a new person to the family.

Cry of an adult

The dream informs you that something in your life is going wrong and hinders your development. The crying adult in the dream may be you. You need to stop for a moment and think about everything that is happening in your life to decide what can be changed.

Despairing cry (cry of despair)

A dream about a cry of despair indicates that there is something in you that needs to be analyzed calmly. The meaning of the dream is clear: you need to get to know yourself better and look for your own way, even if it contradicts the desires of those around you.

Tears of joy (crying from happiness)

The dream about tears of joy shows that you need to let your intuition guide you, especially if you have to make an important decision. Listen to your heart.


Crying friend

A dream about a crying friend means that something will soon spoil your plans. You should seek help from someone you trust.

Another dream meaning suggests that you are putting your pride above everything else, including asking for help when needed. This is a bad sign, everyone needs help sometimes.

Crying relative

After going through difficult moments of depression and sadness, there comes a time of peace and strengthening of family ties. For women, the dream may indicate reconciliation with a loved one, and for men, the loss of a job.

Dreambook suggests that someone close to you is going through difficult times, and you can help them. Show more interest in the people next to you.

Crying boyfriend

A dream about a crying boyfriend announces that you are afraid to be alone, looking for more affection and love. Try to show more affection to your loved ones, and talk to your partner about your expectations.

Crying husband or wife (partner)

A dream about a crying husband or wife according to Dreambook means that the marriage is in crisis. Think about your future, whether it is time to definitely end the relationship or make the necessary changes to maintain it. Make a decision as fast as possible.

Crying ex-partner

A dream about a former partner or partner crying means that you still remember past unpleasant events and are unable to free yourself from these memories. This makes life difficult for you. Cut yourself off from the past. Another dream meaning suggests that you are looking for or have the need to bond with another partner, but the memories still keep you away from new acquaintances.

Cry of the deceased

Dreambook warns against reckless action. This is especially true in the professional and financial spheres. Think well before you make a decision or postpone it.


Summary of the dream crying

  • Crying in a dream (your own crying) – when making an important decision you should be guided by your intuition
  • Someone’s cry (someone crying) – someone new will bring a lot into your life
  • Cry of a child – expect good news
  • Cry of an adult – think about what is happening in your life and what can be changed
  • Despairing cry (cry of despair) – you need to know yourself better and look for your own way
  • Tears of joy (cry of happiness) – listen to your heart
  • Cry of a friend – seek help from someone you trust
  • Cry of a relative – you can help someone
  • Cry of a boyfriend – you are looking for more affection and love
  • Crying husband or wife (partner) – think about the future of your relationship
  • Cry of an ex-partner – you can’t free yourself from memories
  • Cry of the deceased – think well before you make a decision

Dreambook mystic – crying

In general, this symbol heralds great joy and prosperity for you.

  • When you dream that you are crying, it is a sign that something will happen in the near future that will cause you great joy.
  • If you see people crying, it foreshadows the worst for you – family troubles, someone’s betrayal, and feelings of loneliness.
  • If you made someone cry in your dream, it is a sign that in waking life you are unable to admit your mistake.

Cry dream dictionary

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