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In ancient Greece, beans were used for voting, and it was also believed that legumes could be associated with immortality. In Egypt and India, beans were considered a symbol of life and fertility. In Japan, demons and evil spirits were cast out with its help.

Dreambook Beans

In the dream world, beans signify happiness, prosperity, abundance, good relationships, spirituality, and love. There are situations in which this legume can symbolize outdated concepts, conformity, fear and nervousness, financial problems, or false people.


A dream about beans can also be associated with something you have not completed or cannot achieve. It is worth making an effort to achieve this goal now.

The dream is also associated with spirituality and personal development. You should use the knowledge you have gathered throughout your life to solve problems.

The dream about beans is a sign of luck. It shows that you will achieve financial gains and that you will be able to grow. It is essential to focus on your goal. Good things are happening around you, and the chance for a better life is very high.

Dream about beans

Field (plantation) of beans

The dreambook that your desires and goals will come true quickly. However, you must not stop in your efforts.

If the plantation is in a bad state, it means that you will encounter various difficulties. You will have to face this challenge. Running away is not a good option for solving the problem.

To grow beans

A dream about growing beans is a sign of having doubts about love. Fight for your love life, and sacrifice yourself for a relationship. If you are single, the right person will soon appear who will change your whole world.


Grain of Beans

If the beans are in good condition, it means you are on the right path to get where you want to go. If the bean is in bad condition, it is a warning that you are neglecting your health and need to finally take care of it a little more.

Withered or unfit grains are a sign to gain a little more knowledge about yourself, your strengths, and your weaknesses. You may be missing out on a lot of opportunities through your ignorance.

If you are harvesting grains in your dream, the meaning of the dream foretells that you will soon develop a deep and intimate relationship with someone you have wanted to get to know for some time.

The dream also indicates impatience. Things will not always go according to plan. Calmly, going step by step and without haste, you can achieve your primary goals.

Very long beanstalk

The dream is a warning for you to be less materialistic. It also says that not everything material will bring you happiness. Think about it and focus more on the immaterial side of life.

If you dream about a beanstalk, Dreambook predicts that you will soon fulfill your wishes.

To plant beans

If you dream that you are planting beans, it means that you will be able to overcome all the difficulties that appear before you. However, be careful and think carefully before making a choice.

The dream’s meaning predicts that your work’s benefits will soon appear. All obstacles will be overcome, and you will savor the taste of success.


Strength is sometimes helpful, but wisdom is above that. Therefore, you need to know the moments when using force or intelligence will make more sense. By acting more patiently and less aggressively, you will reach your goal more easily. Even if it is not easy to be patient, it is the best way to succeed. Stick with someone who knows how to take advantage of opportunities and is sympathetic to you.

Sprouting beans

The dream refers to your effort and perseverance to achieve a certain goal. You have to work a lot to achieve it, so don’t waste time. Make plans and strategies to find the best way to get it.

Beans in a pod

The meaning of the dream indicates a lot of luck. You will have financial stability, and your business will grow. At work, you will be surrounded by good energy and appreciated with compliments from colleagues and superiors. You will enjoy the excellent company of acquaintances and friends you can trust. If you are in a relationship, a period of harmony and strengthening of bonds lies ahead.

Beans in the pot

You feel that you are stuck. Perhaps you have made bad decisions, but you can not change a situation. The dreambook consoles: focus on good things and keep looking for new solutions.

To gather beans

Picking beans in dreams reflects your personality, full of energy and joy, which affects people around you. The dreambook notes that you care a lot about the people you love and are able to do anything to help them. You enjoy helping others.

The dream can also symbolize the results of your good deeds.

To cook beans

The dream foretells an increase in your income. You may get an additional job or some gift that will significantly change your financial situation. Make good use of this opportunity.

Serve beans (treat others with beans).

If you are eating beans in your dream, maybe you will finally find the person you have always dreamed of or your relationship will improve significantly. Remember, however, that you are always responsible for your life.


If you are going through a difficult financial situation, the dream foretells improvement.

To eat beans

The dream that you are eating beans means you will be very lucky in all areas of life. You will live to see profits, and your business will achieve significant success. You may receive a salary increase. In relationships, the dream foretells a happy and prosperous future, and a successful family life.

The dreambook also notes that you must develop your spiritual side more and achieve balance.

