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Overall, this symbol can be a signal to you from your subconscious mind that you are setting the bar too high while awake and setting goals for yourself that are completely beyond your reach, at least for now.

Bailiff : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

When you see a bailiff in a dream, it is a sign that your undertakings will be successful.


If you dream that the bailiff is carrying out activities in your home, this is a harbinger of some positive news for you.

Bailiff : Dream Meaning

When you see a smiling bailiff in your dream, it means that you will manage to put your plan into practice, even though the beginnings may not be easy.

Paying the rent is a signal from your subconscious that you should settle all your financial obligations, because if you neglect it, it can have very unpleasant consequences for you.

Collecting the rent is a warning that someone will not pay you back the debt they have incurred from you and you will probably not be able to do anything about it.

What does it mean when you dream about Bailiff?

To dream of a bailiff means a desire to achieve something beyond one’s own strength. Remember that nothing should be done in life at any cost.

Alternatively, the bailiff appearing in a dream sends a message that you should not take material goods for granted. The dream interpretation reveals that the bailiff is not a good omen, as he usually predicts legal or financial problems.


Detailed interpretation of the dream about the bailiff:

  • Seeing a bailiff in a dream means that you will surround yourself with false friends who will probably want to extort money from you.
  • Being a bailiff suggests that you may have people around you who will try to take advantage of you when you least expect it.
  • If you are arguing with a bailiff, such a dream portends problems in relations with other people.
  • The bailiff seizing your property in a dream announces that despite the wrong beginning, a certain case will end successfully for you.
  • If you dream that you are seeing several bailiffs, the dream book augurs you with complete uncertainty in making important decisions.
  • When a person you know is a bailiff, such a dream suggests that you should avoid fighting everyone around you because you may lose it.

A bailiff in the dream symbolises the doubts of the dreaming about his ability to use his resources. He is aware of that that he has crossed somehow the border and can be called to account now by an authority.


The dreaming has exposed himself to a risk and has not kept to his obligations. As long as he takes over the responsibility for what he has done not, he can be ‘punished’ by material losses or status loss. He impounds in the dream what loads us emotionally, is a positive dream figure.


A bailiff in the dream symbolises repayment or a karma of uncertain kind.



  • see: good income attains, – the last difficulty is soon overcome, – by the realisation of his plans succeed.

(European ones).:

  • luck in shops and enterprises, – also: if symbolises the striving for a higher position and a lack of intellect,
  • are impounded by one: brings good news,
  • be: one will be able to carry out a plan,
  • are arrested by one or even flirting: underhand friends try to come to your money,
  • with him difficulties have: an unexpected inheritance will fall soon in the lap.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : Bailiff

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