Blasphemy dream dictionary


Blasphemy dream dictionary

Blasphemy – Dream Symbol Interpretation

With blasphemy in the dream it probably depends on it in which form she happened, because this can refer to something in the real life. Blasphemy is a special form of the insults, no constructive criticism. Possibly the objection has not come out against something in the reality also about violent protest instead of objective arguments and actions?



  • listen: you deal with bad people, – one wants to dissuade you from your good way.


  • Slandering another God, now the dreaming knows that he must become clearer to himself about his intentions, because something is still unknown to himself. If he himself commits a blasphemy, he must count on a big disappointment on the part of a disingenuous friend or will suffer, on account of a mistake in selfdebt by the planning, losses. (Child)

(European ones).:

  • brings bad luck and disaster,
  • effect: registers that one maintains those being trains which make to one towards the people roughly and indifferently,
  • other they express: one is injured somehow and manner and is offended.


  • your work will be difficult, however, you make to you your bread.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Blasphemy

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