Eating beans in a dream can also signal that you will need the help of friends to solve sentimental problems.

The dream may also be associated with a profound change in your life. You will likely change your place of residence. Although you may not accept this news with enthusiasm, it will be a favorable situation. Change and modification are extremely important for your development.

The dream that you are eating beans can also be associated with criticism. Look at it from a distance. You may have to really change something.

Beans on a plate

A dream about beans on a plate signifies emotional changes. You may feel very strong feelings, such as anger or despair. Look at it as something natural that can happen to anyone.

Beans on a pan

Beans in a pan in a dream means wealth and peace. Your efforts will bring fruits and rewards. Now is the time to relax and enjoy life.


Baked beans

A dream about baked beans is a sign of experience. Thanks to it, you can better cope with problems and changes in life.

Baked beans in dreams are also related to love and relationships. This dream means that you and your partner are in a very strong relationship. The coming time for you will be peaceful and harmonious, without major problems.

If you are single, this dream means you will soon meet your soul mate.

Slightly burnt beans

The sight of burnt beans on a plate or inside a pot means that you need to be careful about the people you live with, as well as co-workers and friends, because they may be jealous.

Be careful who you share your plans and dreams with. Be careful and talk about your plans only after you have achieved them.

Burnt beans

A dream about burnt beans indicates difficult decisions. Soon you will have to take important steps. It will not be an easy time, as there will be complicated choices. You must be in complete control of what you do.

Overcooked beans

A dream about overcooked beans signifies the consequences of past mistakes. Now you don’t know what to do. The mistake has already happened, and its effects cannot be erased. However, nothing prevents you from learning from what happened.

The dream is also a sign that you need to review your concepts, as they may be outdated. The dreambook notes that you missed many opportunities because of your pride, which did not allow you to change some of your opinions. It’s time to open your mind to new things.


Raw beans

The dream about raw beans says that you are evolving and moving in the right direction. The dreambook indicates something good in your life. You need to stay strong and believe in yourself, with patience and maturity you will be able to get where you want to go. Remember that everything depends only on you and your willpower.

Spoiled beans

A dream about spoiled beans can symbolize problems. It means that you will encounter difficulties and obstacles. But do not be discouraged, and do not despair. Everything will work out. Have confidence in yourself, and do not hesitate to ask for help.

The dream may also indicate that a person close to you feels jealous of something you are doing. The dreambook advises you to better judge the people around you and don’t be afraid to break off relationships with those who don’t want what’s good for you.

The smell of beans

The dream means that you are trying to understand and adjust to someone’s habits. It can be a sign of your insecurity. It can also symbolize your nervousness about something that is about to happen. Try to remain calm.

It also indicates a backlog. You still have something to work through. You may need to act more quickly to solve problems that are still waiting for your move.

Asparagus beans

A dream about asparagus beans means that you are too hard on yourself. Maybe you need to relax and start enjoying life. Try to do things at your own pace.

The dream can also symbolize fertility. You will undergo great changes, find new ideas, change ways of thinking and acting. You will be able to better understand what is happening around you.

The dream reveals personal evolution. You can now establish real and deep relationships with your loved ones. You can also meet interesting people with whom you can spend time attractively.


Bean soup

A dream about bean soup indicates that you expect everything handed on a silver platter. It’s time to start fighting for what you want. Make an effort, and you will see your situation change.

Beans and rice

The dream for singles signifies love. You will meet someone with whom you will experience great moments.

For those in a relationship, the dream foretells the revival and strengthening of feelings.

If you ate a plate of beans and rice and were happy, the dream indicates that there will be harmony and peace in your relationship. Enjoy every moment.

A dream about beans and rice is also a sign of self-control. You know when to put limits on yourself and when not to. Knowing yourself can greatly facilitate personal growth.

Beans and lentils

If, in your dream you tasted a dish containing beans and lentils, be careful. It means someone will try to interfere in your relationship, so be careful of the people around you.

Beans with meat

The meaning of the dream warns that you may have many financial problems. Control your spending, do not make unnecessary purchases, plan your purchases. Refrain from giving in to the temptation to invest or open a new business for the time being.

Sack of beans

This type of dream clearly shows that you will soon make a lot of money. Financial problems will end, and you will be able to start saving. Don’t let money change who you are. It will be possible to build lasting relationships and a more positive scenario for life.


