A dream about betrayal says more about you than it does about someone else. It suggests that you need to focus more on your inner self. You are probably experiencing disappointment or sadness and need to express these feelings.

A dream about betrayal can also represent your insecurities in a relationship. It can also represent a betrayal of yourself, such as making decisions against yourself in order to please others.


What does a dream about betrayal mean?

Betrayal of your wife, husband (partner)

This type of dream shows your emotional dependence on the person you live with. This can be harmful to both of you and can have a negative effect on your relationship. Be yourself.

The dream of your love cheating on you with a friend is related to your fear of losing this relationship. It is also about you, your attitudes and feelings. Now is the time to try to maintain emotional stability.

Betrayal by a friend

The dream can indicate interdependence, fear of abandonment and doing a lot to maintain the relationship at all costs. The Dream Book suggests that this is not a good thing. If things are not going well, it is worth talking about it. If nothing changes, it is worth ending the relationship.

Being betrayed

A dream in which you are betrayed by someone indicates that you are uncertain about your own feelings. You may be suspicious of someone. But remember that just because someone has betrayed you in a dream, it does not mean that they will betray you in real life. Don’t become paranoid!

This dream indicates that you need to look at yourself, to understand your own attitudes and relationships. You probably have a feeling of low self-esteem. You have some kind of bad feeling that makes you “betray” yourself, act against yourself.
A dream of being betrayed also means that you feel sorry for yourself. Trust yourself more.

Betraying someone

If you betray someone in a dream, the meaning of the dream is that someone wants to harm you, to negatively affect your professional or personal life. But this will only happen if you allow it. So limit your trust in others.


A dream about betrayal also means that much of what you expected has not happened or will not happen. It is a sign that you have wasted time on things that do not deserve your attention. It can also indicate insecurity in your relationships or that you are emotionally dependent on the person you dreamed about.

A dream about betrayal can represent feelings of disappointment and sadness. You may be tempted to invest energy and time in a relationship that has no future.
The meaning of the dream also often indicates your insecurity about your current partner. It can represent the dissolution of a relationship and the search for a new romance.

Betrayal of a friend

A dream about a friend betraying you foretells a surprise. The Dream Book cannot tell whether it will be good or bad. But it will certainly make a big impression on you.

To see someone betray you (to find out about the betrayal)

The meaning of the dream is that you should focus more on your own life and yourself. The dream informs you that news is coming and if you don’t change your approach to some things, you may miss out on some beneficial opportunities.

Wanting to betray someone

The dream warns you to expect disappointments, but don’t worry. You will be able to overcome any problems. Remember that people disappoint us when we expect too much from them.

Resist betrayal

The dream is a sign that it is time to take a look at your life, to reflect on the stage you are at, your purpose and your aspirations. It is worth taking stock and paying more attention to what you have been neglecting.

The dream meaning advises: Be careful when dealing with people, when making decisions or before making choices.

Forgiving a betrayal

Dreaming that you have forgiven a betrayal can mean that you have regained feelings of peace, optimism and hope.


It can also mean that you are having difficulty distinguishing between right and wrong.

Dream Meaning: betrayal

  • Betrayal of your wife, husband (partner) – you are afraid of losing your partner.
  • To be betrayed by your friend – you want to keep the relationship at all costs.
  • Being betrayed – you are acting against yourself
  • Betraying someone – someone wants to hurt you
  • To betray a friend – a surprise is coming
  • To see someone cheating (find out about a betrayal) – focus more on your own life
  • Wanting to betray someone – you may be disappointed by someone
  • Resisting betrayal – being careful in your dealings with people
  • Forgive the betrayal – you will regain peace and hope

Mystic dream meaning betrayal

If you dream that you are betraying someone, it foretells great problems for you.

If you are betrayed in your dream, it foretells that you will overcome some difficulties that you have to face or that you are already facing.

If you dream of being betrayed, it is a signal from your subconscious that your enemies want to rob you of everything you have, so you must be on your guard.

If you dream that someone calls you a traitor, it means that you will indulge in some deceptive pleasures.

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