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Birds are a symbol of joy, freedom, and peace. They connect heaven and ground, so in many ancient cultures, they are considered messengers of the gods. They represent people of a very high spiritual level, who are present to teach or protect us.

Dreambook birds

A dream about birds most often has a positive meaning. Birds usually symbolize good emotions and feelings, such as love and joy. In addition, they carry a message of freedom and liberation.


Dream meanings of birds

Birds in the sky (birds in flight, flying birds).

The dream signifies joy, harmony, spiritual balance, and love. Dreambook also foretells that you will experience mental liberation from something that is bothering you, and thus regain peace of mind.

Opportunities will arise that will help you achieve your goals. However, in order to receive where you want to go, you need to know where to focus your efforts. Dreambook warns: don’t take on too many obligations and projects at the same time. If you do, you won’t be able to complete any of them.

A flock of birds approaching you fast may be a sign of some danger you will face.

The sight of a single flying bird is a harbinger that you will find a new passion or love.

Bird eggs

To see in a dream many bird eggs in one place is a sign of great luck and fortune. It can also symbolize new opportunities, independence, shelter, security, and stability.

A dream in which you see bird eggs foreshadows delays in something you expect. If the eggs are in the nest, you can count on shelter and security.


Bird in a cage

A dream about a bird in a cage is a warning that you will go through situations that will leave you disgusted. You must be strong to face what is to come – remember that everything passes. Be careful about signing agreements, and documents.

If in your dream you saw a bird escaping from a cage, it means that there will be a break in your life. After this moment of suspension, you will move forward in a new direction, it will be much better for your life.

If in your dream you saw an empty cage, Dreambook indicates disappointments, and loss, which will make you sad or sad.


The dream suggests you reflect on your actions. This may lead to the loss of friends and arguments. You need to control your emotions. Be sure to find time to relax and de-stress.

Singing birds (birdsong, chirping).

The dream signifies the presence of love, joy, balance, and harmony in your life. It symbolizes the good side of existence and is a harbinger of happy events.

Dreambook notes that you will get rid of something that has been troubling you for a long time, it signifies spiritual liberation and mental freedom.

Bird droppings (birds poop).

The dream means that you will be lucky. Your fortunes will change, especially if you have been doing badly in some area of life so far. You should also be more careful when making decisions.

Attacking birds

The meaning of the dream suggests that you are experiencing anxiety and tension due to limiting beliefs and lifestyle. Dreambook advises: be more empathetic to others and don’t push people away from you. Persevere in pursuit of your goal.


To kill a bird

A dream that you kill a bird means that you are responsible for what happens in your life. Be careful about what you say and how you act. Learn that everything you do has consequences.

Dying birds

The dream indicates that you will go through difficult times, you will live with worries.

You will have to be resistant to disappointments. Look for the positive side in every event.

Wounded birds

If you are experiencing any difficulties, don’t leave your plans aside. Your friends will be by your side to support you.

Dead birds

Dream meaning means disappointment. You are worried about problems that prevent you from thinking clearly. If in your dream you saw only one bird Dreambook recommends that you abandon old habits and become more active.

Scary birds

A dream is a sign that negative thoughts are filling your mind. You may be thinking that there are people who intend to harm you. Be cautious, but don’t get too suspicious. Surround yourself with trusted friends.

Colors of birds

Green bird

A dream about a green bird is a harbinger of making money. The more green birds there are in your dream, the more remuneration you will receive for your work.

Dreambook predicts that you will receive plenty of money, and with the arrival of financial stability, you will start a new cycle in your life. You will also find your purpose.


Black bird

A dream about a black bird is a signal that you will lose something that has more sentimental than monetary value to you.

You will miss something important, and be more focused on reality.

Dreambook also advises you to use your energy to pursue a hobby, get involved in creativity, or do something you enjoy. This will make you very successful.

Blue bird

The dream about the blue bird is a symbol of all the changes that will occur in your life. Dreambook assures you that these will be changes for the better. You need to pay attention to what you say and how you say it. Also, be more assertive.

White bird

A dream about a white bird is a sign of spiritual growth, as well as harmony and peace. You are entering a new stage of life, thus do not make the same mistakes.

This dream indicates that you will be able to bring out the best in yourself. You stop worrying about someone else’s opinion, focusing only on what is really important: personal and spiritual growth and development.

Yellow bird

The dream about the yellow bird brings two important messages: you have good friends who will be by your side in both difficult and happy times, but it also informs you that it’s time to get rid of toxic people from your surroundings because they are hindering your activities. Take a close look at who your true friends are.