A large amount of beans

A dream about a large amount of beans reveals excessive caution. You need to be more daring on a daily basis. Being overly cautious causes you to become someone who is unable to leave where he is. Don’t be afraid to take risks!

Necklace, corals made of beans

If you wore a necklace of beans during the dream, it means that you are hiding your love for someone because you are afraid to share your feelings in order not to be rejected. The dreambook advises you to take a risk and tell your feelings before it’s too late.

Bean colors:

Black beans

A dream about black beans can mean problems in both your professional and emotional life. The dreambook warns that you may have a conflict with your boss or co-workers. In love, there may be disappointments and difficult conversations with your partner.

The more black beans there are in your dream, the bigger problems you will have to solve.

Red beans

A dream about red beans indicates that you will soon find someone who will mess with your feelings. So get ready to discover a new love, get involved in a new relationship, and enjoy life for two.

The red bean dream also shows disappointment. You may have been hurt by a loved one in the past, which left a big wound. Since then, you have closed yourself off and created an emotional barrier to others. You need to understand that love doesn’t always have to be so difficult. Even if the disappointment was great, many meetings with interesting people are still ahead of you. New people can appear at any time.

White beans

White beans in dreams report periods of peace. The problems and difficulties you have been going through will eventually pass, and you will have a moment to enjoy a stable life.

The dream meaning also suggests that you are moving in the right direction to earn more money. A very happy moment in your life is coming. You have the opportunity to grow and get where you want to go. Take advantage of this moment.


Brown beans

If you dreamed of brown beans, it is a sign that you need to learn to enjoy life more. The dreambook recommends a trip to the bosom of nature. Maybe you should go away with your friends, family or partner.

The dream about brown beans also means that you are optimistic about the world. Still, it is necessary to think about everything you do. You should seek the peace of mind and open up to what comes to you.

Green beans

The dreambook notes that even if you are not aware of it, you are misbehaving. You need to start learning from your mistakes. This is the only way not to persist in a deadlock.

Dream meaning: beans

  • Field (plantation) of beans – your desires will come true
  • Grow beans – fight for your love
  • Beans – take care of yourself
  • Very long beanstalk – focus more on the intangible side of life
  • Plant beans – you will be able to overcome all difficulties
  • Sprouting beans – make efforts, and you will achieve your goal
  • Beans in a pod – luck will favor you
  • Beans in a pot – look for new solutions
  • Pick beans – you like to help others
  • Cook beans – your financial situation will improve
  • Serve beans (treat with beans) – you have a chance to find the person you have been dreaming about
  • To eat beans – you will be fortunate
  • Beans on a plate – there will be a lot of emotions
  • Beans on a frying pan – your efforts will bear fruit
  • Roasted beans – you will meet your soulmate
  • Burnt beans – beware of jealous people
  • Burnt beans – you have difficult decisions ahead of you
  • Overcooked beans – learn from your past
  • Raw beans – you are heading in the right direction
  • Spoiled beans trust yourself
  • The smell of beans – stay calm
  • Bean soup – you are too hard on yourself
  • Bean soup – fight for what you want
  • Beans and rice – you will meet someone with whom you will have a wonderful time.
  • Beans and lentils – be aware of the people around you
  • Beans with meat – control your spending
  • Sack of beans – you will make a lot of money
  • A large amount of beans – you are too cautious
  • Necklace, beads made of beans – you are hiding love for someone
  • Black beans – problems may arise
  • Red beans – you will find a new love
  • White beans – you have the opportunity to grow
  • Brown beans – enjoy life more
  • Green beans – start learning from your mistakes

Mystic dreambook – beans

The motif of cooking beans means that you will soon face some problems, but in the end, you will manage to draw some benefits from it.

Dream meaning of beans

To eat beans is an inauspicious sign, foretelling quarrels, and misunderstandings in your immediate environment.

A growing bean is a sign that you live surrounded by valuable and decent people on waking, while a withered one may foretell a significant deterioration in your financial situation.

When you dream that you are picking beans and then cooking them, it is a harbinger of success on professional grounds, especially if you are engaged in running your own business.

Beans seen on the bush are a sign that you will not be able to put into practice some of your plans because they are objectively unrealistic.

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