Anchor dream dictionary


Anchor dream dictionary

Anchor – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Security, – stability. Question: – What would like in my life I to stick to?


If in a dream an anchor appears, this can be understood generally as a tip to the need to remain strengthened in emotional situations internally. The dreaming should hold on in an image or idea which form a reference point for him in difficult situations. Anchor can show in general that one rests steadfast in himself, can be brought by nothing from the mental balance, – security and security is often connected with it. The dreaming needs encouragement to develop, and the ability to remain steadfast in times of the Labilit├Ąt”. If he is ejected, it is in the figurative sense the rescue anchor to which we cling and which allows to hope that a problem can be quickly solved with the help of more different and one goes towards quieter times. The dreaming can survive if he gets over the storm. If the anchor reaches deeply and he is hooked up reliably firmly in the reason, means this assurance, balance and strength of character. If he does not hold properly or he tears, this points to uncertainties, doubts or disappointments. If the anchor is thinned out in the dream, the external compulsions are too largely for the dreaming, hope dwindles away accordingly. A change in our life will fall out rather in our unfavours. If the anchor cannot be caught up in the dream or he looks hindering, it can be that the dreaming has the desire to free himself of undesirable connections, obligations, personal qualities or prejudices by which he is (held on) in the advancement hindered. If a ship with the drawn up anchor on big journey goes, we can give to our life another direction. Whether this is to be seen as positive, other symbols from the vision prove.


The anchor symbolises hope, confidence and welfare. The dreaming develops bit by bit hope for future rest.



  • see: all your hopes, wishes come true,
  • see in the ship: you will go on an unpleasant trip,
  • eject: great danger will surround you,
  • throw: you will soon found a household, or something new, successful begin
  • see gathering: all hopes will dwindle,
  • thin out: it is high time, does something, otherwise you lose precious,
  • incompletely or broken: one will get in a run of bad luck, – a plan could be prevented on which one has put big hopes.

(European ones).:

  • see whole, whole one, for single: fulfils your hopes,
  • for a sailor: if means good if the sea is quiet,
  • for lovers: Quarrel,
  • see under water: Disappointments, – unpleasant trip, – place of residence change,
  • eject: However, one himself should seize rescue in danger from the outside, the initiative,
  • of broken anchors: if heavy need threatens, loss of friends, – the coming run of bad luck,
  • hold on in one: the relations make amends,
  • anchor in a harbour: now one can gain ‘a foothold’ again.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : Anchor

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