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A dream about a baby predicts that your paths are straight and safe and you can boldly move forward. You are ready for change.

Dreambook baby

Babies are synonymous with innocence and hope. The dream has a lot to do with your habits, traits, ideas, and values. There is also a direct connection with expressed or suppressed feelings, immaturity or development, virtues, and weaknesses. It is a dream that says a lot about you in various aspects of life.


The dream may also suggest that you are ignoring your obligations.
The dream about children is also related to habits and ideas that you value, which you would like to see strengthened. Perhaps these are qualities you identify in a child who appears in your dreams.

Baby girl

The dream is a sign that you are fighting with yourself, you have conflicting feelings. Dreambook advises to take care of yourself, offset stress, and maintain relationships with people.

Baby boy

The dream means that you are ready to make decisions. Dreambook advises: take risks. Be courageous. Bet on qualities such as reason, and decisiveness.

Baby in a stroller

Good changes are coming into your life. Finally, you can count on stability and a sense of security. You will feel much better.

Baby in your arms.

Dreambook foretells material benefits. You can expect a raise, extra money, or a new job. If you had financial problems or were looking for a job, your situation will finally change for the better.

Baby on your lap

A baby on your lap in a dream indicates that you have an excess of obligations because you focus all your energies on one person. You can’t cope with the situation. Dreambook suggests thinking about this relationship. Sometimes it is necessary to let the other person walk his own path. Find a balance between helping others and taking care of yourself.


Another dream meaning can be read as emptiness or longing for someone.

Playing baby

The dream is a sign of joy, a good attitude, and positive effects of what you did good for someone in the past. Dreambook foretells career development or happiness in the family. Listen to your intuition, as new paths seem to be open.

To play with a baby

If in your dream you played with an infant Dreambook states that there is inner peace and harmony in you. This means that your life is becoming normalized and moving in a certain direction.

The dream also means happy moments with your family or in business.

To take care of a baby

The dream may symbolize the fulfillment of desires. Another dream meaning suggests difficulties in a relationship. It may be a situation out of control and you need to make decisive moves to control it or return it to “normal”.

Baby in feces

The dream is a sign of prosperity, especially in business. It foretells financial success, profits from investments or a new job, and good earnings.

To change the baby

You should be careful in your actions. The dream may also foretell a flurry of errands that make you tired. Organize your time better and don’t forget the need for rest and relaxation.

Crying baby

A dream can mean that an asset is on the way. Maybe you are waiting for some decision or contact? You can expect an answer that will be positive.


To scream at a baby

Think about how your life has been lately and how you have been making decisions. The dream indicates that you are too impulsive. Everything requires a calm mind and self-control. Think and then act.

To lose or look for a baby

The dream reveals a sense of being overwhelmed by obligations. Perhaps the expectations of others are too high, and this means that mistakes can happen because of too many tasks that you are unable to handle. Be more decisive and do what is necessary, and make choices.

Stranger’s baby

According to Dreambook, such a dream can represent new situations or ideas. On the other hand, they may represent someone’s neglected obligations that you should take over.

To adopt a baby

The dream means that your true friends value you and will be ready when you need them most. This greatly helps and increases your chances of achieving the success you desire.

Falling baby

Dreambook indicates that you should be careful about the projects on which you are working. You should review what you are doing now. Consider whether to take other methods of work or choose other collaborators.

To save a baby

The dream means that you are trying to protect your innocence, doing everything in your power to protect who you really are. Ask yourself, why do you feel so threatened?

Drowned baby

This could be a foreshadowing of the loss of something emotional that you really liked, that had special meaning for you. If you manage to save the baby in the dream, you will get back what you want, what you cared about in waking life – so don’t give up so fast.

Dying baby

The dream warns that you may miss something. Pay more attention to what is happening next to you. If the baby in the dream survives, you will seize the opportunity in waking life, if it dies, the opportunity is irretrievably lost.


Dead baby

The dream means that something you are working on will be discontinued. It can also signify the end of responsibility for something or someone, which can be related to, for example, a child growing up or the recovery of a person you have been caring for. The dream can also mean concern for the health of someone who needs care.

Summary : dream meaning of baby

  • Baby girl – you are fighting with yourself, take care of yourself
  • Baby boy – you are ready to make decisions
  • Baby in a stroller – good changes are coming
  • Baby in your arms – you can expect extra money
  • Baby on your lap – you have an excess of obligations
  • Playing baby – new paths open up for you
  • To play with a baby – your life becomes stable
  • To take care of an infant – your desires will come true
  • Baby in feces – financial success is approaching
  • To change the baby – you have plenty of obligations, rest
  • Crying baby – good news is on the way
  • To scream at a baby – you are too impulsive
  • To lose or look for a baby – do what is necessary, make choices
  • A stranger’s baby – new situations or ideas will arise
  • To adopt a baby – you can count on friends
  • Falling baby – think about implementing the projects you started
  • To save a baby – you are trying to protect who you really are
  • Drowning baby – you will lose something important
  • Dying baby – you may miss something
  • Dead baby – something in your life will be interrupted, changed

Dream about a baby

This symbol may indicate that in waking life you are an immature person and characterized by low self-confidence, but everything indicates that you have plenty of chances to develop in the right direction, you just need to work a little on your personality.

Mystic Dreambook : baby

  • If you see a baby in your dream, it foretells positive events for you, which will take place in your life in the near future.
  • When you dream that you gave birth to a baby, it is a sign that in waking life new opportunities and prospects for action are just opening up for you.
  • When you see a baby during childbirth, it may mean that you will soon part with the person with whom you are in a relationship, or an improvement in your financial situation awaits you.
  • A suckling baby foretells good luck for you.
  • If you are carrying a baby to be baptized, it may foretell that soon religion will begin to play a greater role in your life than before.
  • When you see a baby playing, it heralds joy for you.
  • A sleeping baby augurs a good future for you.
  • If in a dream you see a sick or falling baby or hear it screaming, it heralds a standstill in professional matters for you.
  • A skinny baby foretells the coming of worse times for you.
  • A fat baby heralds for you an asset that will last a long time.
  • If you dream that you are taking care of a baby, it is a sign that you will unexpectedly have some success.
  • Murdering a baby foreshadows that you will bring some damage to your life yourself.

Baby dream dictionary

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