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If you see an anchor in a dream, it means that you will be traveling. It is possible that you will go somewhere on vacation and have a good time there.

You are tired of many responsibilities, so you will not be too active, but you will adjust everything to your current mood. You will return full of enthusiasm and strength to new victories at work.


Anchor : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Anchor : Dream Meaning

Dream of lowering the anchor

Dreaming of lowering the anchor means serious plans. They can be related to your work or emotional life and will require you to make a series of changes to get in line as quickly as possible. The positive side of all this is that you will eventually have something safe and worth the effort that will pay you back more than once.

Dream of lifting an anchor

If you are pulling the anchor in a dream, it means that you need a change. You are a person who has no place, so you always need new people and events. You probably have flexible working hours and you don’t tolerate restrictions that bother you and keep your creativity and free spirit from coming to the fore.

To dream that someone else is pulling the anchor

A dream in which you see someone else pull an anchor means that you will help a friend or family member get out of trouble. You will give him useful advice and suggestions on what to do. Since he is very confused at the moment, he will need your composure and your willingness to be there for him during a difficult time.

Dream of lifting a heavy anchor

If you dream of lifting a heavy anchor, it is a symbol of stability in your life. If you have had any problems, now is the end of them and you will be able to relax. Such dreams are often dreamed of people who have changed jobs or had problems with a partner or family members. Ahead of you is a very favorable and calm period, during which you will feel relief and satisfaction.

To dream that you cannot raise the anchor

If you dreamed that you could not raise the anchor, it means that you are not yet ready to face some problems in your private life. It is possible that communication with your partner is not at a good level and you are afraid to start a conversation about it. You care for that person, but if you keep doing this, you will distance yourself even further, and you will eventually realize that your relationship or marriage is not what you want.

To dream that the anchor is stuck in the depths of the sea

If you dream that the anchor is stuck somewhere in the depths of the sea, it means that you need a fresh perspective to finish the work you are currently doing. You put a lot of time and effort into it, but you still have to work a lot to see results. Try to focus on something else for a moment so that you have a fresh mind when you return to your project. Or you can seek advice from someone you trust.


To dream that you have dropped the anchor

Inadvertently dropping an anchor into the water is a sign that you can’t control everything in your life. There are events that are beyond our control, no matter how wise and capable we are. You have to come to terms with it and keep doing what you think is best for you, and see unforeseen situations as challenges and obstacles that you need to overcome on the run.

To dream that someone else has dropped the anchor

This dream mainly indicates that you are blaming someone for the bad things that have happened to you. It is possible that someone thwarted your plans or that their behavior threatened something that you have been working on for a long time. It’s normal to resent them, but it’s time to stop looking at them and start looking for a way to fix the damage.

To dream that you dropped the anchor

Throwing an anchor in a dream is a sign that you will change a lot in your life. One event will encourage you to change everything that has been bothering you so far. You will start with the little things and finally arrange everything the way you want. It will not be easy as your actions may hurt some people, but you will consider it a reasonable sacrifice to achieve your goal.

To dream that someone else is dropping the anchor

If in a dream you saw someone throw an anchor, it’s possible that some things happen faster than you would like. Such dreams are more often dreamed by young people who start an affair or life with their partner. Perhaps you are afraid of a big change and are not sure if you want it. Time to think about it with yourself and then talk to your partner.

To dream that you have lost your anchor

Losing your anchor in a dream is a sign that you do not realize what kind of trouble you have gotten into due to carelessness or laziness. You probably didn’t check your options well enough before taking risky steps, or you didn’t react in time and let a small problem get a lot bigger. Now you’ll have to roll up your sleeves and think seriously about getting out of trouble.

To dream that you have found an anchor

Finding an anchor in a dream means that you will very quickly meet a person with whom you will want to spend the rest of your life. It’s about someone you’ve been waiting for a long time and who you’ll consider to be your soul mate. You may often lose hope that true love will meet you, but you will soon find out that it is possible.

For people in a happy relationship or marriage, this dream symbolizes a peaceful period full of love, attention and tenderness.


To dream that you are buying an anchor

Buying an anchor in a dream means that you long for peace. You have gone through a very turbulent period and now your goal is to make your daily life as peaceful as possible. This is especially true for people who have recently broken up or divorced. It has left its mark on you and you want to restore balance to your life.


To dream that you are selling an anchor

Selling an anchor means you need more excitement in life. You want adventure and change. Even if you are at an age where people don’t expect it from you, you may soon be doing something risky.

