Back dream dictionary


Back dream dictionary

Back – Dream symbol interpretation

Bottoms often appear in dreams. A dream in which becomes ‘in the bottom kicked’ can mean that the dreaming from any side finds out disapproval. A dream in which one steps to somebody in the bottom can be a sign that one hopes for a transportation in the occupation. To step besides can mean that a project will fail if one does not keep exactly to a plan. A whipped bottom can reveal a deliberate or unaware sexual desire. If the dream was unambiguously sexual, one considers whose bottom was it and tries to pull a connection with the sexual wishes. A dream with several backs can announce pleasant social events. A naked bottom which one would have covered with pleasure can indicate sense of shame or feelings of guilt. The appearance of the back of an animal in the dream can be an omen for wealth.


It dreamt somebody, he wipes out himself the bottom with incense. He was condemned because of religious crimes because he had abused that what one honours the gods disgracefully. However, the smell registered, he will be discovered. It dreamt somebody, he has in the bottom a mouth, in it big nice teeth, speaks by him, eat by him and helps itself his for all activities which come up, otherwise, to the mouth. The man had to leave the native country because of cheeky speeches and go to the exile. I save myself the reasons to state, – then what happened to him, is natural and has his good reason.



(European ones).:

  • anal eroticism with purely sexual-erotic rashes and infantile back recollections,
  • see the own: if means disgrace,
  • of a man see: if brings hardship,
  • of a woman see: one will find out news,
  • of a child see: one will be released from Übeln of all kind.

(Anal eroticism = interest in own anal body area in the development stage infant, – Fixation of the sexual wishes on the anus and his area)

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Back

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