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Award drem interpretation
Meaning of dream Award :

dream award

The reward is given for participating in an event or, for example, for good deeds.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Award

Consequently, it can be said that the reward is what you get when you do something right, regardless of the rank of the event in question.

The dream of a reward usually has good connotations as it portends a time of glory and wealth.

You will be very happy with everything that happens in your life.

Dream Symbols : Award

The reward in your dreams also symbolizes that everything will be fine and you will get very good results on your decisions.

It may also be that we dream that we are giving a reward to someone else.

In this case, the forecast is also good as it means that you will have a great deal of recognition in your professional and personal life in the near future.

Award - dream interpretation and meaning
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