Ball dream dictionary


Ball dream dictionary

Ball – Dream Symbol Interpretation

The ball is always a symbol for completeness and entirety and from there a vision always positively to be interpreted. By the ball and all spherical things becomes in the dream always a psychic propulsion verbildlicht. The dream of a ball or similar forms like ball and circle expresses the wish for mental balance and overcoming contrasts of the dreaming. It is evaluated like the circle, however, even more dynamically. Often she circumscribes the good core of the dreamer and his respect with the environment which could develop pleasantly. The dream of a ball has power and dignity on the subject. The dreaming feels the strength in himself to form a worth living future. Ball is also understood as a warning before the mood of the destiny, admonishes in particular not too careless and be in high spirits. If the dreaming looks at a ball in his dream – particularly if it concerns a globe – this refers to the fact that he recognises a bigger horizon and should appropriate a global perception. The narrow-mindedness is substituted bit by bit with a more global radius of experience and the perception is refined. Looked the dreaming a glass ball, he maybe sees a life style which is perfect though, but is concluded by the outside world. In the glass ball one recognises indecision and decisive weakness. The ball is a symbol for the Ganzheitlichkeit of the life.


At the spiritual level the ball in the dream symbolises the wish of the dreaming for Ganzheitlichkeit. It is a symbol of the ideal universe and the heavenly perfection.




  • see: of a changeable one mostly dark future go towards, – does not let in you in the next time on risqué enterprises or plays,
  • lift: you will begin new actions successfully,
  • hold in the hand: the future is protected, – good chances in the occupation,
  • an iron one: one will often energetically assert himself in the life still,
  • of glass: one should not challenge his luck frivolously,
  • allow to roll: Luck in the play have,
  • see before himself herlaufen: bad success,
  • pour: a risqué enterprise will overthrow you in the downfall, – does not let in you in dangerous things, – also: you will have heavy disputes,
  • throw in the air: you challenge the destiny frivolously,
  • drop: you give up a promising thing,
  • flies on: Esteem for danger,
  • are met of it: make yourselves on the worst calm, – illness,
  • see flying in the house: you will come to danger,
  • play with it: Frustration, – your property will decrease.

(European ones).:

  • symbol of the changeable luck,
  • see: meant changeable luck,
  • hold one in the hand: very good professional chances wait on one,
  • of glass: if means unstableness and indecision,
  • see an iron one: one will meet all dangers with bravery,
  • for shooting: Superiority with the speech and action is right,
  • billard balls and bowls: warn about arrogance,
  • falling ones: one will have to give up an up to now promising plan soon,


  • play with it: Warning of carelessness,
  • are met of it: Misfortune,
  • see: great danger.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Ball

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