Colorful bird

The dream shows that all your goals will be fulfilled. Be calm and patient, follow the path you have set.


Dream meaning: birds

  • Birds in the sky (birds in flight, flying birds) – do not take on too many obligations.
  • Bird eggs – luck and fortune await you
  • Bird in a cage – be strong and bravely face everyday life
  • Parrots – control your emotions, relax
  • Singing birds (birdsong, chirping) – happy events will occur
  • Bird droppings (birds poop) – you will be lucky
  • Attacking birds – be more empathetic, don’t push people away from you
  • To kill a bird – be careful about what you say and what you do
  • Dying birds – look for the positive in every event
  • Wounded birds – your friends will always be there for you
  • Dead birds – abandon old habits and be active
  • Scary birds – don’t fall into excessive suspicion
  • Green bird – you will gain financial stability
  • Black bird – be more focused
  • Blue bird – changes for the better will appear
  • White bird – the time of peace and harmony has come
  • Yellow bird – get rid of toxic people from your surroundings
  • Colorful bird – your goals will be fulfilled

Dream about birds

Whether you dream about a hawk, an eagle, an osprey, or any other bird, it is a dream that is a typical symbol of your freedom or lack thereof.

Some dreams about birds of prey:

  • If you see a bird of prey flying in the wild, it may mean that you feel free.
  • If you see a bird of prey flying down to catch its prey it suggests that you are trying to achieve an important goal in your life and that you have the skills and confidence needed to achieve it.
  • If a bird is caged or otherwise confined it suggests that you feel trapped in some area of your life and that you need to use your intelligence to find a way to regain your freedom.
  • If you see a dead bird of prey lying on the ground it is a strong sign that you are discouraged and have reached a crisis point. Birds of prey represent strength, and seeing a dead bird suggests that you feel powerless to improve your current life situation. Perhaps you are experiencing a divorce, a layoff, or are trapped in some complicated situation.
  • If you dream about a bird of prey evaluate what is happening in your life in waking life. Do you feel confident and free or restricted? Dreaming about birds of prey will give you a very strong indication of your life situation and an awareness of making changes in your life.

Interpretation of dreams about birds

Birds appear in our dreams in various contexts relatively often, and this is because we often see them and they are actually an integral part of our landscape.

Usually, a flying bird in a dream is considered a harbinger of good luck, but such a motif is worth our interpretation because birds can appear in our dreams in various configurations, not only as leading motifs but also as side motifs.

Also important are the species of birds appearing in our dreams, their color, the number in which they appear, and such typical important details as their behavior and determining whether they are positively, negatively, or quite neutrally disposed towards us.

Birds appearing in our dreams symbolize our souls and higher states of consciousness. They are also a symbol of intangible things and a universal symbol of freedom.

When they appear in our dreams, they can indicate that it is in our self that its higher parts appear before us, or – that we are able to reach a state of enlightenment or descend into the world of unconsciousness.

When large birds that fly high appear in our dream, it is a symbol of masculinity and intellect. Water birds are a symbol of unconsciousness, and forest birds allude to life. If in our dream there is a motif of attack by birds, in which they use their talons, it is a symbol of destructive power.


Mystic Dreambook – birds

This symbol can mean that you desire to become more spiritual and develop internally.

Dreambook will help you understand the meaning of a dream about birds.

  • A night bird appearing in your dream means that the problems you are currently facing or will soon face will not last long.
  • If you are feeding birds in your dream, it foretells that you will soon find yourself in the company of cheerful, friendly people.
  • A singing bird foretells that you will experience much happiness in the near future.
  • When you dream that you shoot a bird, Dreambook foretells for you variable luck in your professional life.
  • Killing a bird augurs some misfortune for you.
  • A dead bird foretells that you will soon stop deluding yourself about some matter and eventually lose hope in relation to it.
  • A wounded bird appearing in your dream is a sign that you will soon grieve for your loved ones.
  • With colourful bird Dreambook announces that your marriage will be very happy.
  • A bird without feathers is a signal from your subconscious that you often degrade and humiliate other people.
  • If you see a bird of prey in your dream, it is a signal that you have nothing to count on, that your enemy will stop harassing you of its own accord and you must constantly watch out for it.
  • When you dream that you are a bird of prey, it is a signal from your subconscious to restrain yourself from aggressive behavior, because you will certainly meet with nothing but the same response to your person.
  • A bird locked in a cage heralds unspecified trouble for you.

Birds dream dictionary

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