To dream that you stole the anchor

Stealing an anchor in a dream means that you want to keep the person you care about at all costs. You may be in a relationship with someone who loves you less than you do, but that is no obstacle for you. You feel that you will be able to hold that person with attention and affection on a daily basis.

To dream that someone else has stolen your anchor

If in a dream he stole your anchor, this is a sign that you suspect a loved one of something. Probably your partner or friend has been acting weird lately, so you started to believe that he was hiding something from you. Don’t accuse him of anything, unless you have concrete evidence of it. Doubt can destroy even the strongest bonds, so be careful.

A dream of a rusty old anchor

A rusty anchor in a dream, unfortunately, does not have a positive meaning. It often indicates the uncertainty, fears and worries that will burden the dreaming person in the future. There is a bad time ahead of you, when you will have to use all your strength, intelligence and talents to win. Be prepared for high doses of stress and don’t let it threaten your physical and mental health.

To dream of a massive anchor

A massive anchor in a dream symbolizes good opportunities that will soon appear before you. It may be a change of job, occupation or place of residence. Because you love challenges and want to develop, you will not hesitate and will be happy to face them.

To dream of a little anchor on jewelry

If in a dream you saw an anchor on a chain, earrings or a ring, it means that you are completely devoted to the person you love. It doesn’t have to be your partner, it can be your children, a friend or a family member. You are the kind of person who never betray those they love and who your loved ones can always count on. They consider you to be a support and a person that connects your family, circle of friends, and even a team at work. People value you highly for your loyalty.

To dream of an anchor tattoo

An anchor tattoo in a dream can have several meanings. If you dream about such a tattoo on yourself, it means that you are the person who puts himself first. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t like the people around you, just that you are working hard to get what you want. You believe that only when you are happy and content can you pass it on to other people.

If in a dream you saw an anchor tattoo on a person you know in reality, it means that you should appreciate him more as he is a rare example of a great person. It’s nice to have someone like that by your side.


If in a dream you see a tattoo on a person you don’t actually know, it is possible that you will soon meet someone who will delight you with their thinking, charisma and the way they treat others.

The meaning of sleep could be simpler. If you have recently seen, raised or lowered the anchor, you must have been impressed.


Anchor dream dictionary
Anchor – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Security, – stability. Question: – What would like in my life I to stick to?


If in a dream an anchor appears, this can be understood generally as a tip to the need to remain strengthened in emotional situations internally. The dreaming should hold on in an image or idea which form a reference point for him in difficult situations. Anchor can show in general that one rests steadfast in himself, can be brought by nothing from the mental balance, – security and security is often connected with it. The dreaming needs encouragement to develop, and the ability to remain steadfast in times of the Labilität”. If he is ejected, it is in the figurative sense the rescue anchor to which we cling and which allows to hope that a problem can be quickly solved with the help of more different and one goes towards quieter times. The dreaming can survive if he gets over the storm. If the anchor reaches deeply and he is hooked up reliably firmly in the reason, means this assurance, balance and strength of character. If he does not hold properly or he tears, this points to uncertainties, doubts or disappointments. If the anchor is thinned out in the dream, the external compulsions are too largely for the dreaming, hope dwindles away accordingly. A change in our life will fall out rather in our unfavours. If the anchor cannot be caught up in the dream or he looks hindering, it can be that the dreaming has the desire to free himself of undesirable connections, obligations, personal qualities or prejudices by which he is (held on) in the advancement hindered. If a ship with the drawn up anchor on big journey goes, we can give to our life another direction. Whether this is to be seen as positive, other symbols from the vision prove.


The anchor symbolises hope, confidence and welfare. The dreaming develops bit by bit hope for future rest.



  • see: all your hopes, wishes come true,
  • see in the ship: you will go on an unpleasant trip,
  • eject: great danger will surround you,
  • throw: you will soon found a household, or something new, successful begin
  • see gathering: all hopes will dwindle,
  • thin out: it is high time, does something, otherwise you lose precious,
  • incompletely or broken: one will get in a run of bad luck, – a plan could be prevented on which one has put big hopes.

(European ones).:

  • see whole, whole one, for single: fulfils your hopes,
  • for a sailor: if means good if the sea is quiet,
  • for lovers: Quarrel,
  • see under water: Disappointments, – unpleasant trip, – place of residence change,
  • eject: However, one himself should seize rescue in danger from the outside, the initiative,
  • of broken anchors: if heavy need threatens, loss of friends, – the coming run of bad luck,
  • hold on in one: the relations make amends,
  • anchor in a harbour: now one can gain ‘a foothold’ again.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : Anchor

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